Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons

☯☯☯☯☯❂☽ ☾❂

Oh ! I love it !!!!!!!!

I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!

When your jam comes on, but ya squad ain’t there


the fabric on my top is stunning


He’s going to be a great father.

F I G U R E M Y. H E A R T. O U T.

Lovely top …

I WANT IT !!!!!!


The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has issued a disciplinary warning in relation to the recent kiss scene between two female students in the JTBC drama “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators.” [Source]

Another simple top !

I WANT IT !!!!!!!

Hy gys