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Yeah right you can get everything at your local artstore if you're in america but if you're not, you're effed

Hello, anon! I dont live in America or any part of Europe, etc. I’m in asian country and truly some art materials that are present in America are not really present here like we dont have those copic markers and such. We have uni pin and faber castle color pens and stuff like that. I dont even think if there’s microns in here that mostly art blogs have, but either way we can make art and journal even tho I dont have the stuff that they have. Even just the simplest thing can work you know? you just have to be resourceful and creative of what’s around you. 

I’m not saying all asian countries dont have those stuff or your country, just in MY COUNTRY it doesnt and it’s hard and sometimes you’ll feel left out but i bet in your country there’s still a local store in there that has multiple colored pens and pencils and art materials that you can definitely work with. So you’re not effed anon dont worry! You just gotta be resourceful and look for other art materials available there rather than stressing out because you dont have washi tapes or copics and etc. Maybe there’s an art material there that USA doesnt have, so use it! 

But there are online stores if you really want to buy copics and other journals and stuff like that which arent available in your country. You can buy through there!

either way, i hope this kind of helped maybe?? dont be negative ok?? i’m sure there’s a local art store somewhere in your town that you havent noticed. 

Goodluck!!! and love ya!!! xo

- bagelkid