Photographing Agricultural Landscapes

Growing up in the countryside has always given me an affinity to the land around me. Land which has been worked, managed and farmed for thousands of years. 

The British countryside is a landscape constructed by the hand of man, and one which has been an integral part of the foundation of its civilisation. Because I spend an increasingly large amount of time in London, It’s easy to forget about sometimes. 

It will however remain a great source of inspiration to me photographically. After all, my passion, learning and dedication to the medium was born from the countryside..

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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1920 - Kościuszko Squadron

Hi everyone, greeting from Krakow! :) New illustration from my 1920+ series and ‘Scythe’ game. First in a series of illustrations that are my tribute to the American volunteers and Polish pilots from 7th Air Escadrille - Kościuszko Squadron, who fought and died for Polish independence during the Polish - Bolshevik war (1919 - 1921), great respect!