For today’s Costoberfest spotlight, introducing Fahr Light as Kid Loki, Kevin Currie and Silhouette Costuming & Cosplay as Movie Loki; Maria Claire Saindon as Lilandra and Lina Al as Gamora!

Loki photos provided by Fahr Light, Naredo Cosplay Photo and Myrddin Emyrs Costuming. Guardians of the Galaxy photos provided by Droo Photography and Walter Truochhio.


Halloween Masquerade Flesh Mask FX Makeup from Sandra Holmbom. Go to the link for products used and more photos. For more amazing Halloween and cosplay makeup from Sandra Holmbom go here: halloweencrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/psychosandra This is NOT being posted on my main blog truebluemeandyou because sometimes you can’t unsee something once you’ve seen it. For Sandra Holmbom’s scariest Halloween Makeup EVER  go here (82,000 notes).

12 Seriously Scary and Creepy DIYs and DIY Inspiration from truebluemeandyou. Part 2. For Part 1 go hereFor 18 Gross Halloween Party Food with original sources go here.

DIY Raven with Freshly Plucked Eyeball by Frankies’s Girl from halloweenforum.

Halloween Masquerade Flesh Mask FX Makeup from Sandra Holmbom.

DIY Horse Heart Eating Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Costume Tutorial from XO Mia.

DIY Inspiration: Ghostly Stuffed Animal Prints made by Artist Geoffrey Ricardo.

DIY Halloween Toilet Seat Message Idea from Parties for Pennies. 

DIY Meat Man by Kim Atkinson Fiorini on FB for The Walking Dead Premier.

How to Scare Children on Halloween - “Bad Children from Last Halloween…”

DIY Beak Mask Tutorial and Pattern from jos.net.au.

DIY Scary Doll Head Tutorial from BradBlogSpeed.

DIY Halloween Bathroom Duct Tape Toilet Paper.

DIY How to Get a Baby Doll Inside a Jar Tutorial from by Bakke on HalloweenForum.com.

DIY Halloween Inspiration: Fantich & Young Apex Predator Shoes.


Before finding comfort in therapy became a common practice, many grieving women found comfort in black dresses.

Clothing themselves in deep black for a year following the death of their husbands was, for many widows in 19th century America, an important expression of grief and respect, as well as a sign of taste, class, and propriety.

A new exhibit by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in Manhattan, which opened Tuesday in the Anna Wintour Costume Center, traces the rituals of mourning attire from 1815 to 1915. Titled “Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire,” the exhibit explores the intersection of high fashion and bereavement at its peak. It runs through February 1, 2015.

See more pictures and get the story at Newsweek.com