Suggested Nicknames:

  • Jester (i.e. Joker, referring to its prankster ability)
  • Skyler
  • Haru (Japanese for Spring)
  • Hada (its Spanish for Fairy)
  • Puff
  • Fluffel or Fluffey (the ‘E’ was intentional, I can spell! >: 3
  • Kotton
  • Keiryo (pronunciation “Keh-re-oh”, it means light weight)
  • Yasui (Japanese for ‘Cheap’, its just that annoying x-(
  • Ollen (inspired by ‘Pollen’, like allergies, it’s annoying)
  • Spring (Read fact no 3. Spring rules during April too)
  • Offspring
    (this nickname works for ‘seasonal’ reasons, but originally refers to its mischevious/ child-like nature, read fact no 1)

Whimsicott Facts:

  1. They appear along with whirlwinds. They pull pranks, such as moving furniture and leaving balls of cotton in homes.
  2. Riding whirlwinds, they appear. These Pokémon sneak through gaps into houses and cause all sorts of mischief.
  3. Whimsicott represents April in the Unova horoscope.
  4. Whimsicott is the fastest Fairy-type Pokémon, with a base Speed stat of 116.
  5. Whimsicott and Cottonee are the only Pokémon with a double weakness to the Poison type and are two of the only four Pokémon to have ever had one, alongside Paras and Parasect, which had one only in Generation I, because Bug was weak to Poison at that time.


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