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Costume jewelry: the fashion item without history. Why the neglect? Certainly, there is an attitude problem. Chalk it up to the taken-for-granted assumption that costume jewelry is only an imitation of “precious” jewelry. A fake. And because it’s made of non-precious materials, it’s as if it doesn’t deserve a significant look. In truth, costume jewelry does have its own rich history, a history intertwined with fashion. Costume jewelry evolved from a poor copycat to a status symbol and a sensitive register of changing styles.

Originally, costume jewelry was turned out by “trinket” or “novelty” manufacturers whose jewels mimicked the real thing at a fraction of the cost, and in the better circles, the faux didn’t go. Costume jewelry, lacking class, was simply unacceptable.

In the early 1920s, costume jewelry came into its glamorous own. A handful of Parisian couturiers began to create costume jewelry to go with their clothing lines, making it not only acceptable, but desirable.

All That Glitters: The Glory of Costume Jewelry by Jody Shields
Photographer: Max Vadukul, Model: Alison Houtte