Rush Rosco’s "The Halloween Experience" PLAYLIST

Tonight’s going to feel amazing, so here are some equally as amazing music videos to get Halloween started right.

Featuring artists like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Kid Cudi, Eminem, and more.

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 Christian Gaillard

One cannot but admire the extravagant costumes worn by toreros, which echo the flamboyant style of 19th-century dandies and are meticulously embroidered using shiny golden and silver thread — thus earning them the name ‘suit of lights’ (or ‘traje de luces’ in Spanish).   in a detailed, almost photorealistic style. Influenced by the style of Spanish master Diego Velázquez, Gaillard’s subjects are placed against a dark background with their backs turned to the viewer, thus making their dazzling costumes the centre of attention.

Christian Gaillard’s impressive paintings are currently on display at the Connoisseur Art Gallery in Hong Kong, as part of the artist’s third solo exhibition in the city titled ‘De Luz’ (16-28 October, 2014)

NB: We are interrested by embroidery of Spanish extravagant costumes.
Because regarding bullfighting, we condemn these cruel old practices, bloody and sadistic. Knowing that the bulls are practically blind!

Sexy costumes for young girls have officially gone too far

Over the weekend, Canadian writer Raina Delisle gained attention after penning an op-ed for the Huffington Post titled “Halloween Costumes Are Sexualizing Our Youngest Trick-Or-Treaters.” 

Delisle wrote about how she took her daughter to Value Village to buy a firefighter outfit for Halloween. But to her shock and disappointment, she found that while the boys’ costumes looked like actual firefighter outfits, the girls’ costumes were prettied-up parodies that bordered on inappropriate.

This is sending the wrong message | Follow micdotcom

This delightful photo was recently shared by Redditor marcdoll along with the caption “My daughter’s destiny as the crazy cat lady.”

We love a Crazy Cat Lady and this awesome little girl, who must be attending the Eleanor Abernathy School of Charm and Gibberish, clearly has a bright, if fur-coated, future ahead of her. (We just hope she skips the Eleanor’s classes devoted to cat-tossing.)

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