one of the bands that’s playing the TreeFort Festival here in town happened to be staying at the place I work at… and I happened to mention I’ve taken photos at TreeFort before… so today I may happen to be getting sneaked into a venue with said band to take photos for them…

Edit: “Cotillon” seems to be the band name. They were all super nice. They’re playing the El Korah at 7pm. Come say hi as I hide from security.

Cotillon - Cotillon (Burger Records)

Cotillon – Cotillon (Burger Records)

Jordan Corso loves his bedroom pop project Cotillon. It began as a means to self-satisfy a need surrounded by the Los Angeles skyline. But show after show after show, the popularity for his music only self-released on his Bandcamp page, turned into a serious relationship writing about failed relationships.



Corso took a break to record this self-titled release,…

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LA’s Cotillon has shared brand new single “Before,” off their debut self-titled album due out on January 26th via Burger Records.

Cotillon originally started as a bedroom recording project of singer/songwriter Jordan Corso, intended to illustrate the difficulty of maintaining relationships in LA in the spirit of the french new wave. The project took band form in 2013, with the group playing fifty-plus shows in support of a steady stream of songs and EPs that were self-released via Bandcamp. Corso then took a brief hiatus from performing to write and record the upcoming LP with producer Chet “JR” White (formerly of San Francisco band GIRLS).

Stream the new single via Soundcloud above, and stay tuned for more news on Cotillon with hopefully an LA show announcement in the near future.