Clark Kent’s plaid shirt is up for auction on eBay!  (Auction ends Feb 6, 2015)

This is one of my favorite Clark shirts.  He wore it in every season for like the first 5 or 6 years of the show and it got tighter and tighter on him every season.

I really want to buy this shirt, but it’s already up to $100 and there’s a week left on the auction.  I don’t think I can afford it.  I would be very happy if one of my followers bought it.  As long as I knew it was going to a good home where someone would love it.

inspired by goetic ritual

fig. 1 - florian [me] as Astaroth - goat mask, stage blood, shredded cloth, thin cotton, tree branches, triangle of art

fig. 2 - felix as magi - thin cloth robe material, copies of occult imagery applied with clear acrylic, stage blood, cross of lorraine, jackal mask, tree branches, goetic circle

#Repost @pufferphotography / One of my first day favorites

FanX 2015 Day 1 by David Puffer on Flickr.

Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo:

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Raise your Yeti Tiki Mugs everyone and let’s say a toast in praise of The Boston Yeti, recently spotted on the snowy streets of Beantown - defying the storm-related curfew - and live-tweeting his adventures as only a very hairy cryptid roaming a snowed-in city can.

While the identity of the Boston Yeti remains unknown, the user behind this Twitter account appears to have created it on Monday ahead of the storm, amassing more than 4,700 followers by Tuesday evening. The hashtag #BostonYeti2015 took on a social life of its own as Twitter users reacted to Boston’s surprise monster of the storm.

With all of the city’s instructions to stay off the roads, the Boston Yeti didn’t appear to listen, at least in Somerville during the start of Juno. But this abominable snowman did seem to want fellow Bostonians to be careful, telling folks on Twitter that “BostonYeti2015 loves the snow, but wants everyone to be safe.”

Head over to The Boston Globe to learn more about the awesome adventures of The 2015 Boston Yeti.

[via Pee-wee Herman, Neatorama, and The Boston Globe]

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My Top Ten National Costumes Miss Universe Pageant 2015

The Miss Universe Pageant is one of those things I can’t decide if I watch to make fun of, or out of genuine enjoyment. Whether it’s archaic or empowering, it’s two hours filled with incredible women who also happen to be wearing incredible outfits. Here are my top ten for the national costume portion.

10. Serbia

This is one of those rare situations where the risk is wearing less, not more. The gamble paid off. Just a ton of flowers and a very trendy crop top.

9. Ethiopia

I wish I could see this dress without the mike stand digging into it, but I’m so enchanted by her hair and headpiece.

8. Croatia

I think it must be frustrating for those whose costumes are ten feet wide and covered in crystals to be outdone but a dress that looks like it might have come from Forever 21.

7. Dominican Republic

 Am I crazy? Cause I kinda love this. Putting a painting on a dress and then dressing the girl up like that painting seems risky and redundant, but the blue veil flows beautifully.

6. Chile

Oh hey there. I’m just gunna wear pants and blow away the competition.

5. Puerto Rico

Even though the structure of the skirt is kinda awkward and lacking in fullness, you get the point without it being too costume-y.

4. Greece

What can I say. When something works, it works.

3. Norway

Miss Norway looks so clean, simple and downright lovely in such a conservative dress that reminds me of a nightgown I put on my American Girl doll in the late nineties.

2. Myanmar

This is so on-point I don’t really think I have to say much about it. It’s historical, and she has a weapon.

1. Japan

Of course, this warrior goddess was the obvious win of the evening. Who says femininity is measured in soft lines and demure colours? She looks cute and powerful, and I bet she can actually use that spear-thing.

Honorable mentions:


The list wouldn’t be complete without one over-the-top headdress outfit. I like Argentina because it sticks to its theme and doesn’t look like some kinder-gardeners went crazy with glitter and craft paper.


You could think of these flowers as tacky, but I just think they’re fun. Why have so many colours if you’re not going to use them?