“The Countdown isn’t over. Leave now before I will Log you Out

Countdown and Log Out! Countdown belongs to rebornica

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As you can see, I was too lazy to do the lineart. (Sorry)

I might have forgotten some parts in Countdown and I also might’ve got the wrong colors (sorry and sorry again)

I honestly don’t know what the hell I did with the background but I’m liking it so far!

Oh and btw, Log Out’s face is actually blue, but if he turns aggressive his face turns red, so he was aggressive here. (Not to Countdown)

くコ:彡          くコ:彡                 くコ:彡                        くコ:彡

          くコ:彡        32 Days Remain          くコ:彡            くコ:彡

くコ:彡                くコ:彡                      くコ:彡              くコ:彡

Haha yes!!! This totally happened!! Melissa, Andy and Norman in the backseat together and Melissa reaching over Andy to put up the window!!

I think I have a gif on my computer so I’ll switch it tomorrow morning if I can find it.

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Countdown to Season 6 filming Day 26. 

9more sleeps!!!

Caryl on!!!

McReedus on!!!

Stay happy!!!

anonymous asked:

what'd it be like if one day yata asked, but seriously asked, not in the middle of a fight or something, just simply asked fushimi "why did you choose this path?"? I was rereading days of blue and when totsuka-san told fushimi to answer this question clearly with his own words one day, I couldn't help the feeling that we'll maybe see this happen in canon. how do you picture it?~~

I think Fushimi would be surprised to hear Yata ask him that so straightforwardly. He’d probably initially try to deflect the question somehow – like in Memory of Red Yata kinda asks him something similar, that “Why did you betray us?”/ “What was Homra to you?” moment, and Fushimi first tries to ignore the question and then throws it back in Yata’s face about how he hates Homra and Mikoto and blah blah asshole. In this case though I think it might be a little harder for him to get around it, especially if Yata specifically uses Totsuka’s words. Not only would that probably immediately remind Fushimi of what Totsuka said to him but I think there’s a definite and significant difference between Yata asking Fushimi why he betrayed Homra/how he feels about Homra versus asking why Fushimi chose the path he did. The first questions are focused more on Homra, on Fushimi’s leaving as being a betrayal and how he felt about Homra in general, things Fushimi doesn’t like. The second question the focus is more on Fushimi and why he made his own choices – notably not all judgemental towards Fushimi for leaving Homra (which makes sense since Totsuka doesn’t see Fushimi as being a traitor, just as a person who chose to leave) and I think it might be harder for Fushimi to try and avoid answering by just slandering Homra and moving on. So I can see him still trying to get around answering the question somehow, maybe saying something nasty about how he didn’t want to be on a path full of losers or something, hoping Yata will rise to the bait and let the question go by. But I think if Yata’s reached the point where he’s asking the question he hopefully would keep his temper in check and would just keep pressing Fushimi to just give an honest answer. And actually for Fushimi, I’m not sure he even completely knows the answer – at the end of DOB he thinks about Totsuka’s words again and just thinks “No reason….rather than being in that narrow annoying place, this place is simply more preferable.” I feel like that’s sort of Fushimi not even being willing to give himself an honest answer, because thinking about it honestly is pretty painful for him and he just doesn’t want to deal with it. But if Yata kept pressing him I can maybe see Fushimi unconsciously making some small admission, something about Homra being too narrow or his own unhappiness, something that might give Yata even more incentive to stop fighting with Fushimi and to try and discover the real reason why Fushimi left.

MFMM- 26 Day Countdown- 12 Days to go

26th April, 12 Days to go…

Episode Title: Death Comes Knocking

No. of men Phryne sleeps with/kisses: 1 (but we don’t like to talk about it! lol)

No. of times Jack Robinson eats or drinks:  2 -the sandwiches! And the Martini! – he’s finally eating!

No. of times Phryne scales a building: 0 but she does scale the cemetery wall.

No. of Phryne outfit changes: 9

No. of Jack tie changes: 4

Most Memorable Moment: The spiritualist insisting that Jack needs to pursue his great love, his denial and his eventual giving in with a palm reading that has his heavy breathing worthy of a phone stalker!

Most Memorable Line/s:

MRS BOLKONSKI: True love must never be denied.


MRS BOLKONSKI: Inspector, believe what I say, for your own sake. The heart line never lies. You know that your greatest passion is very close at hand. Pursue it.

JACK: And believe what I say, Mrs Bolkonski. I have no intention of pursing my greatest passion. Unless it’s these sandwiches, which are a particular favourite.

Séances and all things spiritual dominate this episode about soldiers, shell-shock and murder. Jack and Phryne hold hands! Admittedly it’s at a séance. But they eventually solve the case. It has been observed that this episode seems out of place in the sequence of episodes but if we take it at face value, it sees Phryne and Jack take a subtle step towards one another. He says he won’t pursue her. She sleeps with another man in a fit of pique. He’s jealous (and obviously so) then gets rid of his ‘rival’ as soon as possible. Phryne knows what he’s done and it seemingly quite happy about it! They both win. Phryne’s heartfelt ‘reading’ of Jack at the end of the episode is personal and real and she is telling him it’s okay to open his heart to her. She won’t hurt him. He’s scared and dismissive but I don’t believe the sentiment is lost on him. Especially if the next episode is anything to go by.

One Jack, one Phryne and two Phrack caps: