Well I was looking for my gifs of Melissa dancing for today, but they seem to have disappeared!  So this is my backup plan. 

I wanted something that makes me smile and hopefully will make you smile too.  I’ll find or remake the dancing gifs for tomorrow. 

But for now, enjoy McReedus being cute and how adorable Lennie is when he laughs. 

Countdown to Season 6 filming Day 21.

14 more sleeps!!!

Caryl on!!!

McReedus on!!!

Stay happy!!!

Mod Post: Countdown Error

(Mod: Hey, everyone. It would seem that I made an error in the countdown posts, and we are one day ahead of the presumed date’s countdown. I’ve gone through the archive, and it would seem that the countdown has been this way for a while, since early February. It would seem that when I took a short break from the countdown posts after the news of Monty’s death, I made a miscalculation in the number of days left.

My most sincere apologies for this. I will make a revised countdown post with the accurate amount of days left shortly. Thank you for your understanding.)