Creepy Animal Masks

Get the entire barnyard crew together for a romping good time by taking to the streets wearing these creepy animal masks. You’ll receive all sorts of attention as you walk around town dressed as an eerie anthropomorphized version of your favorite animal.


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An Evolution in Morgana’s Armour (S1-3) 

Not only, as raquellereyes pointed out, do Morgana’s costumes become more structured over time, but her armour does as well. I find it interesting to compare what she wears into battle in “The Moment of Truth” (1x10) where the only metal on her are wrist guards and a purely ornamental necklace, to her ensemble in “The Castle of Fyrien” (3x07), where she has a chainmail top as well as an elaborate piece that covers her torso and stomach. 

(Promotional Photos edited and from the Merlin’s Keep gallery.) 

I always in my head, saw Qarth as a sort of mirage, so with that in mind, it’s a sort of case of taking to Gemma about the architecture, obviously the climate. We started actually with the fabrics, really. We dyed all the silk, and then printed, it’s almost like gilded gates on it, and then I had a painter who came in and actually painted the sort of fronds and the flowers and the gold behind the gate. With their underskirts, we actually had them baked in clay and then shook them out, and so it gives this lovely crumpled sort of weight to the fabric, that you really can’t get any other way. And then with those costumes I wanted them to be able to be worn in different ways, so when they come out of the gates they lift it up over their heads and it protects them from the heat, and other times they can be down and the jacket takes prominence. And then again I wanted it to be like a facade, like a theatrical piece, so that when they turn around a lot of the backs are just linen, or hessian [burlap], so it’s all a front, it’s all a show. Garden of Bones” In-Episode Guide


From our pals over at TrekCore, we got a HOT TIP that some TNG costumes are being auctioned off here. I responded “ohhhh shiiiiiiit” and immediately checked my bank account, which was like “lol no.”

The engineering yellow jumpsuit up there is the one worn by the cadet in “Allegiance,” the dress is obviously Troi’s (doyoyoyoyoyoy), the sweater and jodhpurs are Picard’s look in “Pen Pals,” and the blue uniform there is Pulaski’s (ugh). That’s just a taste! There are more (including DS9 uniforms for those of you who’ve emailed us suggesting we also write up recaps on DS9, which, yes, we know, please stop emailing us that suggestion). 

The auction is here and the live auction will happen May 30. 


“I feel ridiculous.”

“You look ridiculous.” Sam teased you, and you shot him a playful glare.

“I think you look hot.” Dean claimed, smirking as he clapped a hand on his sword.

“Charlie, please? How come I’m the one stuck in a dress?” You complained, but the redhead just sported an identical smirk to the elder Winchester’s. “Dean’s about my size, and I look great with chain mail.”

“There isn’t anything else that’ll fit you. Besides, corsets are great for the ladies upstairs.” She winked at you and you glanced down at the ‘ladies’ popping out of your corset. You rolled your eyes and pulled your hair over your shoulders in an attempt to cover them.

You’d get them back for this, you thought stubbornly. Even if this dress did make your chest look great.