The chalice is one of the most intimate tools used in Wiccan and Neopaganism practice. The symbolic meanings of the chalice include the Goddess, the womb, water, hope and promise.

Choosing a Chalice
As with choosing all magic supplies, it is important to use intuition when selecting a chalice. It may take some time to find a chalice to which one feels drawn, but it is important to feel a real connection with Magickal tools that are used for spell casting.

Wiccan stores, offer a wide range of beautiful chalices, from the elaborate to the very simple. It is also quite acceptable to adapt an ordinary goblet for use as a ritual chalice. Colored glass paints may be used on a suitable vessel, or a metal cup can be personalized with a suitable engraving for use as a Wiccan chalice.

The Chalice in Casting Magic Spells
The best known ritual involving the Wiccan chalice is to dip the tip of the ritual dagger, or athame, into liquid held in the chalice. The symbolism is evident, and very moving, representing the union of the God and Goddess, infusing the liquid with potent fertility and promise.

Celebrations at each of the Celtic Festivals may be marked by sharing appropriate drinks from the chalice. Fresh milk at Imbolc, red wine at Samhain, cider at Beltane, and beer at Lughnasadh or Lammas.

Myths and Traditional Surrounding the Chalice
Of all the tools, the chalice is the symbol most shared with other traditions, notably Christianity. One of the central, and most powerful, rituals of many Christian Churches, the Eucharist or Communion, involves sharing wine and bread among the church community, following the example of the Christ as the last supper.

The Grail of Arthurian Legends is a mysterious and enchanting example of a chalice in myth. The origins of the myth, and the associated genuine historical facts, remain hotly debated. However, many commentators believe that the medieval Christian associations draw heavily on pre-existing Celtic myth and folklore.

Certainly the symbol of the grail as the original cup that Christ shared at the last supper, and which Joseph of Arimathea used to catch the blood of Christ on the cross, are just as evocative as the image of the chalice as the fertile and generous Goddess.

Day 54 of 365 by markleeming_2000
Day 54 of 365. This is another photo from Beamish, this time of teh path to one of the pit workers cottages. The cottages were small and crowded and were fronted by a small area of land where vegetables would be grown. The structure in the midground is a greenhouse. These were cobbled together from whatever was at hand, which gave them a distinctive look. I liked the path leading to the busy shed and yet again B&W seemed best for this vintage theme.


Eagle Log Cabins
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Eagle Log Cabins seems to have more cabin designs than you can shake a stick at. The company, which has been in the cabin manufacturing business for 75 year, builds and sells their various cabin designs in both Europe and the U.S. and will deliver and install their buildings anywhere in North America.

The company sells larger residential cabins, but their smaller collections including the Cabana, Alpine, Sequoia, Clockhouse and the beautiful Peace Pod are making waves. The company even have their tiny Trailer Cabin on wheels that made its debut at the Portland Home and Garden Show. Eagle Log Cabins sells cabins from nine to over 20 feet wide in various configurations including backyard offices, personal sanctuaries and custom designs.

The owners of the company, Vivian and Thomas, began Eagle Log Cabins, LLC after Vivian’s treasured art and academic cabin was crushed by a 60 foot tall pine tree. The company follows FSC sustainability practices and includes double glazed windows and doors, interlocking pieces and double strength roof battens in their designs.