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The Palace on the Water - Łazienki Palace - Warsaw, Poland

Originally a bathhouse for the aristocrat Stanislas Lubormirski, it was completely remodelled by Poland’s Last King, Stanislas August Poniatowski (r.1764-95) who made it his Summer Residence.

Unfortunately, the end of the reign of Stanislaus Augustus resulted in the gradual deterioration of his much loved park. The tsars, who took possession in 1817, treated the neoclassical palace as a secondary office. At that time many valuable works of art and objects were removed and taken to Russia. In the years between the two World Wars, under the management of the State Art Collections, the Royal Łazienki briefly regained its former glory.

During World War II, the Palace was extensively plundered and heavily damaged by the German occupiers. Holes were drilled into the walls for explosives but thankfully they never got around to blowing up the Palace. In 1960, after many years of careful restoration, the Royal Łazienki was returned to the Polish people as a museum.