Impala cosplay that I wore at DC Con 2014. I’m basically dressed up as Dean Winchester’s dream come true, cause I’m his Baby wrapped up in a hot Cuban chick. ;)


I cannot recommend Mehdiaraiise or her etsy store hard enough. Not only does she make fantastic fandom or custom corsets at great prices, she is a joy to work with. I contacted her with the t shirt, told her about my vision for the costume, and she immediately ran with it. You can’t see, but she even made the inside of the corset tan like the Impala’s interior! Seriously, as someone who buys a lot of corsets, I have paid $150+ for corsets from large retailers that were lower quality/not as comfortable as this one. Give her your business!!

SecretlytoDream served as my (professional) photographer all weekend and took all of these pictures. After some hassling, she also agreed to carve the Boys’ initials into my arms. Riyku tied my corset like a champ.

Wheel bracelets. Toy soldier necklace + lego charms. Custom belt buckle was made here. Impala nameplate necklace was customized here. Cassette tape earrings. The road map is from a (very) failed attempt to do this.

I owe a shout out to my poor grandmother who thought I’d found religion when I asked to borrow her rosary. The upholstery skirt was a lucky thrift store find. The Chevy bow tie in my hair fell off a real truck and then I stuck it to a barrette. Not pictured: some bootie heels that hurt my feet and my soul because my motorcycle boots died a violent death 4 days before the con (no joke).

rain-over-shine-anytime asked:

Are you naturally lighter or darker in skin tone? What do you use to get yourself another skin tone?

If I may answer an ask with an ask: why is it that you ask? >.>

I don’t mean to imply that you meant ill intent, but I find this question a bit intrusive and presumptuous to ask someone. Mainly because I am asked it A LOT, by some of whom who seemed to “assume” certain things. D;

But here’s a response to a previous similar ask.