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I’m bored. So anyone who reblogs this post I will put an adorable picture of Andrew Scott in your submit boxes. Because who doesn’t want a picture of this beautiful man sent to them?

Nobody that’s who.

Amara (Iraq) (AFP) - Ali Dawai is enormously popular on Facebook, with countless photos of the Iraqi provincial governor picking up rubbish or sipping tea with people while wearing his trademark blue boiler suit. As officials count the votes from April 30’s general election, Dawai’s Ahrar movement, linked to powerful Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, is touting him for a much bigger role – that of prime minister. Dawai is among several potential challengers to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his bid for a third term. In a country where many view their elected leaders as corrupt and distant, the 47-year-old has won plaudits in the southern province of Maysan for concentrating on providing basic services and meeting the people.
Source: AFP

Why is it that in white tragedies, they don’t show pictures of the bloody, mutilated bodies of the victims, but y'all are perfectly capable of understanding and mourning them…but in tragedies that involve predominantly Black victims, there are countless, graphic photos of their dead bodies?? Do you need to see their deaths to feel some sort of sympathy? Do you need proof? What is it??? Are Black lives that unimportant that just knowing those lives are lost isn’t enough…you’ve gotta see the blood and pain in their faces?

Fuck that bullshit.

I just received some amazing news!!!!!! I want to cry!!!!!! Over a year ago, I started my account @mrs_angemi and spent countless hours everyday posting photos and texts with educational material about my life and career in the field of pathology. I was heartbroken last month when I woke up one morning to find my account was deleted. I was even more upset that all that hard work over the past year had been deleted as well. Well, today I learned that my old account has been restored!!!!!! 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅I will be returning to my old account so please follow me there if you are a new follower, and also continue to follow me here as I will keep this account for a backup in the case I get deleted again. Thank you all so much for your continued support!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Stay tuned for Forensic Friday tonight!!!!!!!!
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I've come to a very serious conclusion. Josh's eyes are in fact green hazel. I read this thing on the internet that said green eyes consist of a grey like outer circle with a yellow brown inner circle and thats what makes them appear green. I've seen countless photos of Josh's eyes where they fit that description. Congratulations Mr Hutcherson you have officially ruined my life by making this topic the focal point of my week.

I don’t know who you are anon, but I like you.

This ask is awesome.

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That is an amazing face you are pulling. xD

One has to train to get on this level of weird-facery.  It takes years of practice and making your mother scream, “GRACE, SMILE PRETTY FOR THE PICTURE.  STOP DOING THAT THING WITH YOUR EYES” as you ruin countless family photos.

Why is it that every other girl on my Facebook News Feed is getting into those wrap parties? I mean, it’s everywhere! It has literally dominated my News Feed from all the #ITWORKS hashtags, alleged before and after photos, and whatever that $25 fee is. I have seen countless “results” photos and honestly, I cannot see a difference. I feel like it’s a temporary fix.

Is It Works Wraps the new Avon? Is it some sort of scam I should be wary of?

Whatever it is, keep it away from me. For the love of all that’s good in this world, just keep it away.


: what bugs me about it is….. royals get fancy pictures painted of them all the time, and beautiful photos done of them and that’s not strange, but regular people taking selfies is too weird for the royals???? Like, no. Harry, just no.

Ha that’s so true! People criticise selfies for showing how self obsessed and vain our generation is but, when you think about it, paying people to take countless photos of you and spend hours painting you is the most self absorbed thing you’ll ever hear. 

Not Your Typical Selfie

Taking pictures of yourself is not okay anymore. Maybe for Snapchat, but for Instagram and Facebook, your selfies need to be more artsy, more stylistic. Creating the perfect picture doesn’t mean wearing the right clothes, having the best look or even the best angle. It takes a lot more to take the perfect picture now-a-days.

A selfie doesn’t need to be just your face anymore. Get creative with it! Ashley McKinny, a photographer based in Boston posts pictures that express her love of photography and capturing life in the moment. When asked to take a selfie she posted pictures that gave a whole new meaning to expressing yourself. Her selfies are rare, but that shows you that she takes pride in how she reveals herself, how uniquely she wants to be portrayed.


Lyndsy Fonseca on the other hand shows her passions and her vulnerability. She takes countless photos expressing her love for her dog, but also showing that not paying attention, pictures taken while off guard are just as gorgeous. A selfie has always been classified as a picture you take of yourself, but now-a-days a selfie is a picture of just you, a picture you classify that way.


Kristin Kreuk shows her creativity. She enjoys yoga and loves cups of coffee or hot chocolate…either one looks delicious in her photograph. People are photogenic. It is when we try too hard to look good and create the perfect photo that we end up taking a few hundred before we capture the right one. The perfect picture doesn’t come when it’s planned and Kreuk shows being natural is beautiful.


People would argue that celebrities always have good photos and I’d agree, but then again I could say that about more than half of my friends too. I mean who wants to post a picture they look terrible in? I mean, look at Robbie Amell for example. He did not strive for perfection even though this picture is far from ugly, emphasized by the 18,326 people who liked it. He showed that he is real. He is not just posting perfect photos, but showing his personality and sharing it…successfully if I might add. He also prides himself on selfies that show he works out. Yes, it shows most of us how lazy we are, but at the same time it tells us that he feels the most comfortable, the most confident, the most relaxed when he’s at the gym and that’s the person he wanted to share with the world.


We need to stop expecting the lens to hide what we hate, but to instead bring forth who we really are. We shouldn’t be ashamed of the first 10 pictures we take. We criticize our selfies and even though it may feel like it’s not impacting you, it is. Subconsciously owning up to your flaws scares you. Believe me, I’m in the same boat. I wouldn’t be human if I thought I was perfect in every way. We are made this way for a reason. We shouldn’t be ashamed of it which is why I will share this crazy photo of myself that I never wanted to show people, but instead have come to love.


See pictures at

so I was linked to this facebook group and this white man had posted a photo he took of my friends and I without our knowledge and the man basically complained about how stuck up we looked and how we were the real life version of the plastics (from mean girls) and how he didn’t bother to actually ask to take our photos because he didn’t feel like being “looked down upon by children” and we didn’t look approachable and all the comments were a bunch of grown ass adults saying the same thing..

If we’re children then why did you take photos of said children without permission 👀

secondly how are you going to take our photo without our knowledge and then complain about how weren’t happily posing in said photo

Also Just because someone is dressed up doesn’t mean they owe you a photo or should just deal with their photos being taken without permission

And we took countless photos with people that day happily so apparently we looked approachable enough to everyone but him 👀

But not only that but his friends got so defensive when I made a post defending my friends and I and telling them how their comments are rude 👀 excuse you

Dawn at Tsé Bii’ Ndzisgaii by Jeff Stamer ( on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Monument Valley (Tsé Bii’ Ndzisgaii ) may be the epitome of the American Southwest. We have all seen Monument Valley in movies, commercials and countless photos so it understandable that it has become synonymous with the ‘Old West’.
This pre-dawn image of the “Totem Pole” is one of my favorites from my last visit. I’m ready to go back!
See more of my Southwest portfolio at:

Jeff My Website ¦ My Blog ¦ Google+¦ Facebook

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We need more pics of ur cuteness!!

You flatter me, Anon. Believe me, if I could spend all day taking countless photos of the various angles of my face to post, I would. But I’m just far too busy these days trying to graduate from college and finish Heroes to do that. I’ll try my best to submit more though!

In the meantime, a Gatorade may be enough to quench your thirst.

Remembering those moments of running around Des Moines late in the night only to prop my phone up to take countless photos of us looking like tourists. We did some strange things to make our night memorable. // @victoriafaemae // #desmoines #streetart #nightlife (at Des Moines River)


This is the Film Festival project, of which I realized I never posted good pictures of (partially due to the fact that I never took good photos of {well, until now}). Had a lot of fun with this one, I had to find and collect the many scattered articles from the deep maze of tunnels underneath my house, make them look presentable, and then take countless photos in the makeshift studio that I built out of scraps I found in my mother’s basement. And I wonder why photography makes me sleepy…

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Imagine person A is a keen photographer and takes countless photos of themselves and B doing anything whatsoever - making silly faces, going on dates and dressing up fancy, playing with their pets, hanging out around the house, generally doing cheesy couple stuff - recording all their memories together. After A dies, person B gets them all printed professionally and puts them on the wall as a memorial of the time they spent with each other. THE FEELS DOE