We showed, talked and reblogged a lot this week about ODD FUTURE. What a nice way to end the week with a video recap.

Videography by moodmacher for Highsnobiety, Interview by Larissa Sirah



The idea to use her own cover art as a Parody replacing the title ‘Fancy’ with ‘IGGY DISS’. The track uses a sample of Tom Ford by Jay-Z “Numbers Don’t Like check the Scoreboard. Numbers do lie and can be manipulated to create a press frenzy to influence public perceptions of reality thats why they placed #DontLie to cover her eyes.
Its a satire of ‘Iggy…

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Miska's out for a Whoop Ass

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Miska’s out for a Whoop Ass

Mishka dropped a small collection called the “Whoop-ass”collection. The collection consist of  a longsleeve and tee, the Miska 3:16 and Brahma adder.
Check them out below and go here to copp.

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Today R3dn3ck Clothing dropped their much-anticipated new line which features some excellent pieces of clothing!! Alan has been re-worked twice and now features a background of cannabis leaves on one tee and makes the switch to full colour on another. There’s also plenty more colour splashed around on both the ‘Brains’ tee and again on the ‘Ese’ tee, with the broken hand x-ray making a welcome return on the ‘X-Ray’ tee! This is an all round solid collection.

10.Deep Glitches for the second time

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10.Deep Glitches for the second time


‘s last major installment of Spring 2015’s “American Glitch” collection dropped.  The new delivery shifts from the vintage-inspired themes of the

first delivery

to a modernist take on ‘everyman’ style that includes “digitized” multi-camouflage, an update on the traditional Dashiki and a color palette dominated by muted tones that are punctuated by contrasting bright gradients and patterns.

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product now available at the webshop. 10.DEEP CLOTHING INC. Better Since ’95



Theophilus London, LVRS & Stussy Capsule Launch Recap

Celebrating the debut of the Theophilus London x LVRS x Stussy capsule collection, Stussy held a special launch event at its Los Angeles chapter. With Dante Fried Chicken, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Boxed Water providing food and beverages, the event has hosted by Theophilus London himself with appearances from the likes of DJ Carnage and other special guests. The collaborative collection, which includes long- and short-sleeve tees alongside a tank top and snapback, is due to be available from Stussy online beginning Monday, August 27, at 12 p.m. PDT.

Photography: Brandon Shigeta/Hypebeast


Obey Pop Up Store Amsterdam

The temporary store will be open for 2 months and stock a wide selection of Obey products, ranging from apparel to headwear, luggage to accessories, as well as Pop Up store-exclusives.

Ben G / Obey Pop Up Store
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 142
1012 SH Amsterdam
The Netherlands



Johnny Cupcakes has some brand new designs up for sale right now in their online Bakery and tomorrow in their brick-&-mortar Bakeries. This week they’ve got something for everyone, from the political activist to the undercover superhero! They also have a brand new mini Johnny Cupcakes book, which details the history of JC from its humble beginings to the internationally recognized brand it is today! Be sure to grab these before they’re gone forever!



In a new collaborative effort, New York designer Mark McNairy has teamed up with Marvel Comics on a capsule fashion collection. The collection consists of mesh caps, t-shirts, oxford shirts and coach jackets, each coming in several colorways. Inspired by some of the most iconic characters, McNairy presents Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man themed apparel pieces.

Compared to most other Marvel Comics apparel collaborations, this one is rather subtle and is definitely more for the grown-up fan.

The Mark McNairy x Marvel Comics Capsule Collection is now in stock at Heather Grey Wall.

Marc Jacobs & Kidult

The other day High Snobiety reported about French graffiti artist tagging ‘ART’ all over the designer’s SOHO outpost and this week, they present the ‘Art by Art Jacobs’ t-shirt together. It certainly looks a lot like Marc Jacobs, the brand, and Kidult have been working together in this marketing stunt.

The t-shirt costs 689 USD and 680 USD, signed by the artist and is available in one size, only at the Marc Jacobs store on Mercer Street in New York.


Human Made “Cold Coffe"Installation at Dover Street

Bape’s Nigo’s Human Made has arrived at Dover Street Market London. The goods are displayed in an installation designed to represent the Cold Coffee store in Japan with custom crates by Brush Plains and a hand painted canvas by Peter Cline. DSM is the only stockist outside of Cold Coffee Japan to stock the Human Made.The exhibit will be in store until the end of the month.

This would be an awesome way to stock your tees in your room. For freaks only

Johnny Cupcake goes on a cinematic adventure

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Johnny Cupcake goes on a cinematic adventure

There’s nothing quite like being taken on a cinematic adventure. The sound and smell of popping popcorn, the sugar-coated sticky floors, and the idea of forgetting about everything that usually occupies your mind. Yeah, that last part is the kicker. Now, more than ever, we all need to take a step back and get lost in a movie.

Johnny Cupcakes tipped their hat to some classic moments in cinematic history. Below you find their parodies that need no explanation.

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Mishka's 2015 is Nirvana

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Mishka’s 2015 is Nirvana

Mishka dropped a small collection called “Nirvana”. The collection is allover printed in multicolor and comes in a baseball, hockey and football jerseys. Embellished with godly figures and symbolism fused with America’s favorite sports silhouettes.
Check them out below and copp some at Mishka’s online shop.

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HUF got together with Ashbury eyewear on a collection of summer goods. The collaboration consists of tortoise Clubmaster-style sunglasses, an olive green corduroy snapback, and a black/camo pocket tee. The Ashbury triangle A and HUF circle H logos fit together quite nicely. Now available at the HUF online store and through Ashbury Eyewear.

Daniel Johnston for Supreme

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Daniel Johnston for Supreme

Supreme continues their long tradition of art-collaborations with a new collection featuring original art by cult-followed Daniel Johnston. Get yourself a Harrington Jacket, work shirt, longsleeve baseball top, a hooded sweatshirt, a crewneck, a 5-Panel Hat or one of four graphic T-Shirts. Check out online here

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