Majestic Bus to Tiny Home Conversion

It’s always fun to see creative ways to build tiny homes since they really do come in all shapes and sizes.

In this post I get to show you the Majestic Bus to Tiny Cabin conversion in the countryside.

This little bus home is able to accommodate four people comfortably and when you go inside I think you’ll be pleased as to what you’ll find.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photo tour, story, and video tour/interview on the bus down below. Please enjoy and re-share if you’d like to.

Ye Old Pushpin Herb Drying Rack. Just clipped some fresh things today.

Top: Green Sage, Thistle

Bottom: Dried Spearmint, Fresh Spearmint

Also found a random shoot of lime basil, and that’s on the cardboard tray with the other potted herbs. I think the potted plants are starting to wind down. I may clip them off before I move and start over fresh in the new place. I know the big ones out in the garden will have to be clipped off before I go, since no one else is going to want them.

The pots though, those are coming with me, and so is the borage plant. I know some hungry bees would who just LOVE to have a bite of that near their hives.