Matt Ishida wig is a go!  I haven’t watched much Digimon, but Hhhhammy and Pyropi have insisted that this character is known as quote The Lone Wolf unquote, and that this is a Real and Serious thing that is true.  This set also features a photo I took of the wig after I glued most of a pack of short wefts into an Arda Jaguar, but before I started trimming and spiking it - which is apparently a great way to make a Red Fraggle wig.

This was actually my first time making defined anime spikes, so I’m pretty pleased with it!

I’m so impressed with the Life is Strange cosplayers. 

I mean…

You have the Max Caulfields:

Then you have a Victoria Chase:

Then Chloe Prices:

The pure cinnamon roll Kate Marsh:

And Lisa:

Damn. It’s like every character is slowly coming to life. Incredible.

Max Caulfield cosplayers:

1st pic: soda-qt

2nd pic: tori-mori

3rd pic: cinniebun

Victoria Chase cosplayer:


Chloe Price cosplayers:

1st pic: wisekumagoro

2nd pic and 3rd pic: ekzoticheskayatwar

4th pic: yuu–tan

5th pic: aryatastic

Kate Marsh cosplayer:


Lisa cosplayer:


mestr3 asked:

Hey I saw your Sailor Neptune Cosplay and wanted to know where you got your accessories like the shoes. If you made your costume, any tips or tutorials you can share? I am making a Sailor Moon/The Little Mermaid crossplay and I'm using Neptune's costume as a reference for Sailor Ariel. Oh and, I want to say what a great effort your blog is and what a positive influence in the anime/cosplay community you are. Thanks!

hey~ I got the shoes from an etsy store, they were the right shape but not the right colour. I airbrush painted them to match my fabric (my fabric was teal 100% cotton that I dyed with darker green & blue DYLON cold dye). I sealed the paint with a layer of matte mod podge. 

The shoe straps were just stripes of my dyed cotton (cut on the bias). I loop it around my ankle and make an ‘X’ then loop it under my foot. So the straps are separate and don’t move around or come undone. 

I sewed the gloves out of the 4-way stretch lycra. The glove cuffs are cotton (cut on bias) with channels stitched, then stuffed with polyfill.

The wig base was an Arda-Wig called “Luthien” in Mako Green. I cut off the length and glued it back into the temples/bangs area. I then back crimped the roots using a curling iron to give it volume. The 90s bangs are achieved by painting bobby pins to match the wig colour and then sticking them in there to help hold everything up. 

The contact lenses were “Splash of Color” brand in the colour “Aqua Allure” which I purchased from ClearlyContacts.ca

The tiara base was from Catzia. I originally bought a Mars tiara, so I pried off the gem and I cast the tiara, necklace and bow gems out of clear resin (EASYCAST brand) and then painted the backs with sparkly nail polish.

Hope that helps!! As always I have a little bit more in-depth explanations on some things like wig styling and so on, on my FaceBook Page’s timeline! Check it out if you’re looking for ideas!