Cosy Winter Jumper

What is your greatest wish in winter? 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Austria and snowboarding or skiing on the slopes of the Alps? You may want to go to Lapland and finally meet Santa? Or, perhaps, you would like to gather all your family and friends by the fireplace, cook a delicious dinner and spend a pleasant relaxed evening with your loved ones?

Wherever you go, think about your health and grab a warm sweater! Santa will appreciate! :)

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marius letting cosette borrow his jumper and it makes him so happy and enamoured to see her all cosy in his jumper and he’s like ‘you can just keep it, i like it better on you anyway’ and she’s all giggles and it’s cute 

and then he’s walking home and remembers he has like three items of clothing and he’s just given one away and he gets really really annoyed with himself sometimes