Okay, I hope I can help you! I am terrible at explaining.. and this is also a bit rushed. Maybe I’ll do a proper tutorial in a few weeks.

What you need for THIS:

> Got2Be Hairglue (the yellow one)
> blowdryer
> 1 platin blonde lace front wig
> 1 platin blonde (or a shade darker, it’s not that visibly), random wig (I used an old one that was lying around at home)
> cardboard
> scissors, bobby pins, needle & thread, a wig head, etc..

Right on - this is the wig I used for the base.

Then I added a base out of cardboard like this.

Next I cut the old wig into pieces and added the wefts in front of the cardboard and behind it to cover it up completely.

Comb the front hair oveeeerrrr. And then TONS AND TONS OF HAIRSPRAY. Fix it with a blowdrye. Everything defies gravity when sprayed and dryed like that.

After that it will probably look like this… uff!

Put it back on the table/workbench and do the same to the back. You’ll see - due to the added wefts it’ll get a lot of volume and the “diamond” shape will happen all on it’s own.

Fix it with lots of hairspray again.

Afterwards check if everything sticks where it belongs… if yes: cut the edges that are too long and give that thing some shape. I like the little “natural” touch - so I didn’t do strict edges.


(The Big Buff Cheeto Puff is optional)

Rahkai’s replacement horns, FINALLY done.

These are made from EVA foam (carved) with surface texturing done in various dimensional glues and paints. The texturing took absolutely forever. I definitely want to offer carved foam horns as an alternative to cast resin horns, where something non-rigid and light is preferred over high detail, but I want to warn everyone right now that it won’t necessarily be the cheaper option!


Knockout and Starscream try to decipher the omega keys before Megatron looses patience. The action is so intense Knockout looses his pants! ;P

We ended up wining First Place in Masters Category WOHO!!! tyrantofthefirmament and I are soooo excited!