recently learned how to use a sewing machine + how to iron + lots of other things I never knew about sewing.

i learned sewing is metal.

anyway the hood seams look funny right now but it has a purpose trust meeee.  it hasn’t been ironed yet and everything else is still held together with tape lol.  I have a powerful love-hate relationship with this goddamn cotton fabric.

I’m aiming to finish the hood by tomorrow but I still have to solve the perfect-yet-delicate gold fabric>hood border and deal with the wing details and horn hole. need more Heat n Bond

heres some of what i have done

i dont normally share my cosplays often due to i feel they are not the best but ill step out of my comfort zone as of right now. my fiance and I have started a cosplay page to share since lately we have had more and more photography sessions so i guess this is an opportunity to stop being shy and go into it.

heres one that i posted on my tumblr

okay so someone asked me what my old icon was. It’s me (and my chunky self) in my jill cosplay. I off and on worked on this cosplay. got a huge tee shirt and completely deconstructed it to make it into what you see here. hand painted the back with fabric paints and hand made stencils. shoulder armor was kinda a last minute thing since what i was going to do (pleather with padding) wasnt in stock for months so I had to get creative with what i had (craft foam and some nylon straps). the gloves where deconstructed leather gloves i had to completely remake because they dont make that style of gloves with someone who has small hands like i have. The hat I ordered from a site years ago. the wig was something i went out and cut my self. went to my local wig shop and found a medium length straight wig in the color i wanted then went home and cut it to my desired shape. im fairly pleased in this cosplay although ill admit its not the best cosplay around but im proud of it so thats all that really matters right? photo was taken by Xander D Cosplay

cosplayer: http://immortal-belmont.tumblr.com/

photographer: https://www.facebook.com/Xanderdcosplay

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lord-Lady-Gaming-Cosplay/818391278183799

and here is a pyramid head i made for my fiance

Photographer: (my self)

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lord-Lady-Gaming-Cosplay/818391278183799