Okay Tumblr I need a favor from you.

I am ever looking for a way to make extra cash. You know, college loans minimum wage jobs and a desire to still do things don’t totally add up.

So this is like attempt number 4 on a way to make cash!

This here is a leotard airbrushed to resemble a male torso. I am a girl that cosplays and I needed to cosplay a bare chested male so I decided to try this out. No it is not photoshop which is something I was asked before.
This was the first one I ever made and I totally just shoved the leotard on a mannequin and went to town with my airbrush so it is not accurate to an actual male torso. Although it could pass off as an anime one I suppose.

Shortly I will update this post with the second one I make which should be better then this one. I have another leotard that I need to get paint for.

ANYWAYS I just am curious as to if anyone would be interested in buying a custom airbrushed leotard for cosplay mostly.
~No this one shown does not have nipples. Yes you can have them, or not, whatever you prefer. 
~Tattoos can be airbrushed on.
~They can come in sleeveless and long sleeve
~They are completely painted front, side and back.
~I add in imperfections to add a hopefully more natural look. This means maybe some freckles or areas where red might show in depending on skin.
~They will have a collar which you can hide with neck pieces? Just be aware there can’t not be either the collar edge you like a little turtle neck part.
~I use leotards for a reason and that is because they won’t ride up and make awkward shirt ripples like other airbrushed shirts might.
~They can be available in any skin tone, clearly and any level of musculature.
~Unsure on pricing yet I want to see what other people sell them for and how many other people do sell them and take into consideration materials and the price of labor and profit and such.

anyways just looking to see what peoples thoughts are. Drop me a line. Spread this around so it gets more views.


I’m now taking commissions for my Sailor Moon Crystal Compacts!

I use actual makeup compacts that I hand paint and design. You can order one with the crystal on the inside or one with makeup still inside of it for you to use. I can even create a custom design if you would prefer! Each compact takes about 7-10 days to make. I also provide progress pictures as I make them so that you can see every step of the way.

Even though I have a job, I still have almost no money to put into cosplay so every little bit helps.


The first two people that order one just like you see above will be able to purchase them for only $15 +shipping.

After that the price will be raised to go towards buying more compacts.

If you would like a compact WITH makeup inside, the price will be $25 +shipping. I will buy a makeup compact for your personal skin tone.

If you would like a custom design (designs for certain Sailor Scouts, maybe a Homestuck design, or even Attack on Titan designs) please message me OFF ANON and we can discuss what you want and how much it would cost.


I take PayPal only so you would have to be comfortable with that. You would also need to be 18+ or have your parents permission. I would also need your address to ship to.

Thanks for reading this long post! Please feel free to ask me any questions! I won’t pressure you into buying anything if you just want to know more. Any reblogging would also be great in helping to spread the word! Thank you so much!


This tutorial has been done to death, but I had all these photos of the process so I figured I’d share.

Freezer paper stencils:

Freezer paper is plastic coated on one side so when ironed on to fabric it sticks and later peels off without any residue (unless you heat it too much I guess). It’s great for painting where you won’t be using a lot of water/runny paint - water will lift the paper off your fabric and screw things up. It’s best used with dry brushing.

Now, to avoid making this long post any longer, I have captioned the images with the steps to this process.

I used acrylic paints with fabric medium in case anyone was wondering.


My friend Jake is in need of commissions!

As you can see, Jake is an amazing costume designer and really works hard to make each costume perfect. He just started putting up commissions, please take this into consideration when planning for your next cosplay! 

These are examples from Homestuck, however he will create just about anything from any show, comic, anime, etc. 

You can contact Jake here: 

e-mail: emilehmoo@aim.com

kik: pageofh0pe

Social Networking: tumblr / instagram


Have you ever needed to match your ribbed knit to your fabric but couldn’t find anything remotely similar?

Have you ever tried to dye your ribbed knit to match your fabric but realized it’s 70% polyester and it’s a pain in the ass?

Did you ever want to cosplay Final Fantasy and were reduced to tears because you couldn’t find chunky ribbed knit?

Don’t worry, you can fake your own.

All you need is a twin needle and two spools of thread, and you can sew your knit fabric to imitate ribbed knit.

When you sew with a twin needle it’ll make a sort of ‘pintuck’, raising the fabric. Leave a small gap between the two rows and it’ll create a pattern. This will work better with lighter knits, the one in the pictures is pretty heavy.

Once again, I set the instructions as captions on the photos.


DRAMAtical Murder: Allmate Kigurumi Commissions

Hello! This is long overdue, but my girlfriend (Pomatos) and I are now open to take commissions for kigus. Since winter cons (and cold weather in general) are just around the corner, why not be cuddled up as an allmate of your choice! As of now, we’ve got official looks for Ren and Beni (pictured above). We are currently in the process of designing and making samples of the others.

As for quality, each kigu is made with 100% polyester fleece and it is a one-size-fits-all. The hood is lined with a cotton fabric. Any alterations you need that differentiate from a typical kigurumi, feel free to let us know and we can definitely work with you! All kigus are machine washable.

Ren: $60 (plus $10 for collar accessory)
Beni: $80 (plus $10 for rosary accessory)
All other allmates: $60-$90 (prices can/will be negotiated since we’re unsure of fabric amount needed/anything extra)

Shipping: $10 (additional shipping charges for anyone international)


We use Paypal. Please make all payments to: shacehface@gmail.com.

Turn-Around Time & Refunds:
Your kigurumi will be made and shipped within 2 weeks of received payment. If you need a rushed order, we will work with you. If you find anything damaged or flawed with your purchase, a prompt refund/repairs/a new kigu will be given as soon as possible.

Please message me or Pomatos for more information and we’ll do the best we can to fit your needs! We’re mostly doing these for experience and fun, but also for a little extra bill/rent money.

|| models: toastie, pomatos, @ myself ||


Hey guys, I ran into a car yesterday while driving my dad’s car and damaged it a little bit (because I’m a shit new driver) so I have to take one more cosplay commission to pay it off.

If you want something made for end of summer or early fall - please contact me via my website.

If you don’t need anything - I’d appreciate a signal boost.


Shinjaninja Cosplay Commissions Post!!!

I will be opening up cosplay commissions!!! I’ve been cosplaying for 7 years and have had a lot of experience making a wide range of costumes, and would love to do business with you. If you’re interested or have any questions, please visit my rules page before submitting a request form to fill a slot! Still have questions? Feel free to shoot me an ask or send me an email at shinjachan@gmail.com! All costumes featured above were completely made by me, save for Eren’s brown skirt and 3DMG. 



Slots open:

1. utsuge

2. chatterparrot/cuckoobanaynays

3. andtheheir

4. djomiy


There’s still one slot left!


I’m really sorry about the bad quality photo, but I just wanted to let you guys know that urmangottlieb and I are strapped for cash really badly right now (like, we aren’t sure how we’re gonna get next months rent) so were opening up commissions. We specialize in Sailor Scouts and School uniforms, but if you have something else you’d like made feel free to message me. If you’re interested in the sailor scout cosplays specifically then you can buy by messaging me, or from my Etsy (Where I also sell Newt sleeves). We would really appreciate it if you guys helped us out by buying stuff. Thanks! https://www.etsy.com/shop/NerdyGeiszler


Northwest Fan Fest starts for us tomorrow and while we’re helping run a lot of the costuming content, we are also sponsoring the Cosplay Repair Station!

It will be set up in SUB room 211 (also the changing room) all weekend. Everything is free to use while you are in the room! No tools are to leave the room at any time.

Captioned on the images are the items we have stocked! Please pass this information to any cosplayers you know who are attending!


Lyudmylah the Ice deer

Whee :D What a fun commission. Lyudmylah is a deer with ice hooves and antlers, she can be converted to a 3/4 partial, or a fullsuit (the legs can be separated for when her owner wants to be a deer, or just kick around a ren faire as a Fawn).

Her harness and bridle are made with 100% cow leather. Rivets, buckles, bells and D and O rings are stainless steel.

All of her white spots were hand sewn.

Her head is resin with a moving jaw and removable antlers for easy transport and storage.

A lot of really important news in one text post

I’m sorry I can’t make it shorter— my phone doesn’t do read more

Okay, here’s the gist, John and I are fucked for money.
“But Isa, aren’t you always?” No. Not this bad.
See, the thing about moving is that there are ~*~moving fees~*~ which means just about everyone is out to get you.
The new place wants first, second, and last months’ rent, the old place needs last month’s rent, the old electric needs bill, the new electric needs start up fee, the old internet needs paid, new internet needs start up fee, new water bill needs fee, etsy’s being a whiney bitch and closed our account over $15 that could, quite frankly, be used in other more important places
Oh, and I’m back at school full time and they cut John’s hours from full to part time.

Basically we’re a wreck.
We owe about $1,200 now, (as opposed to a whopping fugging $3,000) and we have about $300
Oh god we need $900.

I would open the etsy, but the truth is that we don’t have money for materials to make the things people like. (I make $4/print. Not that many people want a picture of this face)

So we’re going to do what we do best— open back up ~*~COSPLAY COMMISSIONS~*~

Basically, send ANY amount of money to isasherry@gmail.com via paypal and a prompt and we’ll do it
Now, keep in mind, quality depends on cost and the person who asks for a $.05 Destiel won’t get the same quality as a $50 Destiel, but we’re proud of our work so put your URL in the paypal comments as well and we’ll attach your name to the post as well
(You may have noticed that there are quite a bit of followers on this and John’s blog. Can’t hurt to have your name attached to a quality post plaguing the internet now can it? ;D)
This works for fanfic writers too— for a good price we’re more than happy to read and reenact your smuttysmutty fic, just leave a link and we’ll take it from there

We’ll be heading over to a public internet source soon so I can pay our internet bill and get started on commissions as soon as possible
Pleasepleaseplease dig down real deep into your pockets and find a quarter or dollar to throw at our faces
Every little bit REALLY DOES HELP and it physically pains me to have to make these posts.

Desperate times though



Thank you guys so much for your wonderful support!
If you still wanted a picture or two for a dollar or so you can still use this method, but we will not NOT NOT NOT accept any more charity!!!

We really just want to stand on our feet, nothing luxurious




kanaya maryam skirt + bow commissions!

hello! im gray, a 14-year-old trans boy currently struggling to raise money for much-needed therapy.

im not going to ask anybody to donate to me, but i will ask that you check out my etsy (where i also do horn commissions) or my storenvy to c if u wanna buy anything. currently ive got $80 raised, while i need $500 at least. all the money goes to helping me pay for therapy. im currently selling any old cosplays or clothes that i dont need anymore.

my mom is also teaching me how to sew and helps me with making cosplays a lot. she helped me make the above-pictured kanaya cosplay uvu and since we rlly need some money right now, we figured we could do commissions!

i also do art commissions for p cheap so pls check those out too if u can!!!! 

even if u cant buy anything, pls reblog this :o

more cosplay ref pics

EDIT: i gave in and made a gofundme bc i havent made nearly enough….if u could donate, even just a dollar or two, it would mean the world to me!!!