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Odd Numbers Just Feel Cleaner


For today’s Cartoon Network lineup:

Teen Titans Go had a crossover with Young Justice and poked fun at how this reincarnation of the series focuses more on wacky humor compared to its predecessor. Some moments made me cringe, some made me laugh, and some made me ask what was going on. It might be a bizarre comic book cartoon, but you can tell the staff knows their comic books, satire, and who’s watching.

The Amazing World of Gumball once again proves to be the funniest zany-fourth-wall-breaking cartoon series. It’s well written, filled with creative characters and settings, and sprinkled with continuity, which is always a plus.

Adventure Time focuses on Jake’s involvement with his family. I wonder if we’ll get an episode for each of his kids. It began with Jake spending time with his reclusive hikikomori (social withdrawal) son T.V. (voiced by Dan Mintz who plays Tina Belcher in Bob’s Burgers) and ended with some history building for a lesser known background character. For some reason, I really like the episode title card.

I don’t have anything for Regular Show because I need to catch up on season six. Last time I chose to skip a few episodes, I had no idea what they were referring to from the past season. I totally regret that mistake.

STEVEN UNIVERSE does its usual formula of luring us with sweet humor and then pushing us down a spiral of feels. The perfect example of fans watching Maximum Capacity was, “Oh, yay! Awkward fun with character relationships while fixing a problem! Wait… what? Oh no! Why? Why! WHYYYYYYYYY!” And the sobbing commences. There was a funny innuendo, adorable sweater wearing, an 80s/90s sitcom reference, Rebecca Sugar’s past work, character and world progression (it’s a new year and it’s winter), and continuity everywhere (you can’t fully appreciate this episode if you missed half of this season).

But the biggest part of this episode is the concept of Maximum Capacity.

1) We see how Rose’s absence left deep scars for those who loved her.

2) You can tell how much Rose meant to Amethyst after being found in the Kindergarten, and she resorted to finding a new connection through Greg (maybe believing she can still be with Rose by being with Greg).

3) When Greg came into the picture, it changed the Gems’ dynamic before and after Rose’s passing.

4) Greg has a good reason why he’s a hoarder who is uncomfortable around shapeshifting and magic, and stays away from Gem problems.

5) Steven was fed up with being tempted to watch television (or was he upset about his dad not celebrating the fireworks with him).

6) And the obvious literal translation where the storage garage was cluttered for years. Procrastination, especially a new years resolution, is something everyone has experienced.

When you think about the Crystal Gems before Greg and Steven, Rose’s relationship with Greg, Rose’s passing, Steven’s birth, Greg’s history with Amethyst, those who helped clean the storage garage, and even the family dynamics of Lil Butler (parallel to Steven’s family), remember Peedee stating, “Odd numbers just feel cleaner.”


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