Nirvana - ‘Something In The Way’ (cover)

A tribute to one of my favourite songs by one of my all time favourite bands. All footage/animation is my own.

I’ve had this on the back-burner for a pretty long time now, slowly chipped away at making the video when I had time.

In terms of the music, I wanted it to have a very lo-fi, chunky and sort of “unrefined” feel that the original had when it was recorded. Nothing was completely in tune and things were out of time, but it is simply one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard because of that fact.


Everything in this video is by me, however I didn’t write the song. All rights go to Nirvana, and this video is for entertainment purposes only.

Hope you all enjoy! Leave a comment :)

the mario kart 8 video consists of:

-innuendos that will make you choke

-dan’s beautiful shirt

-i’m right up your butt (philtops2k15)

-unfortunately no pro tips

-too much triv that you can never handle

-dan’s face of ‘i won’

-more all or nothing fun

-phil looking touched by dan’s speech, ‘if it makes me look like the better sportsman… by constantly sacrificing, you know, my safety for you… then sure.’

-dan’s swearing and phil’s sweet victory

-something about a couch breaking cough cough don’t break it *again* cough cough



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