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glorwen asked:

Just fyi, white people "discovered" and then colonized (read: stole the land from the Native Americans....) the East Coast in the 1400s, so it's plausible that Raven has family dating back 400 years.... though it's certainly a stretch. This is not to like cause an argument or anything, I just noticed that in your post you referred to the founding of the country and stuff, so I wasn't sure if you knew this part of history or not!

Surely, I would know the history of America before 1776 (I mean… I was forced to learn it at a young age.). However, my point was on the “science” of the matter… which is still pretty faulty on her part.

Raven Symone was focus on talking about her DNA results. Your DNA can tell you a lot… but not in the way she sold it. After all, went in “super deep” just for her… even though such a company can only have records dating back to at least the mid-late 1800s.

Also, another fun fact (yes, fact)… slaves were treated as “property”. Their original names and history was taken away from them. Not every slave is going to pass down their heritage (via Roots) nor were the “owners” interesting in documenting the authenticity of their “property” other than the names they given them, and how much value they can produce for them during their lifetime. 

There’s only so much history that people can trace back… considering that DNA is a recent discovery. (DNA was first isolated by the Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher who, in 1869, discovered a microscopic substance in the pus of discarded surgical bandages.) 

BTW… DNA tests like that are not very accurate, either.

"People assume these tests can tell you your race or ethnicity and reveal exactly where your ancestors lived or exactly what social group they identified with," Deborah Bolnick of the University of Texas in Austin. I got this from an article talking about these DNA tests. 

"If a test-taker is just interested in finding out where there are some people in the world that share the same DNA as them, then these tests can certainly tell them that. But they’re not going to tell you every place or every group in the world where people share your DNA. Nor will they necessarily be able to tell you exactly where your ancestors lived or [what race or social group] they identified with.

Basically, these tests will tell you SOME information, but they will be more “immediate” than something that will span for generations. That will require more than scrubbing the insides of your mouth.

Raven oversold the test, turning a “simple” test that would tell her what her unique genetic makeup into a stretch. All of this just to prevent a “label” to be placed on her.


So yeah… the BS detector is still off the charts with her claims.

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