There’s no police work grosser than making sure beef isn’t “beef”.

The 4 Strangest Things Nobody Tells You About Life in China

#4. The Counterfeit Problem Runs Way Deeper Than You Think

You’re prepared for fake Rolexes and bootleg movies. What you’re not prepared for is the counterfeit meat. Take this highly publicized case from last year involving rat, fox, and mink being passed off as mutton. It wasn’t exactly a freak occurrence. The whole Chinese fake-steak situation has gotten so bad that I now refuse to eat meat unless it’s from a place that hangs the animal’s carcass outside for me to thoroughly inspect and deem worthy of being devoured.

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Nanotech To Fight Counterfeiters

Researchers have made a new type of watermark that remains invisible until a person’s breath reveals it. Engineers envision the technology being used as labels to fight the sale of counterfeit goods. 

"One challenge in fighting counterfeiting is the need to stay ahead of the counterfeiters," said Nicholas Kotov, a University of Michigan chemical engineering professor who led the team that created the labels, in a statement. ”You can verify that you have the real product with just a breath of air.”

Learn more and see a video on the innovation below.

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I did a bad thing

I went shopping today

The plushes (aside from the Eeveelutions) came from this Asian Import store and their entire stock was bootleg.

Some of them were nice looking, like the Haunter we got. But some weren’t so good.

When someone accuses me of something, I fight back, and not in the way you might think. I fight back with words. Big words. Someone makes me angry, and I turn into my father, which might actually be where I picked up the habit. When I was little and would get in trouble, my father used to always use a strong vocabulary in his irritated state. I picked up multiple words along the way of my rebellious childhood.

My train of thought is that, when I am professional with my response, and I use intelligent wording, then I always win. First of all, they will feel incredibly stupid because my statement and background is much stronger than there’s, already showing that I am of superior intellect. Second, anything that they use in response to what I said will sound frivolous and shallow. Therefore, it always works. So if you are ever being bullied, just outsmart them; you will always come out the dominant to your enemies without being a bully yourself.

Anyway, so this girl accused me of counterfeit. I had somehow turned in a fake twenty dollar bill..? My father believes the money changed hands, and someone replaced my dollar bill with a fake one to frame me. Otherwise, how the heck could it have gotten into my wallet? We get all of our money from ATMs and we never get bills out bigger than twenties, so unless there are counterfeit bills circulating throughout our bank, it is impossible for me to have a fake dollar bill. Anyhow, that is not the worst part; she accused me publicly on Facebook. How immature, right? Well, she apparently thought it was cool, while I thought it was cyber-bullying. She did not even have all of her facts straight. Ugh. People these days, they think they know everything. My father settled this whole thing out by talking to my principal, my teacher, and the cops, but as for me, I settled the problem on Facebook. Words equate to power.

Hey guys,

I’m sure everyone is sick of pfp’s antics, but here is another new update about pfp. They have changed their ebay name to lovelyarpakasso here

Furthermore, they have opened a new tumblr account called lovelyarpakasso520 here

Please be warned that these two links are not from the real lovelyarpakasso but rather from premium_for_plush.

I don’t want anyone to be deceived and tricked into buying counterfeit Arpakasso!

Russia easily and Internet-famously takes the cake when it comes to alcohol-fueled not-giving-a-shittery. And when it comes to booze, the country is most intimately associated with vodka — go ahead, try to picture an inebriated man from Vladivostok attacking a dash-cam-equipped car while waving a whiskey bottle. Can’t be done.

It’s quite absurd, really. But, of course, a country that fascinated with alcohol has tons of types available. Take cognac, for instance. You can absolutely get tons of this particularly refined brandy in Russia. Except, don’t literally take cognac from there, because according to some reports, up to 70 percent of that shit is completely counterfeit. Yes, counterfeit, as in “they cook up cheap-ass imitations of this highly prestigious drink from aromatizers, chemicals, and whatever alcohol they happen to have lying around.”

5 Ways the Alcohol Industry Tricks You Into Drinking Garbage