Agem the mega-mage, from the future episode of Fortissima Treasure hunters: The game of Agem the mega-mage.

Yes, i created a new character and wrote a whole episode just so i could justify having a title that is 4 anagrams of the same four letters.

His hairdo is actually 2 swans grafted to his head, with their heads sticking out of his ears.His lower body is grafted onto another animal, but that one is a surprise.

He’s an elemental mage that can create and shape marble structure which he incrust with diamonds. He mostly use his skills to build temples and dungeons.


I threw 3 animatics together(so no music, no edits) because some naysayers said i didin’t have that much other projects going and also as some exclusivity for the people watching this tumblr.

I got no voice actors for Fortissima Treasure Hunters animated at the moment,so if anyone is interested let me know, i been making the comics for 10 years and i intend to have it continue as an animated serie for at least as long, maybe even kickstart it, i’m not sure yet.