Fun Fact.

The House passed a bill Hr 2048 that bans NSA data collection.

The Senate is taking up that bill as S.1123.

The bill has one sponsor (Mike Lee) and 18 Cosponsors (shown below)

Hey look who isn’t one of the cosponsors (with 18 it’s not like they’re being selective).  Rand’s name isn’t there.  

You know for caring about stopping the NSA…he doesn’t seem to actually be big on pushing legislation that would do that.  Probably because he doesn’t get to have his name on it.

Republicans Rigging Elections: Ohio GOP’s Illegal Plan For A Poll Tax

Twenty-four members of the Ohio House of Representatives — all Republicans — cosponsored a bill introduced last week that would require many Ohio residents to pay an actual poll tax in order to vote. Poll taxes are forbidden by the Constitution.

Under this legislation, many voters would have to pay a fee in order to obtain an ID card that they need to vote, thus effectively imposing a tax on the right to vote.

                                                                                (credit: Library of Congress)

The poll tax is tucked into a voter ID bill, another common form of legislation that prevents many Americans from casting a ballot. Though voter ID’s proponents claim they are necessary to combat voter fraud at the polls, such fraud is virtually nonexistent. A report released by Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State John Husted’s office found that 0.002397 percent of votes cast in the 2012 election were the product of fraud. A similar report by Iowa’s Republican former Secretary of State Matt Schultz uncovered exactly zero cases of fraud that would have been prevented by a voter ID law.

Voter ID laws do, however, disproportionately target young voters, low-income voters and people of color — all of whom tend to prefer Democrats over Republicans. In 2012, former New York Times numbers guru Nate Silver predicted that a voter ID law could “reduce President Obama’s margin against Mitt Romney by a net of 1.2 percentage points.”

Though the bill permits voters who lack ID to obtain a special voter ID card issued by the state, this card costs $8.50. One provision of the bill does permit voters to be exempted from this fee if their income “does not exceed one hundred per cent of the federal poverty guidelines,” but that’s an annual income of only $11,770 a year for a single person in 2015.

The Constitution does not permit anyone to be charged any fee as a condition on their right to vote. As the Supreme Court explained in Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections, “a State violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment whenever it makes the affluence of the voter or payment of any fee an electoral standard.” So if megabillionaire Bill Gates were charged a single penny before he could vote, that would still be an unconstitutional poll tax.

Indeed, the plurality opinion in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, the Court’s 2008 opinion permitting Indiana’s voter ID law, strongly suggests that a voter ID law coupled with a mandatory fee is unconstitutional. “The fact that most voters already possess a valid driver’s license, or some other form of acceptable identification, would not save the statute under our reasoning in Harper,” the plurality explained, “if the State required voters to pay a tax or a fee to obtain a new photo identification.”


“As a Senator I was proud to cosponsor the national DREAM Act and to vote for it. I’m a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform and I believe that we have to fix our broken immigration system. We have to keep families together. We have to treat everyone with dignity and compassion, uphold the rule of law, and respect our heritage as a nation of immigrants striving to build a better life. And so, bringing millions of hardworking people out of the shadows and into the formal economy is what we’re doing in Maryland and what we need to do across the United States.”  – Hillary Clinton, 10/30/14

Supporting the DREAM Act. Hillary Clinton has called passage of DREAM Act “long overdue.” This legislation, which would allow immigrant children who “have demonstrated good moral character, and are pursuing a college education or have enlisted in the military, the… opportunity to earn legal status in this country,” was cosponsored by Clinton in 20032005, and 2007.

Fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. Hillary Clinton has long been an advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. She was one of the two cosponsors of Senator Ted Kennedy’s 2004 bill, the S.O.L.V.E. Act, and during her time in the Senate she continued to cosponsor and vote for comprehensive immigration reform legislation. As a presidential candidate in 2008, Hillary called for “a path to legalization” to bring people “out of the shadows,” and she pledged that, if elected, she would introduce a plan for immigration reform “in the first 100 days” of her presidency. As Sec. Clinton recently told a tearful young undocumented immigrant, “I’m a huge supporter of immigration reform and a path to citizenship and will continue to advocate for that.”

Expanding access to health care. Hillary Clinton introduced the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act to end the five-year waiting period for immigrant children and pregnant women to participate in the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Advocating for her 2007 bill, she said, “While most children receive preventative medical care, such as vaccines and routine dental care, too often immigrant children do not. They are forced to forego treatment and can ultimately end up seeking needed care in emergency rooms—the least cost-effective place to provide care.” Reintroduced and passed in 2009 as part of the Children’s Health Insurance Program reauthorization, former Secretary of Health and Human Resources Kathleen Sebelius praised this legislative push that ultimately allowed health “coverage to all children who are lawfully present in the United States.”

Job training for people with limited English proficiency. Hillary Clinton developed and introduced legislation to expand job training access to people with limited English language skills. Touting this bill, the Access to Employment and English Acquisition Act, Hillary said, “There is no question that English proficiency is critical to economic advancement and improved quality of life for LEP [Limited English Proficient] workers and their families. Workers who are fluent in oral and written English earn about 24 percent more than those who lack fluency, regardless of their qualifications. These individuals are better able to participate in the civic life of their community, which so many LEP individuals in New York tell me they want to do.”

Expanding opportunities to gain permanent residency. As a candidate for Senate, Hillary Clinton called for passage of legislation so that “All immigrants on the verge of gaining residency status should not be forced to leave this country while they wait for the INS to process their application.” The LIFE Act and LIFE Act Amendments, enacted in December 2000, allowed certain eligible immigrants until April, 2001 to apply for permanent residency without being forced to leave the United States first. As a Senator, Hillary urged those eligible to apply for the program and she cosponsored legislation to extend it until April, 2002.

Keeping families together. In 2007, during debate over the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, Hillary Clinton introduced an amendment to reclassify the spouses and minor children of lawful permanent residents as immediate relatives. As she said before the vote, “It is time to take all the rhetoric about family values and put it into action and show that we mean what we say when we talk about putting families first. That is what my amendment does… It is our view we must make reuniting families a priority in our immigration system, that we should show compassion for those living apart from their spouses and minor children, that we should reform immigration in a way that honors families and brings them together.” The bipartisan amendment failed, 44-53.

When people on the right sound like liberals...

Am I really seeing the defense that “well Rand’s speech may not have accomplished anything, but he tried and that’s what really matters”?  And I’m not a conservative for pointing out this whole fiasco did nothing.

No.  It doesn’t matter that he tried.  Think Yoda here.

More importantly giving a speech that only those who already follow politics closely care about isn’t even trying.

Backing the Senate bill to end the NSA’s metadata program would be trying (Rand is not doing that–even though whole fifth of the Senate is cosponsoring this bill he is not on it, despite a fifth of the Senate just cosponsoring it.)  Cosponsoring it is not a requirement, but you might want to try and work to get some consensus behind it, some action some work done…but Rand just says that 

 The vote in the House, while I don't think the bill is perfect, and I 
think it may well continue bulk collection, was over 300 votes to end 
this program and to say we are no longer going to have bulk collection. 
Yet it looks like the majority in this body says we still need bulk 
collection. In fact, the biggest complaint from the majority of this 
body is that we are not collecting

So that’s Rand Paul for you, because he thinks it might not pass he’s not even going to try.  He’s not going to push to get votes on record he’s just going to give a speech that does nothing.  That’s not even trying.  Nor is the fact that he hasn’t tried to get the Patriot Act overturned or change in the time he’s been there…if it’s so important why hasn’t he put up bills, why hasn’t he tried to build consensus.  Hell even if under Harry Reid’s tyranny you couldn’t get a vote you could have made it embarrassing for them that they kept blocking it.  But Rand just prefers to give speeches.  

The bill has a fifth of the Senate already backing it, is really that hard to find another 30 votes (I assume some of the people not cosponsoring it would still vote for it)?  Does Rand not understand anything about you getting things passed requires building support and uphill battles.  Is his statement going to always be that if something isn’t immediately embraced then we shouldn’t try? (Yeah that really bespeaks the great strength of character we want in the Oval Office).

And for those of you saying he took a stand?  Really?  What did he risk, nothing as this just riled his base which defends him as mindlesslessly

But more importantly when did we conservative care about “you tried.”  Here have a gold star you did so well, you miserably failed, but you tried.  When did I wake up in the Bizzaro world where conservative mindlessly protect demagogues and praise trying over results?  WTF people?

I could have a lot more respect if this whole speech had been demanding the passage of S. 1123…of course it has still yet to go to committee, but I’m sure Rand views the rules of order in the Senate like he views the rules of standing in lawsuits, like the way Pirates view The Code or Obama views the Constitution, guidelines really, don’t have to worry about the rules, he wants it and if he can’t have what he wants when he wants it, time to throw a 10 hour temper tantrum.  (And that’s assuming the best, assuming the worst he just doesn’t give a shit and merely wanted to use the Senate floor and tax payer resources to create a publicity stunt to fleece the people of money for his campaign–this is actually more close to the truth).  If he had proposed month after month a new bill to reform the Patriot Act, the way Republicans have actually done with Obamacare (no one ever gives them credit for at least taking it as far as they can go with the Democrats in the Senate blocking it) that would at least be something.  But no.  But somehow despite doing nothing in terms of legislation or building consensus among his colleagues (you know what we pay him for) he thinks the best way to deal with thing is to just give speeches and raise money off of it.  I’m sorry but if he can’t get anyone in the Senate to agree with him when he’s part of it, how exactly is he going to get anything done if he were outside of it?

honeywomb asked:

have you ever considered cosponsoring cosplaying wonder woman?? you'd be literally perfect

Wow, really? I never even thought of that, but I’m flattered!

I mostly do male cosplays, but nothing’s completely out of the question :)

Living In A Republican World - 'No Money, No Vote: Ohio Republicans’ Diabolical Plan For A Poll Tax'

Living In A Republican World – ‘No Money, No Vote: Ohio Republicans’ Diabolical Plan For A Poll Tax’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:

Twenty-four members of the Ohio House of Representatives — all Republicans — cosponsored a bill introduced last week that would require many Ohio residents to pay an actual poll tax in order to vote’.

‘Under this legislation, many voters would have to pay a fee in order to obtain an ID card that they need to vote, thus effectively…

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Going back to work and continuing to breastfeed

Below a wonderful article featured on about what you should know heading back to work and continuing to breastfeeding.

Your Rights As a Breastfeeding Employee

APRIL 29, 2014. Posted in: EMPLOYED MOMS

by the United States Breastfeeding Committee

Knowing your rights as a breastfeeding employee and early communication with your employer are some of the key steps to planning a successful transition back to work. Since 2010, the federal “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” law has helped make breastfeeding and working possible for more moms across the country. The law requires employers to provide break time and a private place for hourly paid employees to pump breast milk during the work day.

If you are not covered by the federal law, don’t panic. Contact your state or local breastfeeding coalition to find out if you are covered by a state law, and join the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) in the fight to extend workplace breastfeeding protection to more employees by asking your legislators to cosponsor the Supporting Working Moms Act.

Key Facts about the “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” Law:

  • Who is covered: The law applies to nonexempt (hourly) employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Space: Employers are required to provide a place that is not a bathroom. It must be completely private so that no one can see inside. Employers are not required to create a permanent dedicated space for breastfeeding employees. As long as the space is available each time you need it, your employer is meeting the space requirements.
  • Time: The law requires employers to provide “reasonable” break time, recognizing that how often and how much time it takes to pump is different for every mother. Employers must provide time and space each time you need it.To maintain your supply, you will need to pump as often as your baby usually eats. To estimate how much time you will need, remember to consider all the steps you will need to take, including the time it will take to gather your pumping supplies, get to the space, pump, clean up, and return to your workspace. The law does not require pumping breaks to be paid, however if your employer already offers paid breaks and you use those breaks to pump your milk, your time should be paid in the usual way.
  • Enforcement: The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) is responsible for enforcing the “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” law. For help, call the toll-free WHD number 1-800-487-9243. You will then be directed to your nearest WHD office for assistance.
  • Small Businesses: All employers, regardless of their size or number of employees, must comply with the “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” law. Following a complaint from a breastfeeding employee, businesses with fewer than 50 employees may be able to apply for an undue hardship exemption. To receive an exemption for that employee, the employer must prove that providing these accommodations would cause “significant difficulty or expense when considered in relation to the size, financial resources, nature, or structure of the employer’s business.” Until they are granted an exemption by the Department of Labor, they must comply with the law.

The “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” law was an important victory for families, but breastfeeding success shouldn’t depend on a mom’s job type. The Supporting Working Moms Act would expand the existing federal law to cover approximately 12 million salaried employees, including elementary and secondary school teachers. By raising our voices together, we can create the lasting change families need. Use USBC’s easy action tool to ask your legislators to cosponsor the Supporting Working Moms Act with just a few clicks.

Breastfeeding and working is not only possible, it’s good for business. Find additional information and resources in USBC’s Online Guide: What You Need to Know About the “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” Law.

Important links and information:

Important links and information:

Cosponsored by Senator Murkowski - S.1346 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): A bill to require the Secretary of Energy to establish an e-prize competition pilot program to provide up to 4 financial awards to eligible entities that develop and verifiably demonstrate technology that reduces the cost of electricity or space heat in a high-cost region. | | Library of Congress

via Cosponsors – S.1346 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): A bill to require the Secretary of Energy to establish an e-prize competition pilot program to provide up to 4 financial awards to eligible entities that develop and verifiably demonstrate technology that reduces the cost of electricity or space heat in a high-cost region. | | Library of Congress.

This seems like a worthy cause.…

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NASA Cohosts Forum on Managing Expanding Unmanned Aerial System Traffic.

NASA and the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) are partnering to cosponsor the 2015 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management Convention: A New Era in Aviation, July 28-30, at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, C…

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There is new legislation that could save countless animals from being killed in body-gripping traps within the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS).

The Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act has been introduced in both the US House of Representatives and the Senate by Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ). This bill—H.R. 2016/S. 1081—would prohibit the use of body-gripping traps within the NWRS.

Please ask your Senators and U.S. Representative to cosponsor the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act.

*This action is open to U.S. residents only

Update on Proposed U.S. Legislation Supporting U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation

Update on Proposed U.S. Legislation Supporting U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation

There are 13 pending measures in this Session of Congress that are supportive of U.S.-Cuba reconciliation, but as of May 25th no substantive action has been taken on any of these measures.

 Ending the Embargo.

There is one Senate bill to end the U.S. embargo of Cuba: S.491 “Freedom to Export to Cuba Act of 2015”authored by Senator Amy Klobuchar (Dem., MN) with 10 cosponsors, it was assigned to…

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New Post has been published on My Paper Online

New Post has been published on

Senior Citizens Conference At CCM


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important to our overall well-being and for enjoying life. As part of Older Americans Month in May, County College of Morris (CCM) again this year will honor senior citizens with an annual one-day conference cosponsored by the American Automobile Association (AAA) of Northern New Jersey; the Morris County Office on Aging, Disabilities and Veterans; the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders; Home-Instead Senior Care; Seniors Helping Seniors; and Care One at Madison.

This year’s conference, supported with a $2,500 grant from AAA, takes place Fri., May 29, from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.  The conference is open to anyone of the age of 50 and older.

A variety of workshops will be offered on such topics as current events, maintaining good health and travel. Also included in this year’s workshops are healthy cooking classes, yoga and dance, the health benefits of afternoon tea and several sessions on managing late-life and end-of-life documentation to make those transitions easier and less stressful for all members of the family.

A Senior Driver Expo also will offer attendees the chance to sample AAA’s suite of research-based senior driver resources. Those resources include tools to help assess and improve driving skills, reduce driving risks and foster dialogue on driving issues between adult children and their senior parents.

The afternoon’s entertainment will be provided by Puppets On A String showcasing a puppet and marionette cabaret.

The day begins at 8 a.m. with a continental breakfast in the Student Community Center, Davidson Rooms, on CCM’s Randolph Campus. Participants then will break out into groups for workshops. The cost of the program is $20. Pre-registration is required; there will be no registration the day of the event.

For more information and to register, go to, call CCM’s Department of Career and Professional Programs at 973-328-5187 or email

Delaware Court Strengthens Protections for Independent Directors

Delaware Court Strengthens Protections for Independent Directors

– Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Editor’s Note: J.D. Weinberg is a partner at Covington & Burling LLP. The following post is based on a Covington publication authored by Mr. Weinberg and Daniel Alterbaum. This post is part of the Delaware law series, which is cosponsored by the Forum and Corporation Service…

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China's Alibaba Plans Posh Conference to Promote Women Entrepreneurship - DailyTech

China’s Alibaba Plans Posh Conference to Promote Women Entrepreneurship – DailyTech

China’s Alibaba Plans Posh Conference to Promote Women Entrepreneurship

Yet six years later it was outed cosponsoring a Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) 2015 event with NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) that featured exotic dancers. Many would argue that pay for sexual entertainment or favors for your event attendees isn’t the most …

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From:: Game Developers Conference News By…

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Golfer stays in swing as she battles debilitating allergies

#jgolf #JapanOpenGolf [AsiaOne]Although she still had not yet qualified for automatic entry into Japan LPGA events … At the Studio Alice Ladies Open, cosponsored by The Yomiuri Shimbun and held April 10-12 at the Hanayashiki Golf Club in Hyogo Prefecture, Okamura grabbed the spotlight …
Republicans To Repeal PTC For Wind

Republicans To Repeal PTC For Wind

By Susan Kraemer

US congressional Republicans have long hobbled wind development. In April, they introduced a bill to kill it off entirely. The surprisingly forthrightly named PTC Elimination Act introduced in the House by Rep. Marchant and cosponsored by 15 more Republicans, H.R. 1901, would “amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to phaseout and repeal the credit for electricity


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