Signs as Countries

Aries: United States of America- Headstrong and fiercely individualistic

Taurus: Mexico- Very rich cuisine with traditional values and warm people

Gemini: Morocco- Melting pot of cultural influences and languages.

Cancer: Australia- Values pride in heritage and hospitality.

Leo: Brazil- Vibrant celebrations with outgoing and fun-loving inhabitants.

Virgo: Germany- Efficient, hard working nation. Modest patriotism.

Libra: France- Culturally sophisticated and romantic. Slight pretentiousness.

Scorpio: Russia- Long autocratic nation with pessimistic yet strong populace

Sagittarius: Netherlands- Happy and open-minded.

Capricorn: United Kingdom- Emotionally reserved and somewhat cynical.

Aquarius: Japan- Group-oriented and technologically advanced. Unique subcultures.

Pisces: India- deeply religious with high belief in fate and humility


Around The World In 80 Days: Italy

Photo Credit: (Matteo Andreetta)
Living In Heaven
Photo Credit: (Lazar Ovidiu)
Rough Sea 14
Photo Credit: (Giovanni Allievi)

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The Signs as Countries
  • Aries:USA / proud, involved, enthusiastic.
  • Taurus:Italy / self-indulgent, rustic, elegant.
  • Gemini:Russia / adaptable, flighty, charming.
  • Cancer:Greece / traditional, peaceful, cozy.
  • Leo:France / expressive, romantic, noble.
  • Virgo:Japan / intelligent, sensible, dignified.
  • Libra:Switzerland / well-balanced, diplomatic, sociable.
  • Scorpio:Egypt / majestic, unstable, dynamic.
  • Sagittarius:Brazil / lively, busy, adventurous.
  • Capricorn:England / steadfast, classy, unyielding.
  • Aquarius:Germany / unpredictable, cynical, strong willed.
  • Pisces:Canada / even tempered, friendly, compassionate.

Around The World In 80 Days: Iraq

One Night Sky
Photo Credit: (Mostafa Hamad)
Photo Credit: (Yarb Talal Victor)
Baghdad At Night
Photo Credit: (Don Ali)

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