rise-like-the-phoenix asked:

hey vicky, i was wondering what video that gif came from when brandon boyd sings, than drops the microphone?

Hi, Elizabeth! It’s this one:

The gif was made by foreverincubus after she got up on Twitter and asked her followers what we thought her next gif should be. The winning suggestion came from couldyoushowmedear. I actually teach workshops for college professors on the educational uses of Twitter and Tumblr, and I show this gif as an example of how students can crowdsource things and collaborate on projects. Everyone loves it. I use lots of other Incubus-related examples too. The next time I get to go to a meet & greet with the band, I plan to let them know what a contribution they’re making to the education of today’s youth! :-)


Well, I can’t promise that the #Incufest entries were kept hermetically sealed in a number 2 mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall’s porch (which means “secure,” for those of you under a certain age who have no idea what I’m saying), but I can promise that the drawing was as fair as I could make it all by my lonesome, and I’m happy to report that our winners are hard-core Incubabes both.

Our own theannamolly (a.k.a. @annamolllly) is the new owner of White Fluffy Clouds, and couldyoushowmedear (a.k.a. @ItsYouIAdmire) gets her pre-Christmas wish for From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss.

Big thanks to raven-eyed-pantomime (a.k.a. @amandarm78) and Incubased (a.k.a. @Lulimn) for spreading the word and then sweetly disqualifying themselves because they already own the books. Thanks also to @DebbieWallace5 who, in the true spirit of #Incufest, donated her entry to a fellow fan on the other side of the world. I think she’ll be pleased with the outcome, as am I. Remember, I’m a librarian. Matching people up with the books they want is kinda what I do. ♥☀