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leadnow.ca has created a radio advertisement decrying Stephen Harper’s secretive FIPA.

For non-Canadians, our prime-minister Stephen Harper signed a binding agreement with China that lasts for 31 years. It allows Chinese businesses to sue Canada if we come up with laws with interfere with them making profits. Such laws would include: basically any environmental laws.

He signed this act in secret, despite widespread disapproval and has screwed over his own country to suit his own ends.

This cretin and his coup have to go. This is the guy who renamed the government of Canada to The Harper Government™.


Even Al-Qaida thinks the coup in Mosul, Iraq, is bad news

The Iraqi government was dealt another blow when a massive force of insurgents overran the northern city of Mosul. On Tuesday, militants seized control of the airport, TV stations and the governor’s offices as soldiers and police alike dropped their weapons and fled their posts.

For all intents and purposes, the second-largest city in Iraq is now under the control of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an extremist group with such an awful track record of violence that it was officially disavowed by al-Qaida. Hundreds died in the fighting, and tens of thousands of civilians and government personnel fled the city carrying only whatever they could fit in bags.

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UKRAINE: What the media isn’t telling you about the crisis

If you turn on CNN or FOX News, read the New York Times or listen to NPR, you aren’t getting the real story. Here are 10 things the U.S. corporate media won’t tell you. 

The U.S. government planned the coup in Ukraine.

U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland was caught on tape plotting who would be the next head of Ukraine. She bragged that the U.S. had spent $5 billion funding the so-called democracy movement there. Senator John McCain went to Kiev, spoke at rallies and was photographed with the leader of the fascist Svoboda party. 

Neo-Nazis dominate the new government.

The openly racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler Svoboda party is one of three major parties in the government. Svoboda led the street actions that forced elected President Yanukovych to flee. The Right Sector, armed fascists who have beaten opponents and vandalized public property, are now in charge of the military. Immediately after the coup, Ukraine’s chief rabbi, Moshe Reuven Azman, urged Jews to flee Kiev. 

There has been no Russian invasion.

Washington officials have threatened Russia for “invading” Ukraine. It’s a Big Lie meant to cover up U.S. involvement in the coup. Russia has a major military base in Crimea, a predominately Russian ethnic area, and is legally allowed to station up to 25,000 troops in the country. Russia has said it may act to protect civilians if they are threatened by the neo-Nazis in Kiev. That is all. 

Language rights and opponents under attack.

After the coup, the government’s first act was to ban the use of Russian and other minority languages. The Communist Party and other opposition forces have been threatened with banning. Opponents of the coup have been beaten, disappeared, or had their offices and homes vandalized and burned. 

Coup leaders hired snipers to justify their takeover.

A leaked call between Estonian and European Union officials reveals that people behind the new government hired snipers to kill protesters and police in Kiev. President Yanukovych was blamed for the killings and this was used to justify the coup. 

Wall Street and Big Oil want to control Ukraine – and Russia.

Oil and gas pipelines in Ukraine bring fuel from Russia to Europe. Big Oil wants to control the pipelines to cut the flow from Russia and hike their own profits. The U.S. has even offered the new government gas from dangerous fracking drilling here! The Pentagon wants to set up NATO war bases on Russia’s border. They want to break up Russia too. Wall Street would love to get its claws deeper into Ukraine and Russia – to drive up profits and push down wages for workers here and there. 

Power for the 1%, misery for workers.

The new regime has appointed wealthy oligarchs as governors of rebellious regions of Eastern Ukraine. It’s also agreed to an IMF austerity plan drafted by Washington to cut workers’ pensions, unemployment insurance and social programs – just like the cutbacks workers from Detroit to Greece face. 

Billions for coup in Ukraine, cuts for food stamps in U.S.

In early February, Congress and the Obama administration agreed to cut SNAP food assistance benefits for hungry families by $8.7 billion. Just weeks later, they announced $10 billion in assistance to the neo-Nazis in Kiev. Secretary of State John Kerry personally delivered the first billion on March 4. 

The U.S. war buildup.

The Navy has deployed the USS Truxton, a warship armed with guided missiles, to the Black Sea. Six F-15 fighter jets and 60 military personnel have been sent to Lithuania, in addition to those already stationed there. The U.S. and EU are imposing sanctions and travel bans on Russian officials. Hillary Clinton, an architect of the movement behind the coup and likely 2016 presidential candidate, compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler. When preparing for war, the U.S. always uses this bogus comparison to demonize leaders of opponent countries. 

People across Ukraine are fighting back.

People in Eastern Ukraine and throughout the country are organizing against the coup. Some have taken over regional and city buildings and refused to hand them over to the new authorities. Others are marching on military bases and demanding that the troops not obey the commands of the neo-Nazis in Kiev. Some are calling on the Russian government to protect and assist them. The people of Ukraine remember well what Nazi rule was like during World War II, and they will not stand for it again. 

Get informed! Find more information on Ukraine and upcoming actions at IACenter.org 

Join us! Educate, organize and protest. Let’s stop the next U.S. war before it starts. 

Money for jobs, food, housing and education – not war and occupation! 

International Action Center 

U.S. Hands off Ukraine! No War with Russia

Why is Washington trying to impose a neo-Nazi gov’t on Ukraine?

The U.S. has spent at least $5 billion to install a neo-Nazi coup government in Ukraine. Congress and the Obama administration have promised the coup leaders $10 billion more.

Wall Street wants to control the country’s oil and gas pipelines. NATO wants military bases on the border of Russia.

We say NO!

We stand with the anti-fascist resistance of the Ukrainian people who reject the coup in Kiev.

Russia is acting only to defend itself. Russia is not the aggressor in Ukraine; the U.S. is.

International Action Center