Here’s what I love about country music:

Men in country music (generally):
Aw I love her so much I’m such a softie she makes me weak in the knees awww
Women in country (generally):
I’m gonna kick your butt.

//Okay but yo here’s something I want to see. You guys know how part of the reason why like WWI started was because of all the damn alliances between counrtries? Well I want to see that with like KHR.

Like it starts out with two families that got into each other’s bad books—and I don’t want the Vongola to be one of the original conflicting famiglias. Anyway, those original two families are in each other’s bad books and some event occurs that finally sets them over the end into a full out mafia war with each other. Now, the families call on help from their allies—but as a result the allied families are also coming under attack so they call on their allies for help and so on and so forth (at some point the Vongola would get dragged in too—whether because they’re an ally of a famiglia that needs help or another famiglia antagonizes them) until it is an all out, full scale, multi-famiglia mafia war. The fighting goes on blah blah blah, and either there’s a winner or the quarreling forces finally come to some kind of compromise to end it all and they all go back to peace and start rebuilding.

Here’s the thing though—it was a set up. Someone or some famiglia that didn’t get drawn into the war, had purposely set off the two already bad termed famiglias knowing that it would spiral and escalate as it did, even going so far as to draw in and substantially weaken the great Vongola Famiglia. Using this opportunity they attack the weakened famiglias trying to destroy them so they can be the new mafia superpower.

Stereotypical plot, but one that we didn’t get to see in KHR that I really wish we had ngh.//