Amazing Male to Female Cosplays:

Princess Zelda by Faxen

Photography by Ruet-Beer


Ryuko Matoi by Lee Hong Zhu

Photography by Melvina Chua


Generation Ahri by DANNY.

Photography by The Photojaneic


Royal Suit Alice by J.Hart Design

Photography by ChezPhoto


Lightning Farron by Aqua101390

Photography by Dinnerfortwo


Aurora by Theofficialariel

Photography by Jenniehipstagramsitall


Kaname Madoka by Tilttu

Photography by Jorma Ranta


Ruby Rose by Adellexe

Photography by Kippygraphy


We have recieved permission to display each one of these images


Our Costoberfest Spotlight today is on Jen & Kevin, the costuming couple based out of Atlanta, GA! The two met at SDCC in 2009 after Jen moved to the states from her hometown, Devon, England. Married in 2012, both Jen & Kevin are lifelong nerds and comic fans, and have been part of the costuming community for about 10yrs.

To make their costumes, Jen & Kevin work together to build props and armor, but also look to friends and commissioners to help sew & create other parts of their costumes.

Jen (who has a soft spot for the West Coast Avengers) says her favorite character is Mockingbird, “who I love for being a supremely kickbutt biologist who didn’t even have any powers until fairly recently - just her wit and intelligence (and science)”. Kevin’s favorite Marvel character is, of course, Captain America. “I love the way he leads and the way he absolutely never gives up, even in the face of impossible odds.  I try to channel that in my daily life as best I can.”

When not in costume, Jen’s job is rather the coolest, as she works at the Georgia Aquarium, and an artist specializing in Marine Life. Kevin’s day job is a UX designer/developer, but also a musician (vocals & guitar) and master of the bbq, (I can promise you we’ve taste tested his food personally!).

One final word from Kevin, “I think “geeking out” is just being very excited for whatever it is you’re doing.  And as a rule, I never do anything halfway.  Go big or go home.  If you love something, LOVE it with all your heart.  If you don’t like it… don’t give it a second of your time.  That said, I geek out for great stories, amazing artwork, loud and catchy rock music, cool guitars, anything and everything that can be barbecued, border collies, and the love of a certain blonde girl from England that I’m lucky enough to share my life with.”

Thanks to Kevin to Jen! Keep those costumes coming!

Photos provided by Judy Stephens, Your Mojo by Jojo, Ljinto, Pat Loika, Jen Richards-Spooner and Kevin Spooner.


Lane wore her new Nightmare Before Christmas to the Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom last night, and of course her first stop was a visit to Jack Skellington and Sally. (She even brought Zero along as her trick or treat bucket )


For today’s Costoberfest spotlight, introducing Fahr Light as Kid Loki, Kevin Currie and Silhouette Costuming & Cosplay as Movie Loki; Maria Claire Saindon as Lilandra and Lina Al as Gamora!

Loki photos provided by Fahr Light, Naredo Cosplay Photo and Myrddin Emyrs Costuming. Guardians of the Galaxy photos provided by Droo Photography and Walter Truochhio.


 The Brighets Witch of Her Age ✴✧

Since everyone and their mothers wanted Hermione, here she is!!
I’m really happy that I could finally a proper shoot with this costume, since I’ve had it in my closet for FOREVER.

I decided to go for a mix between Movie!Hermione and how I imagined her in the books, and I’m very pleased with the result! (especially since it was the first time i set up all my lighting equipment and tried it together wih the timer on my new camera haha)

Hermione, photography and editing done by me.

It’s no secret that I make my own costumes. I also commission corsets because as much as I would like to know how to make them, my world is far too busy to take on another skillset. I’d rather fine tune what I already know, before progressing onto something else.

That being said, I’m a huge fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street (the originals & the remake) & while working on some new costumes, I decided to go to my local halloween store and pick up a couple of costumes for fun from some of my favourite fandoms. I decided to shoot them and post them here to show that it doesn’t matter if you make your costume “from scratch”, commission it, repurpose used clothing, or buy it from your local halloween shop. What matters is if you are having fun. Cosplay is Costume + Play. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. At the end of the day we each have a vision of what we want our costume to look like and there is no wrong way to cosplay. It boils down to what you want to do with it. The world is filled with too many egos to get elitist over something that is meant to have fun with.
~ Ivy

Available as a print in my store at http://ivydoomkitty.storenvy.com/

Mens Freddy Kreuger costume by Spirit Halloween, worn and altered (heavily tailored & burned) by Ivy Doomkitty
Photography by Geri Kramer Photography