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I was tagged by garett789
Name: Lauren
Average hours of sleep: 6 or 7 I think
Last thing I Googled: the hours that the bank was open
Nicknames: Shortie, peanut, dad used to call me princess, little Lauren, Lauren #2, rye bread, raisin Brann (yes with 2 N’s cause it’s my last name) little kids call me: Rollin, Owen, lo, whoawen
Birthday: July 26
Sexual orientation: straight
Height: 4'11
Favorite color: neon colors and purple and silver
One place that always makes me happy: Wisconsin with my best friends family or sitting at a bonfire where really
Favorite film: I don’t think I have one haha
What am I wearing right now: jeans a belt and t-shirt.
Last book I read: Crazy love by Emma Keene
Most used phrase: “Ya goon”
First word that come to mind: fuck
Favorite beverage: cookie dough ice coffee from Dunkin donuts or naked juice smoothie things
Favorite food: potatoes or pasta
Last film I watched in theaters: strange magic I think maybe I don’t know
Dream Vacation: I don’t know down south somewhere
Dream pet: An Australian shepherd or a cow
Dream job: Still tryin to figure that out
My tags ( i got tired so not 10 haha) andhighonsummertime countryboysredneckgirls countrylyrics countrygirlwayoflife beerwiththeboys beer-n-bonfires