On May the 4th, my fight choreography school and myself was invited to attend the Star Wars Marathon in full costume and perform a number of impromptu battles. Since the whole school is star wars themed, we jumped at the chance.

This saw the debut of my Twi’Lek outfit, including the Mark One lekku (stitched from fleshtone vinyl and fitted into a pleather cap, which was then strapped under my chin and hidden with a headdress). We had a whale of a time, even if my fake boobs kept flying out and I really need to make a number of modifications to that costume to keep it from falling off.

Top pic: We were wondering if you’d heard the good word about the Force.


While I wait for more pictures of my Mink cosplay, here’s a (derpy) teaser for both shoots I had at AX this year ;DDDDDD

(Yes. There are more Hello Minku pictures LOLOLOL)

Can’t wait to show you guys more photos! ;D

I am a totally serious Mink cosplayer

Photos by xbrinni (Hello Minku) and littlebitx (Standard)

Edit by Oppai CosPhotography