Beauty Tips: Benefits of Rosewater

Just recently I hit up the Vitamin Shoppe for some products for my hair and skin. I have made a vow to myself to be more intentional with taking care of my skin and hair, and after research decided to make a non expensive AND beneficial purchase of Rosewater Spray. I encourage anyone who is looking to take better care of their hair and skin to invest.

1. Rosewater is a less harsher skin toner. After cleaning, and exfoliating your body, including your face, spray body and face with the product. Toner is good with balancing your complexion, and cleaning your pores. I especially encourage the use of this product after exfoliating with body and facial scrubs. 

2. Rosewater is good for encouraging hair growth by improving blood circulation and lowers the chances of annoying breakage. 

3. Dark Circles? Well, spray some rosewater on a cotton ball after cleaning face, and over time watch the skin under your eyes brighten and become even with the rest of your face complexion. 

4. Rosewater is a more natural spray for setting makeup. 

5. If you are prone to stress like myself you might like the fact that rosewater is really good aromatherapy! 

Again, I made my purchase at the Vitamin Shoppe, but you can make cheaper purchases on sites like Amazon, Target, Wal-mart! Thanks for reading and be sure to reblog, and try it out for yourself! 


The Cotton Wool Ball Challenge!

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You’re a bastard, anon. 


Steve shifts in the suit. 

"Maybe it’s time for a wardrobe change," says Annie Leibovitz. "Captain, how are you feeling?" 

"Stuffy?" Steve tries. There’s a rush of nervous tittering on the set. 

Annie Leibovitz lowers her camera. She squints across at Steve. “You look stuffy,” she says critically. “How old are you, Steve?” 


"You look about 75 right now. How old are you really?" 

"I’m 27, ma’am." 

"Annie. Or Ms. Leibovitz. None of that ma’am bullshit." 

Steve tugs on his tie. “27, Ms. Leibovitz.” 

She gestures broadly around herself. She reminds Steve of his life drawing instructor, with her hair cotton-balling around her face. Buck got buck-naked once for that class to make an extra dime. Steve liked that class. Ms. Leibovitz says, “So, what do you like around here? What do you want to wear?” 

There’s a guy, an intern maybe, with about thirty piercings in his face. Steve points. “I like your shirt. We didn’t used to have those. It’s kinda funny.”

"But I am small," the guy squeaks. Ten heads whip around to look at him. He clears his throat. "Uh, I mean, won’t it be too small on you?" 

Ms. Leibovitz has a very discerning look on her face. She waves a distracted arm behind her. “Take your shirt off,” she says to the intern, and then: “You’re from around here, aren’t you, Steve?” 

"Sure thing," he says, and starts disrobing too. Might as well. Someone coughs abruptly. "Brooklyn born and raised. Sorry ‘bout the heat, it’s always three hundred fuckin’ degrees here." 

Ms. Leibovitz tosses the I <3 NY shirt at him. He catches it and pulls it over his head. “I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful working relationship,” she tells him.

Steve grins at her and stuffs his hands in his pockets. “So how do you want me?” 


…So Captain America’s Rolling Stone photoshoot isn’t what we expected. 

(Buzzfeed. New York, New York, 2012. Web.)

I love this new take on the Apothecary jars. I thought about making them for my little girl’s playroom, but thought the awesomness of them would be lost on her. (She is pretty fracking smart, but she’s still only three, so I have to be realistic when I think about whether or not she’ll appreciate the finer things in life. And yes, I did just call DIY apothecary jars finer things. When you get your own blog you can make up the rules. For now, you’re in MY house.) Teal and Lime has given me a new reason to DIY. Because I needed one. Because I’m not already obsessed enough.