China has a new internet meme, and it might not be what you expect

Innovative Chinese netizens are now dressing up their favorite celebrities and movie characters – from Colin Firth to the cast of The Big Bang Theory – in a famous floral dress meme that, surprisingly, originated in the countryside.

It hasn’t stopped at famous people – Weibo users have also superimposed the floral pattern onto cars and buildings.

The meme went viral when @Qinghongzaolegebai posted Avengers characters graphically designed with the famous floral dresses to Sina Weibo (for more: http://on.fb.me/1evC8zM).

While Chinese netizens have always been crazy over creating memes with computer software, a group of university students in Hebei Province’s Tangshan city took to using actual paint brushes.

On Wednesday, the group of artists painted the floral pattern onto a tricycle – taking them about three hours. The tricycle has since been teased as “the funkiest tricycle on earth.”