I will see you tomorrow, #Guangzhou.

Airbrushing the cap costume turned out an awesome new experience, but it took away the little time I have. Today’s mood: Panic.

OriSor team was invited to be a guest of WizardWorld con in China this weekend: as some of you might know already, but what was big news for me was the fact I will get to me Mr. Fab king himself, Lee Pace and one of my greatest cosplay inspirations, the amazing @gesha_petrovich.

As for the promised gifts, these preparations fot the best of me, and I hope you value quality over deadlines, so you won’t mind waiting for your #OriSor anniversary goods a couple of days more.

Now to pack… And scream.


Since most social networks aren’t working in China, make sure you follow our updates on (at AVATAR.designs)

Dragon Party Chat: YAY FISHLEGS!

We now have a Fishlegs joining the hosts! That means we have all the Dragon Riders, except for one! 

All we need now is a TUFFNUT! 


-You can literally have half the costume done, as long as it semi-portrays Tuffnut from shoulders up (web-cam ready) by June 27th. Closet cosplay is welcome

If you already have a costume, then AWESOME

-Needs to be in character

-Must Mic and Cam for the dragons chat

-You can enter the chat at any time during the duration of the party

We are willing to help you buy and purchase parts for the costume if you need it.


please message me lol 

Chat info Here

Bird Wings

Unleash your little tike’s imagination by using the bird wings to transform them into a magical creature. Apart from their vibrant colors and whimsical designs, the winds feature comfortable shoulder straps and finger loops designed to help your kid spread their wings.


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