How Sherlock [SPOILER]

Here’s my opinion; I wanted to get it down so that I can be smug and superior when I’m revealed to be right when BBC’s Sherlock returns.

For those who haven’t seen the final episode in this series, The Reichenbach Fall, the final showdown between Holmes and Moriarty culminates in a tense battle of wits atop a roof; I suppose there aren’t a lot of waterfalls in London.

Moriarty poses this quandry to Holmes: Kill yourself, or three gunmen will kill Watson, Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade. Holmes outwits his nemesis, but before he can find out how to call off the gunmen, Moriarty shoots himself. That was a brilliant moment. Definitely unexpected.

And then… oh dear. Watson arrives at the scene; Holmes calls him and tells him to move back a bit, and look up - there he is, ready to jump off the roof and to his death. And, after telling Watson exactly what Moriarty wanted him to say, he does. He jumps off the roof. Splat.

Watson immediately runs to his friend’s aid, but is hit by a cyclist; he hits his head on the road and appears concussed. The body is confirmed to be dead, and rolled over to reveal Holmes’ bloodied face. Cut to funeral, and after a touching scene where Watson says goodbye to his friend and leaves, there’s Holmes, hiding in the bushes.

How? How in the hell? The body that got buried was obviously not Holmes. I don’t have a complete theory, but these facts stood out to me.

  • Holmes, on the roof, tells Watson to move back a bit and look up. Seems to me that this is Holmes ensuring that, due to the sun’s position, all Watson could see is a silhouette in Holmes’ coat.
  • Watson is concussed, and believes he’s seen Holmes fall. Not too outrageous to assume that his brain could be seeing what he expects to see through his skewed vision.
  • When Holmes went on the run, he went to pathologist Molly. We don’t know why, other than for Holmes to be nice. That is not in Holmes’ character, surely? What could a woman who both loves Holmes and has access to a state of the art laboratory do to help Holmes?
  • Holmes chose the place and time for his showdown with Moriarty. The whole point of his character is that he sees all the angles. He must have known how things had to end, and he guessed the suicide thing. Makes sense he’d prepare.

So that’s what I think. What d’you reckon?

Hey, men who don't get angry at rape culture!

You know what? When men accost women in bars by touching them inappropriately or making lewd comments about their appearance or sexual availability, this is not merely an issue for women that should be ignored by men. 

If you’re not one of these troglodytes, but don’t get furious when you hear of these backbirths, then you’re a bloody idiot.

Why? Because some women are afraid to walk home alone at night because of what might happen. Because rape victims are blamed because they’re wearing “provocative attire” or because they were drunk at the time of the attack. Because people leap to the defence of famous rapists because these women are out to “destroy their careers.”

And that should make you fucking furious. Not just because these atrocious, despicable things happen, but because they’re now just seen as par for the course. When you’re walking down a dark street and a woman crosses the road to avoid having to walk past you, you should realise that society deems you to be a potential rapist until proven otherwise, based on the disgusting actions of subhuman beasts.

I am not a rapist. I am not a molester. I have never propositioned a woman in a bar. I’ve never catcalled. I don’t respect women any differently to how I respect men. People are people, and don’t deserve to be treated as any less. And I’m furious beyond all rational belief because members of my sex can’t control their animalistic urges. 

So, if you can’t get mad at the horrors that women have to live through every day, get mad that you are being lumped in with the bastards committing those horrors. And then maybe, if someone you know is behaving inappropriately, you’ll call them out on it. You’ll try and make a night out an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, not a potential danger zone.

What's Irrational About Suicide?

It sounds like this is going to be one of those inspirational posts giving a list of arbitrary reasons why life is worth living. Spoiler alert: it ain’t.

Suicide can be described as many things. Selfish. Cowardly. The Easy Way Out. And it leaves the people behind you desperately wondering why. Well, as for the cowardly and easy way out, I ask folk with such opinions if they’ve ever tried suicide. Because as someone who’s considered it on more than one occasion (this week), it really fucking isn’t easy. Or cowardly. It’s choosing to remove everything about life. All the potential life that could be led, all the people who could be met, all the lives that could be made better, will all be extinguished within a moment. All the lives you leave behind will be shattered and broken. Even the most superficial of relationships - work colleagues, people you know from the bus stop - will be changed as a result. To know all this and still commit suicide? That’s not cowardly, and it’s certainly not fucking easy. It’s not brave either, I’m not saying that. I am saying that one has to be pretty godsdamned desperate in order to consider this, the most final of acts, as the only option left.

As for selfish, well yes, you’ve got me there. That’s not necessarily an entirely negative thing, you understand, but still. By dying, your worries, your issues, your horrible, crushing, debilitating depression will end. The lives of those around you will not, and it’s them who have to deal with your death, not you. You’re dead, after all. A lot of the suicidal depressives I’ve talked to over the years have been genuinely under the impression that they are a burden to their loved ones, and that said loved ones would be much better off without them on this mortal plane. That might not be the truth, but it’s a powerful belief, and in that mindset suicide can be seen by the sufferer as an act of kindness - the only one they’re capable of. Whether it is or not is another argument entirely.

But those issues aside, it’s the idea that suicide is an irrational desire that I’ve been thinking about recently. It’s not the norm, and so when a suicide makes the news, as Stephen Fry’s has done, the internet is ablaze with comments wondering how such a lovely man could ever think of ending his own life. How could someone like that wish to leave this world?

My argument is another question. Have you seen this world? It’s being destroyed by idiots, wars are waging, people rape and loot and steal and kill every minute of every day. People are born addicted to heroin and meth and alcohol, and the fact that people are being born into a heavily overpopulated ecosystem is a worry in itself. There’s AIDS and cancer and TB and cholera and all sorts of horrible things. People are horrific. They are a disgusting plague on this once beautiful rock, and the way I see suicide is that at least that’s one less person out of it, even if that person is me.

For the record, I will never commit suicide. The desire is there - oh sweet gods, the desire is there - but I have made too many promises to folk. And I never, ever break promises. If I can’t keep ‘em, I don’t make ‘em. I just wanted to chip in my own two cents.