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Zespół OneRepublic w składzie Ryan i Eddie w programie VH1 Top 20 Countdown wspominał rok 2014 oraz uznał za najlepszą piosenkę 2014 roku “Take Me To Church” Hoziera. 
OneRepublic’s Ryan and Eddie in the VH1 Top 20 Countdown recalled in 2014 and recognized “Take Me To Church” by Hozier as the best song of 2014.

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13 July 2014 - Dekalb, IL 


The official website for the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary project will open its animation page on Friday with a countdown to releasing content. The countdown page, which depicts the words “eight days left…” with a waxing moon, is currently visible, but the countdown does not begin until tomorrow.

The new Sailor Moon anime will begin streaming worldwide on the Niconico service in July. Producer Atsutoshi Umezawa (Precure franchise) said that it “is not remaking the previous anime, but adapting the original manga and starting from scratch again.”

Munehisa Sakai (One Piece, One Piece: Strong World, Suite Precure) is directing this new adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga at Toei Animation, the studio behind the first anime. Yūji Kobayashi (scripts on Saint Seiya Omega, Smile Precure!) is in charge of the series scripts, and Momoiro Clover Z is performing the theme song. Yukie Sako (chief animation director on Majestic Prince, Nyan Koi!) will serve as the character designer and Yasuharu Takanashi (Naruto Shippūden, Fairy Tail, Precure franchise) as the composer. The art directors will be Takashi Kurahashi (Mononoke, Gatchaman Crowds, Hakaba Kitarō) and Yumi Hosaka (Mononoke, Gatchaman Crowds). King Records is producing the soundtrack.


Website (Art by Naoko Takeuchi <3)

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What happens in that one second before you die? Is it even a second?

24 July 2014 - Athens, AL