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*He was talking about GMOs and, holy shit is that blood?* [Calhoun]

Ruby had been having another coughing fit, the usual symptom to a bad cold for her. She really tried listening to Calhoun but her lungs were really starting to feel like they were collapsing. And when she started coughing up blood, the Coloradan gave a weak groan. “Aw man…. Not again….” 

we had a new girl at work today. a beautiful black girl with braids and a ruffled rainbow sundress. the first thing she asked me is if i was mean. i thought it was funny and kind of cute at first, but i reassured her that as far as i knew i wasn’t (and told her if she didn’t believe me, she could ask the other kids). 

i found out after she left that the last time she’d gone to our daycare, back when the other teacher worked there, she’d gone outside for recess before the teacher said it was time to go. the teacher ran outside waving her cell phone, screaming that she was going to call the police and that they’d arrest her when they saw she was black. 

that teacher was fired. i’m still shaken up by it. only 5 years old and receiving threats from evil old white women. only 5 years old. it leaves a horrible taste in my throat. like cough syrup and blood. when she asked if i was mean, she didn’t just mean strict. because a mean teacher means something entirely different to a black girl living in a society that protects racists and defends prejudice.

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🔪 (Gray)

Shock, even after all these years and experiences similar to this one, was his first emotion, as he looked up at the dark haired, dark-eyed being who had just driven a blade into his chest. 

“Ice-make… mage…” he coughed, feeling blood rising in the back of his throat. It wouldn’t kill him, seeing as he couldn’t die, but the pain was exquisite, and there was blood staining his clothes around the wound. “G…ray Full…buster…” he choked out around the crimson liquid filling his mouth, a thin stream of it slipping down his chin, 


He was curious, even now.

DeanCas Coda to 10x22: The Prisoner

After Dean’s footsteps have long since faded away, Castiel manages to turn his head. Every muscle in his body aches and smarts with sharp, shooting pain, but that pales in comparison to the state of his heart.

I’m the one who will have to watch you murder the world.

Pulverized so wholly it’s nothing more than powder, Castiel’s heart sifts through his ribs and rests in the pit of his gut. It filters up his windpipe until he’s all but choking with it, coughing blood onto the wooden floor and eyeing the pile of books to his left. He is an empty vessel. He is nothing.

Next time, I won’t miss.


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Captain prison break

As requested by anon. :)

[Previously: Espada prison break]

The captains have been arrested! What were they arrested for, and how will they escape from prison?

1. Ukitake (Arrested for assisting Kaien’s suicide)

Escapes by: Faking an illness.

Luckily, Ukitake can cough blood on command, which means that he is taken to a hospital, which has lower security. This allows Ukitake to make his escape.

2. Kyoraku (Arrested for murdering a man, a kid, and a bunch of wolves)

Escapes by: Knocking out the prison electricity.

He then escapes in the darkness.

3. Kenpachi
 (Arrested for assault)

Escapes by: Breaking through the wall.

He just sorta walks right through the prison wall. He was actually trying to get the dining hall, but he was super lost. 

4. Aizen (Arrested for treason)

Escapes by: Making a deal.

As it turns out, Aizen has such valuable information that he is able to leverage his knowledge for an early release. He has to wear an ankle monitor, though.

5. Hitsugaya
 (Arrested for breaking and entering)

Escapes by: Not going to prison in the first place.

Despite his loud protests to the contrary, Hitsugaya is not tried as an adult, and the jury actually finds it kinda cute that he thought he was a detective. He’s given community service.

6. Byakuya (Arrested for tax evasion)

Escapes by: Hiring really good lawyers.

As it turns out, Byakuya is just too rich - and his crime too white collar - for him to go to prison.

7. Shinji (Arrested for stalking Ichigo)

Escapes by: Having help on the outside.

Urahara helps him escape. Now Shinji owes him for life.

8. Soi Fon
 (Arrested for stalking Urahara)

Escapes by: Hiding in the laundry.

She’s pretty sure she invented that technique.

9. Rose (Arrested for a noise complaint. It was a, um, bad one)

Escapes by: Using a guitar pick to dig his way to freedom.

It takes a very long time.

10. Kurotsuchi (Arrested for poison and assault and forced imprisonment and torture and illegal experiments and unlawful surveillance and )

Escapes by: Drugging the guards.

He uses a different drug for each guard, in fact, because he wants to see which one will work the best.

11. Kensei (Arrested for punching a guy)

Escapes by: Getting assigned to the prison kitchen.

He then smuggles himself out by hiding under a whole bunch of potato peels.

12. Unohana (Arrested for serial murder)

Escapes by: Murdering everyone in the prison.

They maybe should have seen that one coming

13. Gin (Arrested for treason)

Escapes by: Nobody knows.

He just keeps leaving the prison….and then coming back. He’s been interrogated like nineteen times, but he just won’t say where he’s always going.

14. Tosen (Arrested for treason)

Escapes by: Becoming a spokesman for prison reform.

He writes a book and then becomes a media sensation.  He wants to change the system from the inside out. Instead, he’s released and then everybody forgets about him.

15. Yamamoto (Arrested for illegally creating zombies)

Escapes by: Pretending to be old and decrepit.

Then, when Sasakibe smuggles in a sword disguised as a cane, Yamamoto suddenly rips off his shirt, reveals his abs, and makes his escape.

16. Komamura
 (Arrested for being outside without a leash)

Escapes by: Having opposable thumbs.

It’s pretty easy to escape a dog kennel, actually.

17. Yoruichi (Arrested for public nudity)

Escapes by: Having the ability to transform into a cat.

Everybody is all, “How did a cat get into this prison?? We’d better let it go!”

18. Urahara (Arrested for smuggling and selling stolen goods)

Escapes by: Being friends with Yoruichi.

When she escapes, she brings him along for the ride.

when i say that i miss you, i mean that i can barely put on foot in front of the other because my heart and head and soul are heavy and nothing feels right and i am simply a ghost wrapped in a body that feels both too tight and too loose and what i really want to do is lay down and scream until i am coughing up blood like you were as you lay dying

when i say that i am angry, i mean that i never really understood other humans but you did and you were always too good, too kind and you were beloved by all who only tolerated me and yet you are the one lying in your grave far too young and i am still here fighting until i can finally lie down beside you but until then i will be furious and i will never feel warmth again

when i say that i feel lost, i mean that home always used to be in your hands but now those hands are cold and dead and where am i supposed to rest my head now that you are gone because i am looking at the stars and i am asking why but no one is answering me and i am alone in this and oh god why did they take you from me

when i say that i want to die, i mean that i refuse to spend and more of my life crying and holding my ribs so that i don’t fall apart because there is a space shaped like you beside me in our bed but it is empty and who else is going to hold me and know me like you did and i will never be able to breathe right again if i spend all my life trying to hold myself together

when i say that i am tired, i mean that if i lay down and closed my eyes i sometimes fear that they will never open again before i quickly remember that there is nothing left to open my eyes to and maybe it really would just be better and easier just to sleep forever because at least when i am sleeping i can hold you and breathe you in and while it may only be a dream i don’t mind because i would rather have you than live another second without you

when i say that i am grieving, i mean that part of me was buried with you

—  falling in love means sharing your soul | j.m

My first foray into Alchemy, creating a potion/elixir called a spagyric. I’ll delve into my reasons another time for why I’m experimenting with Alchemy. I’ll also detail the process I used and how it came out once I’m done; the above pictures are just for the first part of the process, which will take two weeks of gestation before I can move on to the second part. 

This spagyric preparation is made from fresh basil using Everclear grain alcohol. It’s already looking very cool!

Basil as an herbal remedy is purported to be good for a wide variety of digestive problems, blood circulation, coughs/lung infections, immune function, cramps, inflammation, nausea, and stress. 

I’ll be experimenting on myself, so I’ll let you all know how that goes as well! :P

How Things Have Changed

Cosima coughs up blood in 1x10: “OMG. NOOOOO. Don’t you dare kill her!”

Cosima has a seizure in 2x8: “DO. NOT. KILL. HER.”

Cosima bleeds in 3x7: “I am supposed to feel bad for her? She brought this on herself. Good luck with all the holistic shit.”

BTW remind me to never start bleeding out around Shay. Apparently holistic treatment for that is to just wrap a towel around my shoulders.

Samara jerked awake in hospital, though she was barely conscious even when she was. She folded over the side of the bed and coughed up more blood, her forehead drenched with sweat.

It's time for a champion

Song: Sunshine - Matisyahu

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Request: Can you write a Pietro imagine where you’re the twins’ best friend at S.H.I.E.L.D, and you have a huge crush on Pietro, but then all of a sudden, you get violently sick (coughing up blood, seizures, etc.) and it turns out to be a deadly disease that is usually fatal? Then Pietro breaks down and cries when he realizes you might not survive? But you end up recovering and you confess you heard him and blah blah emotions love and fluff? Thanks! 

Warnings: Mentions of death

She lays in the bottom bunk, with her arm stretched over her face, coughing harder than anyone probably should. Nobody knew exactly what happened to her; she just suddenly got sick. So sick. Tony said that she would be fine, at least, that was what he told Pietro, just wanting him to calm down. But, as anyone could predict, that did not calm him down; only for about five minutes.

When she started to cough up blood and have seizures regularly, that’s where he lost it. She was everything to him, even if she didn’t realize it. Wanda could tell how much he loved her without snooping through his thoughts. She was oblivious to say the least. He would hint that he loved her all the time and it flew past her head like Clint’s arrow.

Except, he was just oblivious as she was. Before the sickness washed over her, a flood of love came. She honestly had no idea what was going to happen; he was her best friend, as well as Wanda! There was absolutely no way that he would love her back!

He did. He does, actually. Nobody had a clue if she would make it and they were worried. Really worried. Bruce had said the disease she had come down with was deadly; everyone that had it was dead in about a month, well, everyone that was documented. Pietro could not lose her though. He had already lost his parents; Wanda and Y/N were the most important people in his life! Losing one was not an option.

Three weeks had already gone by and people were starting to give up. Steve gave his famous line when someone in S.H.I.E.L.D. dies. “She was a good soldier.” But, she wasn’t dead. Sure, her eyes were always closed; that doesn’t make her dead, right? Deny it; that’s what he told himself.

Pietro would sit himself in a cold metal chair next to her bed every night, talking about his day, how much they miss her; how much he missed her, even though the sound of his voice was just bouncing off the walls. She couldn’t hear him. She was ‘dead’.

The constant voices telling him ‘to let her go’ sprinted through his mind as fast as he ran. One night, when he was talking to her, he completely broke down. Who was he kidding? She would never survive; look at all the facts, Pietro! he thought.

Tears streamed down his face like tiny clear waterfalls and pounded against the tile floor in a puddle. He couldn’t take it anymore. The love of his life was dying and he couldn’t do anything but watch. It was torture. “Please Y/N, come back to me, my sunshine. I need to tell you how much I love you.” he sobbed into his hands, “Please…”

A cough came out of her swelled throat as well as a gasp for air a minute later. His puffy red eyes shoot open and stare at her. “Can I have water?” she whispers with a scratchy voice. He grabs a glass from the kitchen in a couple seconds and tilts it to her mouth carefully. She swallows and grins, “I love you, too.”

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“No, no, no, don’t die on me!” -coulddothisallday


Lorraine coughed up some blood, choking on it a bit. “I-I’m so-sorry, Ste-eve. I did the best I c-could.” She smiled up at him. “I guess I wasn’t me-eant to do this k-kinda st-uff.”


People seemed shocked most the time when they learn that I own a gun. How could someone as laid back and easy going as me keep a GUN loaded and ready in my home. I had a professor ask why I wanted to kill someone. I don’t.

The primary reason I am interested in firearms is simple. All my life I have been exposed to the horror of life. Sound too dramatic? My father has been in the Army since before I was born. He was actually at selection for 5th Group special forces when I was born. Didn’t see me for months. I was born way too early. I was in an incubator for at least a month. I had holes in my lungs. I still do. Every now and then I can’t breath. I cough up a little blood and fluid. It hurts. I cry when it happens because it hurts so bad and because I am competently helpless. My mother was abused and beaten by her first husband. She was cheated on and raped by my father. Both of them were too stern in my opinion, slapping me if i dared to disobey. 9/11 happened when I was five. My dad ran into the house, grabbed his go bag and his rifle and left. He was in Saudi Arabia for nine months. I knew he could die. I knew he might never play Legos with me again. I knew he killed people. I heard the war stories. I’ve met men who’ve lost arms and had their faces scared forever. I’ve attended funerals of men who gave everything. I’ve known too many amazing women who were raped and beaten. Someone of them changed forever. I’ve had knives pulled on me. I’ve been bullied at school. I’ve been threatened. I’ve been stalked and followed. And I refuse to be a victim. I refuse for anyone I love to be a victim. My life and the life of those close to me are worth more than any scum who would do us harm. I would kill for anyone, I don’t care who, that was in danger. I keep a shotgun loaded and just inside my door. My younger brother knows how to use it. My girlfriend knows who to use it. I will carry a handgun everywhere I can because I value life. I don’t want to hurt someone. I hope I never have to put my sights on someone.

Second reason? Guns are cool as shit. That sounds like I’m insane, but hear me out. The mechanics and physics behind guns are just fascinating. Someone sat down and figured out how to make the gun work in that certain way to complete a certain task. That’s awesome to me. To know the physical design of a gun and the psychological purpose is fascinating. The sheer power that is harnessed by firearms is awe inspiring. The history behind these designs and certain individual guns is cool to me as well. It’s not just ‘Oh cool I can blow up a watermelon’, it’s ‘Holy shit, I am holding and using something that can destroy pretty much anything, but won’t unless I let it’.

I want to thank all the pro-gun people on Tumblr. coffeeandspentbrass, cerebralzero, bolt-carrier-assembly, ivegot1911reasons; You guys are awesome. I’m glad that I can get on my computer and be a total gun nerd. I want to thank you guys specifically. Tumblr will continue to be a place where all rights are protected, where 9mm and .45 ACP can laugh at .40 S&W, and where Eugene and Mikhail can argue over share a beer. Have a great a day and a great life.

~ THNEED TIMES ~ issue 22

This is an underground paper providing news for what’s left of our fandom.

What’s the Dish, Hummingfish?
~Camp Weehawken is officially starting! Are you ready!? Take a look at the cabin listing and follow your favorite askblogs’ camp selves!

~It is a week of Once-ler misery as Swone takes to drinking (see you space clown) and Sketch takes to coughing out blood. Who’s next?

~The Lorax has ascended to meme status. Seuss save us all.

Paparazzi Pizza
~Miru, Rachel, and Chriss recently completed a three-way collab featuring their askblog characters in Truffula Flu. Seems like an awesome art project to do with your friends, if you ask us. Other fun artistic activities from this week include Penny and Hime’s space AU Ted collab, and Cief and Lye’s art trade.

~We’ve all seen Once-ler body pillows, but did you know an O’Hare body pillow exists? The lucky owner of this one is none other than our resident O’Hare fangirl, Nemu.

This Booty Ass Town
~Continuing on our celebratory announcements from last issue, happy birthday to Tree, and a congrats to Charlie for his 2 year blog anniversary! Please take care of your mermaid girlfriend, and consider smoking outdoors, or else it might be the doghouse for you again. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a signed Taylor Swift poster next year too. 

Street of the Lifted Once-lings
~It was baby’s first shipping war on May 13th, 2012, between the fandom’s two biggest ships at the time: Oncest and Normaler. Originating with a Norma fanart drawn by a Oncest shipper, Normaler shippers became defensive and harsh words were slung around (“horny 14 year olds”, anyone?), catching the eyes of the fandom. Thankfully, it didn’t last very long, and in the end we came out better, wiser, and stronger. About movie ships, at least.

~Check out the Lorax Rave Party video! Posted on May 13th, 2012, this was a compilation of all the rave gifs that people in the fandom made to contribute to the original Lorax Rave Party post.

15 Cents
~Thanks to those of you who help us out by sending us kind reminders when we miss important events! We read every message, even though we don’t reply to them all.

Our Way (Dean x Reader)


  • Spoilers for anyone not at the end of s5! Do you think you could write a one shot about how Zachariah is making Sam, Adam and y/n coughing up blood he mentions to dean (who you’re dating) that you failed to mention you’re pregnant and that it’s a boy/girl then just finish out the story from there? I love your writing by the way! You’re an awesome writer. — anon
  • Could you do a Dean x reader series where the reader is pregnant — alexstarnes170

Word Count: 2,023

Author’s Note: I kind of got rid of Adam since he was pretty much used as bait and, though I hated doing it, I just made the reader bait instead. I listened to Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande’s cover of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ by Crowded House while writing and I highly recommend listening to it while reading also!

I might write an epilogue that has more to do with the whole pregnancy thing but I haven’t decided yet. I hope you like it!

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