today I had a really good moment, tumblr. 

A student of mine was refusing to work in one of their classes, and while the teacher was talking with her she made a concerning enough comment that she was walked directly to the counselor’s [my] office. She said she didn’t do any work because she didn’t see the point. After a few minutes back and forth about plans/opportunities/choice etc, I asked her what her take away from our conversation was. She looked me dead in the face, her eyes a little bit wide, and said: 

“I need to get my shit together.” 

Teenagers, y’all. 

took everything in me not to laugh in her face. 

But she uh, wasn’t wrong. 

(to be fair, I didn’t tell her she needed to change anything, I just talked with her about what she thought her opportunities in 4 years would look like. She decided she needed to change something.)

((Also, don’t we all, teenager? Don’t we all, indeed, need to get our shit together?”))

so I’m trying to figure out what I should do with the stuff from the mailbag project.

currently I have everything in a binder because if you thought I was going to throw anything away you are wrong.

Need someone to talk to or just need to vent about problems? 7 Cups of Tea connects you with free active listeners, online counseling, and online therapy if you need help. Speak anonymously with a trained, compassionate person when you need to talk to someone or vent to via anonymous chat.

A lot of my friends have been getting very upset lately for a variety of reasons. I could probably include myself in that group. It could be academic stress or stress of trying to get into a professional program, or just unhappy things going on in life. But regardless, I just wanted to share something my friend found out about recently. I haven’t tried it myself, but I may in the future if I get to another low point in my self esteem. My friend has been talking anonymously with these online counselors and she feels a lot better afterwards. This is mainly for people who don’t want to go out to see a therapist (for whatever reason whether it be money, time, or embarrassment). A different friend also in my grad program is slipping back into a depression. With our current schedules, this seems like a great convenience.

I don’t know exactly how it works because, as I said, I haven’t tried it yet. But  share this if you feel you know someone who needs to know about it or should try it.