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♖ 유 ♁ ╰☆╮ ღ

♖ Top 5 Quality Blogs I follow: I follow too many blogs… How can I choose lol Here’s first five that come in my head when I think quality blog though - honeyjoe, thatbluebox, thefaceoftherebellion, boukae, infiniteu

유 Current Opened Tabs Websites: 6 tabs of six different tumblrs (not gonna specify because I’m creeping on their blogs n___n), my tumblr dash, likes and inbox, youtube (1 and 2), twitter and my hotmail :3

♁ my top 5 ultimate bias’: Ljoe, Sungjong, Jino, Key, Kevin

╰☆╮ Favourite expression: I’m not sure if I get the question but here’s a cute emoji  (✿◠‿◠)

ღ Random things around me right now: A hair brush lol

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creeps on the yt links keke. oh you should introduce me to jino sooner or later. he looked cute in the gif set you reblogged early ;; and checking out the blogs n______n

I should then n_________n

In short, Jino was in a project group called SM the ballad with Jonghyun from SHINee, Jay from TRAX and Kyuhyun from Suju (1, 2).  He has really good vocals and he’s really cute and awkward lol  We haven’t seen much from him since his activity with SM the ballad… last we heard from him was that he graduated high school ;~;  From what I’ve heard, SM is going to debut him in a group but nothing has been confirmed if he’ll debut with Exo or not :c  And yeah that’s pretty much who he is :3

countingyourpulses replied to your post: omg all these gifs of myungsoo and this yerim girl…

there are only 4 episodes left anyways. AND IT BECAME REALLY GOOD NOW. the first episodes aren’t much of yerim/myungsoo though haha BUT ENJOY

lol yeah I’m expecting more of them by the end cause there’s that other couple who I always see on my dash… idk who they are tho ;; but yes I’m going to start watching it… like now n______n

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