CumberSmaug/Smauglock Cosplay Masterpost

Of course you are welcome to come up with your own design or use a different artist’s vision for this cosplay. These are just some of my favourites. 

1/2. Cumbersmaug by Brilcrist

COAT: This is an absoulatly amazing piece or art and gorgeous outfit. That coat appears to be a blood red coat, about the length of a Sherlock coat. It splits at the back. There are gold bands around his upper arms that are connected to the gold plates near his chest. They in turn are connected with gold chain. The bands can be fabric, the round plates perhaps craft foam. The chain can be purchased anywhere that sells jewellery findings and sometimes even craft/fabric stores. Failing that you will be able to find it on the internet. Get more than you think you need just in case. The same gold band goes up towards the shoulders.

The coat is bordered in gold. As is the folded collar at his neck. Again this is how I see it in my eyes, you may make different conclusions. 

PANTS: To me they look like a dark purply blue colour. There is a belt but its hard to tell if it is attached to the pants. Its simple and black though. with a little chain. The pants have gold armour on the knees. Again try craft foam or consult armour tutorials for other materials. They appear tattered at the ends. 

FEET: You might have to get creative with these. Both have three toes with white claws. These also have gold bands. I am going to consult tutorials for this sort of costume and if I find one suitable I will post a link here. 

WINGS/TAIL: You should be able to find plenty of tutorials on making wings. Sometimes are costume shops they sell demon wings that could be altered to resemble these. The tail will require stuffing most likely. Lots and lots of stuffing. You can find these at craft or fabric stores. 

WIG/MAKEUP: His hair appears to be similiar to Sherlocks style with a long ponytail. It may be slightly tinted red. If you already have a Sherlock wig, you only need a ponytail extension that can be clipped into the wig temporarily.  

Cumbersmaug has very small red scales around the edges of his face, chest and fingers. He has red eyeshadows as well and pointed teeth. Fangs are easily found at costumes stores and online. Scales can be made with liquid latex, painted. Or even painted fake nails. To avoid have so many nails needed you could always just use face paint. 

He also has long red pointed ears. Most prosthetic ear places do not offer this colour but they do offer unpainted ears you can paint to your liking. His ears are pierced in gold and connected with more gold chain. 

He has yellow/gold eyes and gold jewellery on his wrists and fingers. His fingers have white claws. Some people choose to use craft foam, some polymer clay, others fake nails cut sharply. Hell even cardboard, paper or ducttape could be used if you are creative enough. 

Again this is simply me looking at the outfit. Please draw your own conclusions as well. :)

3. Smauglock by godforget

Another beautiful design. I don’t want to make such long detailed posts for each versio n because I would be here all day so I will do a summary for the rest.

The most difficult parts of this will probably be the tail, coat and horns. So pretty much everything. But if you are a capable sewer or know someone who is, this is a wonderful smauglock version. It’s very regal, as dragons are, it’s still quite sherlocky as well. 

I’ve seen a cosplay wip of this before so it’s not impossible! 


4. Smauglock by kaiseiyuubi (link dead)

This is simple but still looks great. You need gold or yellow contacts, devils horns and tail and demons wings. Assuming you wish to make these instead you will need to consult online to find out what materials you need. I’m compiling a list of sites still to help with this and will link when done.

5. Cumbersmaug by sherlocked-girls

Very different to the others so far. With this you will need a red curly wig. Red pants seem to be in fashion atm if you are looking to buy. He wears a blue shirt and a gold, scaly vest studded in jewels. You can either make the jewels or use cheap craft ones and glue them on.

He has curved horns, a gold scarf around his neck and has small red wings.

Gorgeous little design and perfect if you are looking for something easy to make that’s different.

6. Smauglock Version 1 by Reapersun.

So cute! Ok for this you need pants and a long sleeve top of the same light red. Then there is armour on his arms and a small amount on his legs. He wears a long sleeves coat with a light reddish fur. If it is indeed fur at all.

He has a tail but I can’t tell if he has horns or if his hair is fashioned into horns. He has pointed ears, which are not difficult to find :)

Very cute design.

7. Smauglock Blue  by somachiou 

Another different one. Going for blue instead of the traditional reds, oranges and yellows. He is clearly wearing fake wings in this and the feet are slippers. The back of the coat has been decorated with scales and fashioned into a tail.

So you would probably have to make rather than buy the coat for this one. 

8. Smauglock Version 2 by Reapersun

This is a simple onesie design. If you don’t know how to make a onesie you can find people on tumblr, facebook or sites such as etsy where you can get them custom made.

This is just the cutest thing~

9. Smauglock by Inchells (i think. I can’t find a link to it)

Inspired by


Very interesting design and may prove to be very difficult to make. But if red skin is your thing then this is the smauglock for you. 

10. Smauglock by sghg181

Another red headed version. Love this design especially the hair and eyes. And the majestic wiiiiiings.

11. Casual Smaug by i-am-benedicted

This is just the cutest thing, the shirt says rwarrr! If you want to cosplay Sherlock cosplaying Smaug you should try this one. It’s so adorable and wouldn’t blow a whole in your budget.

12. Smauglock by hathanta 

Saw this as I was finishing and it’s so sexy omg. I had to include it. 

Of course all these are just guidelines and all the pictures merely some of my faves. Enjoy!