Channeling my inner Gyaru at #Momocon, booth 725! Wearing new cosplay of Junko Enoshima and hanging out with Monokuma! I needed more simple, comfy and easy to travel with costumes for the summer, and I have to say, this one is perfect for all of that! I’ll be at my booth until 5pm, then venturing outside for some photos as this hall’s lighting is aaaaawwwwfullllll! See you around! #YayaHan #cosplay #cons #DanganRonpa #Junko (at

anonymous asked:

I am a female and the cosplay that I am working on right now doesn't really need it but I know that in the future I might want to cosplay a male character and I have rather big boobs that are really noticeable do you have any tips

Disclaimer! The advice I’m gonna give you is not from my personal experience. It’s always better to ask someone who knows more about it. I hope that if I’ll be wrong at some points blog’s followers will correct me.

Okay, thing you’re gonna need is called binding (to bind). It’s the technique that people with breasts use when they need to (or have to) hide them [breasts]. I didn’t have a personal binding experience, but I can link you to these pretty good (imo) tutorials:

That’s it. Good luck with your cosplay and be careful. :)

P.S. Dear followers (not only cosplayers!), if you had a binding experience feel free to comment under this post, reblog with facts fixes or send me an ask or fanmail. I’ll be happy to fix the mistakes or add useful stuff and links.