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*ahem* Please pardon me while I think about MSA way too much again and get ideas for headcanons and drawings.

So my little theory behind this one is that when Lewis erased Vivi’s memory, it was right after she saw him fall to his demise in the cave. He wanted to spare her that gruesome mental image and the pain of losing him, so his intentions were good. 

However, if he did indeed use that sort of power on her so soon after just achieving it himself, I feel like it might be a little botched in its execution and effectiveness. Not only was he a newly made ghost with probably no clue on what his abilities were nor how to use them, I feel like what he did to Vivi would have also been done on a whim as a result of fear and panic. All he knew was that he wanted to make sure she wouldn’t live with that memory. Making her lose her memory of him entirely may not have even been the intended effect, but since he had no idea how to control his abilities yet, that is what ended up happening. 

My drawing fast forwards to a possible future where Vivi has since remembered Lewis and he recently has returned to the group. Being dead and all, I don’t think Lewis has much need for sleep, but every night since he’s been back, he would always be with Vivi while she slept. At first he would notice her tossing and turning a lot in her sleep, and some nights he would hear her softly saying his name. 

One night, she seems particularly restless. Lewis tries to soothe her, but to no avail. She isn’t just softly saying his name anymore, she is screaming it. She begins thrashing wildly, and falls right out of bed before Lewis can stop her. In a flash he is down on the floor with her. She is saying his name over and over, tears staining her face, and chanting “no”. He assumes maybe she is having a vivid nightmare about him falling since she had just remembered the event so recently. He pulls her up into a sitting position, stroking her face and saying her name, trying to get her to wake up. He assumes his human form, so that when she awakens, she can see that he is right there with her and that he is okay. Her eyes finally open ever so slightly, and her expression is blank. 

That’s when he realizes her eyes are glowing, as bright as if it was his own fire burning behind them. He realizes that in trying to spare her terrible memories, he has possibly done irreparable damage to her mind. She finally fully wakes up, and is confused as to why she is on the floor, and why Lewis has the most pained expression on his face.

Using power like that without the proper knowledge or foresight would have its consequences, no?

Denmark convinces Norway to get on the roof despite all his protesting about it being unsafe and dangerous because it’s a really nice and warm summer night, but once they’re up there he almost forgets that they shouldn’t be. And they just lie there on the roof and Denmark points up to the stars trying to spot some constellations he knows and even when he doesn’t, he just comes up with a bunch of stupid names for them like “the great butter churn” or “the lego castle” and Norway just can’t help but laughing because he’s such an idiot but also a really cute idiot and somehow they end up holding hands. And before they know it the sun’s coming up and Den’s freaking out because he promised Sealand to build a lego fort with him and he’s is going to kill him if he’s late and he almost falls off the roof in his haste like “fUCK, I’M FINE I’M GOOD, DON’T WORRY NORGE” and Nor’s like “i knew this was a bad idea” but he’s smiling nonetheless and helps him down.

Cole Clarifications

So I was asked recently my headcanons for cole and cole-related compassions and spirit/demon stuff related to him so I suppose it’d just be easier to adapt my conversation with demonsanddogweeds that we had the other day.

long talk under the cut

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The Daddy Chronicles: I

Sensitive Skin


Hikari stood at the doorway while her parents talked about an upcoming movie or something. She was always watchful over their conversations because one never knew if or when they would discover that they were too old to find anyone else or that they might as well get back together.

She hoped not though.

Selfish? Yes. She didn’t care. Sasuke was…her father was a weird one. That’s the best she could come up with on such short notice.

“Sun,” said Sasuke, “Are you ready?”

She looked back at the tall male standing at her doorframe and nodded shortly. “I am.” She threw a blanket in her bag and grabbed a pillow. Truth be told, she didn’t know exactly would be waiting for her at his new place. She stared at her bed. No, bringing that would be too much work. “I’m ready,” she decided.

He turned back to Hinata. “See you…later?”

She smiled, holding a cup close. “Yes, of course.” Opal eyes followed her daughter out. “You have everything, Sunny?”

Hikari made a mental note just to be safe and nodded once again. “I believe so!”

“Have fun,” said Hinata.

Hikari gave a thumbs up and headed to the car. Sasuke pocketed his hands. “Ah… alright. See you later.”

“Yes, yes, of course.”


Hikari was at a real crossroad. She could get pass the fact that all he had in his kitchen was a variety of tomatoes and water. She could even get pass the fact that while she was talking that he wasn’t always paying attention. What she couldn’t get pass was his soap collection.

Strong. Fresh and Clean. Powerful Scent. For Men.

Hikari looked at her delicate skin and back to the soaps in black bottles. “I’m going to the hospital tonight,” whispered the fourteen year old. “Da-” She paused. It was her fault… waiting so late to take a shower. He was an old man and old men go to bed early. She bit her lip and searched through his cabinets.

Razors. Tooth brush. Tooth paste. Teeth whitening stripes.

“I knew he used something,” hissed the dark eyed girl.

Cleaning supplies. More For Men products.

Hikari rubbed the bridge of her nose. “I’m going to the hospital tonight,” repeated the girl. She reached in to turn on the shower and the water pressure went from Gentle Spring Stream to Dangerous Fire Hose. “…Oh d-dear…” she whispered.


The next morning, Sasuke woke up to his daughter angrily standing over his bed. “What?” he croaked out.

She showed him the new rashes she collected during the night. “Why is everything here For Men?” Her eyes narrowed. “Why?”

I may have failed at being fluffy

“You’ve filled out,” Ellayria says: a little absently, her face pink. She’s not staring.

Cole is struggling into his dress jacket, badly, one arm flopping around while he hops around and tugs. His hair is brushed out of his eyes and his pants are hanging loose and low, and he looks like a scarecrow with a very well-defined hipbone. Not that she’s staring.

“You have lines all the way down your back and into the little hollow above your tailbone,” says Cole, without missing a beat, and while Ellayria opens her mouth and shuts it he gets his collar straightened. “It feels wrong without the daggers,” he adds, quieter.

“No weapons at the dinner,” Ellayria says firmly, feeling the heat in her cheeks. “We all promised.”

“They hate you. They want to hurt you.”

“I know, but we have to try to be nice with them.” She sighs, pulling his hat down a bit: “At least for now.”

“Lord Terevin hates elves,” Cole says from underneath the brim, his voice muffled.

“We need that route into the Anderfels. He’s our best option.”

“He’s gone into the alienage at night.” Cole takes off his hat, and his hair is sticking up and his eyes are looking straight into hers. “He takes people. He knows the streets and the houses. Ellayria, please let me keep the daggers.”

For a moment she wavers, and then shakes her head. “No. We promised. But Leliana knows what to do if anything happens.”

Cole looks mutinous, but focuses downwards on doing up the buttons on his jacket.  Ellayria reaches out again to tug his jacket into place, hands brushing against hipbones for one moment, and then sputters something about “uh, Josephine” and hurries for the door.

Josephine herself looks gorgeous in yellow silk and ribbons, with flowers in her hair and at the clasp of her neckline. Her skin is glowing and she’s flushed, and she’s going around with a tiny secret smile these days. Beside her, Vivienne looks like moonlight in cool blues and greys and her robes glimmer constantly.

Ellayria grins gratefully up at them as they’re shown into the courtyard. She’s been trussed up into a dress at their insistence, and her stays are pulled tight and her hair is pinned up. She has to take careful little steps in the shoes. For a moment she feels like a toy doll, then she thinks: look up to them. You’re part of this now. Act like it. Act like them.

Cole is… glowering. He’s lost the hat, and he’s brushed his hair and everything about his uniform is in impeccable condition. But he’s hunched inward. And though people are watching them—curiously, avidly, warily—they’re not watching him. Their gazes slide past.

He also keeps close to Ellayria, one hand touching her back.

“Look, they brought jugglers,” Ellayria whispers to him. Two masked harlequins are tossing coloured balls in the air, and the crowd gasps and applauds as they explode: puffs of flower petals, sparkles of light, clouds of perfume.

“Yes,” says Cole shortly.

“See, you’d be good at doing that.”

“Maybe.” He’s still scanning the crowd.

“Do you want a drink?” Cole doesn’t answer, and Ellayria lets out a sigh. “Cole, seriously, it’s all ri—”

“Madame de Fer,” comes the rumble from her left, and Lord Reynald Terevin is holding out both hands to Vivienne. There’s air-kissing on both cheeks. “You’ve broken at least three hearts just walking in here. Do you still have that minstrel following you about?”

“Oh, Maker, that poor man!” Vivienne’s voice is rich like honey. “I’d nearly forgotten him. What was his name? Bertrand? Berwin?”

“Fourteen ballads, by my last count, and each one at least an hour long!” Lord Terevin straightens his back, just a little. “Ah. Inquisitor.”

Andaran atish’an,” says Ellayria sweetly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Yes, likewise.” The skin around his eyes is tight and the smile doesn’t quite make it up there. Nonetheless, Lord Terevin bows deeply. “Shall I escort you to the table?”

He hasn’t looked once to either side of her. Ellayria suspects it’s not just rudeness. Cole’s hand is still on her back, and it tenses for just a moment before Lord Terevin offers his arm. She smiles, and lays her hand on top of it, and resists the impulse to look back.

“How are your shoes?” Vivienne asks in an undertone, sipping at her wine glass.

“I kicked them off,” Ellayria confesses, wincing a little. Her feet are bare and her toes are wiggling under the table. “Don’t tell.”

The First Enchanter smothers a laugh. “Poor darling. Dalish don’t wear shoes, do they?”

“Depends on the clan.” There’s a whole peacock on the table with its head still on, staring directly at Ellayria. It’s unsettling. “Mine does, but I’m not going to wear them in Orlais—”

Over on her right, Josephine is laughing and talking rapid-fire with another Antivan. A woman has feathers in her hair as she leans over to gesture with her hands, and two men in domino masks are arguing.

Cole has barely touched his plate, and he’s fiddling with his fork instead of using it. His eyes are down on the tablecloth.

As Vivienne is pulled aside by her seatmate, something about the Chantry, Ellayria slips her hand under the table to knot her fingers with Cole’s. “Hey,” she says softly, ducking her head in to be close.

“Thirty-two times two is sixty-four,” says Cole. “There’s sixty-four knives in this room. And fourteen in the kitchen. Seventy-eight.”

It’s not even the words: it’s the monotone he says them in. Ellayria’s breath catches. “Cole, I’m a mage,” she says, as quietly as possible. “And Vivienne’s a mage. And there’s a lot of people here—”

“The mask doesn’t have eyes in the holes.” Cole’s voice doesn’t change inflection. “But I look for it and it disappears into the crowd. I can’t see it.”

“Which mask?”

“Let’s go into the courtyard,” he says, turning to her as his fingers tighten on hers. “Let’s go right now.”

A servant has been whispering into Lord Terevin’s ear, and he stands up to tap on a glass. “Excuse me, everyone…”

“Come on,” says Cole, urgently now, and he’s half out of his chair.

“There’s, ah—this is embarrassing.” Lord Terevin chuckles. “There’s been a bit of an incident in the kitchens, and I’m afraid we’ll need to move to the courtyard outside. Evidently my cook can, in fact, burn water.” As the people laugh, “Madame de Fer, if I could borrow your assistance…”

“Of course,” says Vivienne, perfectly calm, and only shoots the quickest look at Josephine as she gets to her feet. Josephine slides from her seat.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please…” Lord Terevin is ushering them out, people are bustling, and Ellayria is flanked by Josephine and Cole as they head for the doors. Wait, she thinks, craning her neck to see. Everyone is chattering and carrying glasses, skirts are rustling, the music has started up again and she’s still trying to get free of the crowd when she feels it.

Her knees buckle and she jerks forward, just a little, and when it disappears again she stays still.

“Ellayria?” Josephine is looking her over, her grip tightening.

“Seventy-seven,” says Ellayria evenly, putting her hand to her back. It comes away smudged with blood.

The antidote smells like a horse pissed on a skunk and then died. It doesn’t taste bad, though: sort of like unsweetened tea.

Ellayria has to drink it all, so she’s sipping and making faces at the cup while her advisors are gathered around the bed. Cullen is blaming himself, Leliana is planning five simultaneous murders, and Josephine—she has her hand in Josephine’s.

“We’re going through his papers and chests and talking to his servants,” Leliana reports. “So far they can’t find any evidence.”

“He’s hiding it,” Cassandra says, thin-lipped and white-faced.

“Or it was somebody else.” The ambassador looks drained, and Ellayria squeezes her hand. “There were jugglers and musicians there…” as Cassandra demands, “Do you have the guest list?” and Leliana answers with, “Yes, Cullen’s men are going through it.”

“It was quick,” says Ellayria, forcing down another gulp. “And it was a thin blade, it felt more like a prick. Not like a regular dagger or a kitchen knife.”

Leliana taps her papers against her mouth, thinking. “I think I’m going to write to an old friend of mine.”

“I’m going to see if I can rally the other Orlesian nobles,” Josephine adds, withdrawing her hand from Ellayria’s and standing up. “I’ll write letters now and get the word out, see how much support we can get.”

“I’m going to… be a little sick over here,” Ellayria says sheepishly, pointing to the bucket on the floor nearby. “Sorry.”

They clear out after that, still talking to each other, and she eases herself gingerly backwards against the pillow. Her back is thickly bandaged up and the potion she took earlier is kicking in: she feels dreamy and light-headed, without pain.

“You’re back,” she says to the shadow in the corner.

The shadow just watches her, its face white.

“Are you all right? Where’d you go?”

“I was chasing him.”

“Did you find him?”

“No.” Cole’s voice is thin. “He dropped his mask and I couldn’t think. You were hurting and I couldn’t make everything be quiet.”

Ellayria lets out her breath. “I’m all right. Everyone’s all right, we’re all safe. It’s okay. Thank you for—I mean—”

“I need to keep my daggers with me.”

She looks down at her hands for a moment, looking for words. “Right now?” she says finally.

Shaking his head no. Ellayria holds out her hand and Cole unfolds himself from his perch, coming to sit by her side on the edge of the bed.

Dar atish’an, ma vhenan,” she says, reaching up to kiss the corner of his mouth very lightly; her hand cups the back of his neck, short hair bristling underneath. Cole lets out a shuddery breath, barely audible, and leans into her.

Mutants in the MCU.

I totally just came up with a perfect way to eventually explain mutants in the MCU when the rights eventually come back home, without in the process cutting Wanda and Pietro out.  

So let’s consider mutation and genetics.  

Imagine if you will an interpretation of mutants where the mutant gene is recessive and not dominant.  Mutation is, in nature, random.  Often it stays with the individual but if the mutation is useful it continues on in the gene pool.  You have cases where the mutation is in action, like Magneto or Wolverine, who are the source point.  Their genes mutated in development.  If they have children with other mutants, the mutation is dominant and presents itself in their children.  If they have children with non-mutants, the gene does not manifest.

UNLESS, such as in the case of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff whose mother was not a mutant, their genetics are experimented on.  Science triggers the mutant gene as an external force.  So Wanda and Pietro are viewed by Hydra scientists are exceptional test subjects who responded positively to the experimentation, without their knowing that the gene was already there ready for it to be pushed. 

It’s not like in the comics (contrary to sort of popular belief in how we see the marvel universe) mutants are SUPER common.  It’s not like one in every 10 people is a mutant.  It’s more like one in every 100,000 anyway, at the very least.  Especially given the genetic aspect of it, mutation community forms in population bubbles.  Like New York.  New York is a mutant population bubble.  Not that they won’t show up and don’t show up everywhere, there is just less probability given population percentages.  


  • what i say:katara is my favorite character
  • what i think:katara is one of the most complex, multi-faced and important characters ever written and i honestly don't think i will ever connect and empathize with a character more for the rest of my life. the fact she is allowed to be the heart of team avatar, the most maternal, feminine force on the show, while simultaneously being unapologetically angry, unforgiving, vengeful and petty is so incredibly significant. the fact that a fourteen year old girl saved the world, time and time again - the fact that the world wouldn't BE saved without her. the fact this child, this barely-teen, raised herself and her brother, lived in a world where war and bloodshed and death was all she knew, never lost hope. never gave up. the fact that this character, this young female character, could've been reduced to the Strong Female Protagonist or The Chick or even simply the Hero's Girl. but she is instead allowed to be all, and more. she is a mother and a friend, a hero and a lover, a fighter and a soldier. honestly so important i will protect and fight for katara 2kforever.

Move A Mountain add-ons  →  #eternalmam
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( people responsible for this: lingeringfears, hoechlinteeth & sinyhale )

Derek has had the sun in his eyes for hours, lying sprawled out on his stomach in the center of the big bed, swaying right on the edge of awake and asleep. It’s the sound of light feet padding across the floor that finally drifts him back to the surface of consciousness, giving him a few seconds to remember what year it is before the mattress dips down by his ankles.

“Daddy,” comes a smooth voice, which manages to reach him despite the barrier of sleep. Derek likes to think it’d reach him through anything.

“Mmh,” is his response, forcing half an eye open.

He shifts with a heavy sigh, watching his son crawl up the bed towards him. Once he’s at eye-level with Derek, he simply flops down on his side, resting his little head on the big pillow. What little hair he’s got is in total disarray, standing out in all directions, and Derek lazily reaches out to smooth it out the best he can.

“Are you awake?”

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les amis physical things I have probably already mentionned about but can’t stop thinking about: 

  • Joly has a little twitch when he’s lying - even just innocent white lies
  • Prouvaire bites his tongue when he’s concentrating
  • Bahorel’s teeth are a little crooked and it makes his smiles almost pretadory but incredibly charming
  • Bossuet sleeps with his eyes open sometimes
  • Feuilly wraps his arms around himself a lot and smiles behind his hand all the time (but you can tell he’s smiling anyway because he has very expressive eyes)
  • Joly’s neutral expression makes him looks like he’s smiling nervously all the time
  • Enjolras’s resting face is intimidatingly serious but he has the softest laugh, like a warm fluffy blanket
  • Courfeyrac pulls so many faces when he’s thinking or debating something internally - almost as if he’s practicing an actual debate in his head. which he is, so
  • Grantaire is a pro at waggling his eyebrows even though they look like unkempt caterpillars - Joly laughs every time he sees him do it
  • Bossuet can wink super smoothly with both eyes - it also makes Joly laugh
  • There are many things that make Joly laugh - and he cries when he does, literally tears running down his face
  • Feuilly is a bit embarrassed about his hands ‘cause he bites his nails when he’s nervous or worried and they look pretty bad
  • Prouvaire has the cutest spaced-out face when he’s sleepy ahhh
  • Combeferre can bullshit in the most ridiculous ways for hours without ever losing his poker face, but he can’t make eye contact when he knows he did something wrong
My favorite BillDip fics

so anon ask me to make a list of my favorite Billdip fics, so here you go..

I’ve Made Mistakes In My Mind [this fanfic is so cute and sad idk i love this fanfic so much!]

Forgive Me [if you love gore and dark fanfic– you should read this one! Bill is such a dick in this fic. You will hate Bill and love him at the same time and this is smut btw]

Magnesium Flint [i haven’t really read this one, but my friend love this fanfic so much]

Payment in Blood [HA! another dark fanfic cuz im a trash]

The Nightscape Library [this is so cuteeeeeeee]

No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin [this is actually not healthy, but i cant stop loving this fic]

Dipper, Can You Hear Me? [im in love yes, Bill is so gentle in this fic]

Like Gasoline [two shots and damn. Just…..damn.]

What’s in a Name? [i love this one. Online dating thing is cute and Dipper is such a dork]

Can’t find my way home [i just got punched right in the feels, and the smutty thing..i just cant bear bottom!Bill(i prefer him as the top tho but why not)]

Consuming of The Mind [need fluff and angst at the same time?]

Til Death Do Us Part [i love kid!Bill hnghhh, still on going tho and im so curious for the next chapter]

Bow [friend o’ mine told me that i should read this one and damn she’s right]

KEEP CALM and USE THE WOK [short fic. they’re just so fluffly here and Mabel is the best sister ever]

The First Dance is Always Free [YES. just….YES]

For The Heatlh and Safety of Mabel Pines and For The Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines [these two are absolutely the best fanfiction ever! i love the relationship among the characters, and the plot is just hnghhhhh]

The New Employee [just the dorks fallin’ in love]

Lost Souls [my heart ached a bit when i read this, im still waiting for the next chapter tho]

Not Home [family feels is my weakness]

Shots in the Dark [oh yesss, i like how Bill and Gideon join together to win Dipper’s heart! they’re sassy as hell, Dipper just being a dork and adorable]

Of Journalists, Celebrities, and Fashion Designers [i like this AU next chapter pleaseee]

Mmm Watcha Say [reverse AU, just a short fanfic with cute Bill and attractive Dipper in it]

Look at the Stars [uggghhh i cried a bit, just a short fic still my favorite tho]

Dorito [i just got diabetes. Mabel, i love you for being the best sister ever]

A Tumble In The Bed [SMUT. so hot like…DAMN]

Repeat it…Now [the best drabble fics ive ever read! there is angst, fluff, smut hnghhhh i love this so much!]

sooo yeah, this is the list you asked anon! enjoy your reading ~ by the way if you open billdip fics req let me know eheheh


Right Hook

It hits me like a right hook to the face,
a wave of pain, confusion, and anger.
This… wasn’t supposed to happen. Couldn’t.
No god, lord, savior, fate, nor entity was this evil.
But yet - here I stand. Phone in hand.
A steady silence, thick as sludge, coming from it.
You were mine, and I was yours.
That’s how it was supposed to go, right?
But now, instead of you in my arms,
I have the cool chilling embrace of nothing.
She was everything, my love.
She was.

Left Hook

The man I loved left so long ago.
Packed his bags, nodded his head, and vanished.
In his place, was a husk of what he was.
Empty, cold, emotionless, and dead.
I tried so hard to hold onto the lie.
The lie that he was still there - somewhere.
Did I change him?
Break him inside?
Make him the desolate shell he is now?
I said goodbye to him today.
Dialed his number, said I loved him,
then packed my bags and left as well.
Now my husk remains too.
And for that…I’m sorry.

Right Jab

4 weeks
3 days
2 hours
and 7 minutes.
I’ve tried to drink the pain away,
tried so fucking hard to drown it.
It doesn’t matter though. No matter how drunk I get.
Your face is still there, haunting me.
I wonder if you still think of me,
just once or twice a day.
That’s all I ask.
Do you miss how we were?
Or are you glad for a new chapter?
Because I know how this story ends.
I always have.

Left Jab

I saw you on the news today.
“Car Crash - Man Dead”
I cant move.
I try to move my limbs but nothing happens.
You cant be gone. It’s not possible
But you are…
Drunk at the wheel, running away.
Did you hate me as you laid in the wreckage?
Curse my name and damn me to hell?
Or did you miss me?
As much as I miss you?
What happened to happy endings, my love?
Where did it go?


There are endings that make you smile.
Make you wish you, yourself, were in them.
This, I’m afraid, is not one of them.
When we got to the scene, it was over.
A young girl dead and alone, a bottle of pills by her side.
They tell me she had been down as of late.
Alone, quiet, not at all like she usually was.
Beautiful, attractive, young, and dead.
Four words that don’t belong together.
Yet here we are.
This is an ending that makes you look away.
Makes you feel dirty and unclean.
But that’s life…. like an uppercut to the jaw.