Couple Bucket List-

- Carve our initials in a tree
(X) Kiss on New Years
- Go to a fancy restaurant
(X) Drive around and look at Christmas Lights
- Travel to another state
- Skinny Dip
- Go camping
- Have a picnic
- Go mini golfing
- Get married
(X) Start a family
- Star gaze on the beach
- Watch a sunrise
- Go on a cruise together
- Always love each other
- Go to the lovers bridge & lock a padlock
- Get tattoos together
(X) Take a bubble bath together
- Write each other love notes
- Get engaged
- Go to new york city
- Move to another city
- Finish school
(/) Meet each others families
(X) Celebrate our 1 year anniversary
- & our 10th
- & our 50th
- Never forget to show each other appreciation