COS: A Commentary



“What is his name?” Azrael’s eyes shot up to the sword mounted on the wall of her apartment. Nanatsusaya rarely spoke, but when it did it was to ask questions of the world around it. “Can you hear me, Azrael? What is his name?”

“Who?” Silver eyes nervously scanned around her sparsely decorated apartment, empty as expected.

“You’re always thinking about him. Even now.” Its voice was gentle, kind, and almost loving; but she couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity that followed every word it spoke.

“Be quiet.” Azrael stood and retreated into the bathroom, locking the door in an effort to get away from the blade that God had given to her. She avoided eye contact with the mirror and splashed water on her face, spitting the phantom taste of blood into the sink.

Does he look anything like me? She screamed. The voice had been inside her head and the dark silhouette in the corner of her eyes was unmistakably him. On instinct she picked up a heavy glass soap tray and flung it at the mirror, his figure multiplied into every broken fractal of glass. With a sob Azrael sunk to the ground to escape him, only to find him crawling towards her until her mind replayed the physical memory of his cheek against hers.

I’ve missed you. He vanished and wide silver eyes frantically searched for him, she stumbled back into the living room; she knew that he was already gone.

“Take me with you!” Nanatsusaya called as she reached the front door, and she stared at the sword; a vicious grin spread over her wild expression.


Obviously I’m in the mood to be depressed. XD Commentary? 

Where do I start with this one? There’s a lot of ‘between the lines’ going on in this scene, a lot of setup here. Because there is a giant chunk of the timeline that has yet to be explored, even by me in some aspects. They’ve taken this story from me, its not mine anymore; its belongs to them. Which alone speaks volumes about Az and Luc as individuals and libraries about Az and Luc as a pair. 

But the most important thing to come out of this part is that its the breaking point. The last sentence is the sound of the ropes breaking, from that moment forward she is beyond reason and salvation. Lucifer has become the driving force behind her madness and he’s become everything that she needs to destroy to prove her loyalty to God. ← lol more setup

By this point she’s had Nanatsusaya for months, she’s spent every waking moment since ‘The Field’ thinking of Lucifer. ‘I miss you' is still running through her head, but she hasn't heard it in his voice since Uriel took her to see a healer. She can still feel his lips on hers, and tries to hold onto that feeling by pressing her fingertips to her mouth. She's already doing double takes to make sure that a face in the crowd isn't his, he's already cemented his place in her heart; she can't shake him off.


Its not Nanatsusaya’s ‘overwhelming evil’ that drove her crazy, its it’s voice. She knows that voice; but its too gentle, too adoring, too unlike the man she’s known for all of her adult life.

Finally Nanatsusaya decides to ask, because he can see that whoever this man is, the memory of him is consuming her. Getting called out on it sends her into a panic, if a sword can see it then everyone and anyone around her can too. (reminder: Do the Jibriel prequel soon, cause COS’s Jib-chan is a badass.)

The last shred of her sanity is torn from her the moment the voice in her head becomes Lucifer’s again, and he might just be a ghost in the corner of her eye; but he’s there and that enough to make him real. And the person that is left from that is everything that God ever intended her to be. She’s death and chaos, wrapped up in long elegant limbs that have never known mercy. 

Hey Brenli, I’d like your opinion on something. If a female held a high seat in angel ranks; before Lucifer’s rebellion, do you think her uniform would involve a skirt or pants/slacks? I’ve been debating with myself for a while and can’t make up my mind. So I defer to you. Thank you! :3


Whoaaaaaaaa that’s a good question! 8D I approooooove~~~

There is a part of me that is leaning heavily toward the idea that any female lucky enough to be given high seat in the ranks, ESPECIALLY prior to Lucifer’s rebellion, would probably be relegated to skirts. It’s always seemed like such a very, VERY rare thing for a female Angel to be highly ranked. A kind of gender inequality thing, and I feel like that would be reflected in the way they would demand a female Angel to wear a skirt. It purposely separates them from the rest, you know? Reminds them that despite their power, they’re still female, like “you may be an equal, but you’re still different.” (I think that also probably reflects itself in the fact that Jibril was a highly ranked Cherubim but she always wore dresses, and even freaking Alexiel wore dresses even though she’s a resident badass and that skirt probably got in the way a lot. XD)

To be fair, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if a high-ranking female decided to negate that status quo and wore some pants just to SPITE everyone, either. XD I mean this is a world were Hatter popped pills to stop development as a female. Willfully defying the dress code seems very mild compared the antics of like, EVERYONE in Angel Sanctuary. XD

OH BY THE WAY, thanks for adding Impy and myself to your favorites lists on FF.Net!!! <3 <3 <3 I read the synop for The Coming of the Seraph and the premise interests me; gonna be reading it here in a moment~~~

Thank you! I completely agree that even pre-Sevi, skirts for women would have been a mark of inferiority; though it wouldn’t be to the extent that Sevi went to. Different lengths for various levels of seniority, I can imagine that would be so confusing.

A majority of my debate was coming from the fact that it wouldn’t have suited her character and my selfishness as her creator xD But I didn’t want to change something that others might consider a norm, just to suit myself. 

I really don’t doubt that some women would have worn pants purely out of spite for the strict regulations imposed on them, feminism had to start somewhere! And I also see that something like that wouldn’t actually be much of a problem. Like you said there are FAR more important things that angels can do to mess with the status quo.


 <— My exact face as I read that last line xD

xD I’m kinda freaking out in a good and a bad way. D: I hope its acceptable! I took it all down and started posting my own rewrite just a few days ago.

AHH! I’m just gonna go have a freakout in the corner now! 

Also; I’d been meaning to add you guys for a while now, glad I finally got the chance to do it :3 

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O ~chocante~ retorno de Julian Casablancas.

Desde hoje de manhã estão falando da nova música do eterno vocalista dos Strokes e fiz o que qualquer pessoa razoável faria: ignorei solenemente.

Até meu filhote de satanás aparecer com o seguinte testemunho:

"Juro pra vocês que já tinha tudo de mais chulo do linguajar de banheiro pra COSPIR sobre o Julio Casabranca. De novo. Mas bicho. Gostei muito do clipe, da música e do nome da banda. THE VOIDZ. E agora?"

Fui lá ver qual era e tive que vir aqui mostrar pra vocês - especialmente os que choraram sangue de desgosto na apresentação do minino no último Lolla como as coisas mudaram.

Tudo bem que ele continua aquele menino de prédio, criado com vó e deve tomar danoninho até hoje. Mas ele e a banda conseguiram fazer uma excelente mistura de punk, pop, sintetizadores, e peso de uma forma pesada e dançante, sem ser datado ou soar como algo que já ouvimos e cansamos (como, sei lá, rapture e disco punk).

Estamos aqui em frangalhos.

Bureau of Mana Investigation


A curious mix of fantasy and detective story, Bureau of Mana Investigation follow the adventure of the unicorn agent Amark with a case of armed robbery, and soon he find himself involved in a demon smuggling traffic and a cospiration that risk to unsettle the order of his and the demon world.
The comic has no strong points, but it offers a smooth story that work well to start to the end. A good read.
The complete series of 8 issues can be found on the publisher site, Radio Comix.

"Magic slowly returned to Nivarria after a millennium of nonexistence. Finding themselves in the hub of magical activity, the Mega-Shammark city police formed two special departments to deal with the rise in magic-related crimes: the Mana Police and their detectives, the Bureau of Mana Investigation."

Florence + The Machine | Blinding

Seems that I have been held, in some dreaming state
A tourist in the waking world, never quite awake
No kiss, no gentle word could wake me from this slumber
Until I realized that it was you who held me under

Felt it in my fist, in my feet, in the hollows of my eyelids
Shaking through my skull, through my spine
and down through my ribs No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden No more dreaming like a girl so in love, so in love No more dreaming like a girl so in love, so in love No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world And I could hear the thunder and see the lightning crack All around the world was waking, I never could go back Cause all the walls of dreaming, they were torn wide open And finally it seemed that the spell was broken
The Coming of the Seraph ~ Things to Come.

Brenli (Co-author of another AS fanfic that is just TOO good! Srsly she’s on go check her out!) inspired me to do a bit of a preview for what you can expect for the near future of The Coming of the Seraph - Act I. Some of these snippets are from the most recent version of the story, so if something sounds familiar its probably from one of the earlier chapters that received a revision.

They are intentionally out of order and hopefully won’t give too much away.

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Dear followers, I’m about to embark on a spree of reblogging/ posting alot of inspiration for my current project; The Coming of the Seraph. So to start things off properly I’ll introduce the twins. (my ocs)

Azreal, younger female twin. Formerly the Angel of Wisdom she is now a fallen angel. Cerulean blue hair and silver eyes.

Ezekiel, older male twin. Angel of Logic and guardian of the Zodiac Angels. Espresso brown hair and aquamarine blue eyes.

They (like most twins in the AS universe) are not on friendly terms.

Their reference photos were intentionally taken from other Kaori Yuki works.

Azreal= Wilhelm (Ludwig Kakumei) 

Ezekiel= Cain (GodChild)