~x~ CHRISTMAS DEALS ~x~ 

Happy Holidays everybody! I hope you are having Merry merry days with friends and family. 

Mine are going great and as a result I have decided to do a Onesie deal! Since they aren’t the cheapest, I will do, buy two and get the 3rd one half price. So if you want three, perfect! Or maybe you have two friends? It will ultimately help, How about buy 4 and get one free? :P (that would be 5 onesies then)

Either way, give my store a look here

and I do commissions! So if there is anything you want, I should be able to make it!! 

Cake the Cat // Bonnie the Bunny

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Wolverines by Stefan Tosheff

In the aftermath of Marvel’s Death of Wolverine event, Stefan Tosheff brings us these potential keepers of the claw. The candidates are as follows: X-23, Jubilee and Kitty Pryde! These incredible redesigns pull from the rich history of Wolverine costumes, using the features best fit the personality for each strong, independent X-Women.  -Patrick 

More awesome comic book reimagining from the folks at Project:Rooftop. They’re also on Tumblr.


Tempe Halloween is one of the coolest things my friends and I have started. Seeing it grow from what it was 5 years ago to now is so fucking radical. We had over 200 kids in costume show up to skate this year and gave away almost 200 prizes. I fucking love skateboarding in Arizona and I can’t wait to see what we all do next year, but 2014 Halloween was by far the best year yet. Check out the video here… BRIMLEY SKATEBOARDS TEMPE HALLOWEEN.

Mechanical Hand

Enhance your pathetic skin and bones with impressive metal with these mechanical hands. Perfect for mad scientists, street fighters, and people who dream of replacing their bone with metal, these fully functional mechanical hands will make you a force to be reckoned with.


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