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I was wondering why your retorts were so childish, and then I realized YOU’RE FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD. Hahahahaha. Oh…

OKAY. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. you may have fucking deleted the post because you were too fucking butthurt to have it displayed on your blog, but this shit’s still here, girlie. anywho, i’m not even gonna waste my time going on about using age as a comeback, lmao. age doesn’t have to do with jack shit, you ignorant little cunt. 

gloominoose asked:

Without rambling on with some long sappy message I'd just like to say that you being at the Roswell Cosmicon is too great an opportunity to pass up, thus why I'll be flying to New Mexico from Rhode Island (YAY SPONTANEITY...YAY!) To mark the occasion I'm thinking of getting an alien/space-themed tattoo while there. Which leads me to MY QUESTION:: Are you against people getting your artwork tattooed on them?

Oh wow!! I fly twice a year between California and Pennsylvania so I really can appreciate the travel time and effort involved.  ;u;  I can’t wait to see you there!

Also, you can totally get my work tattooed on you.  If you get it before the trip, please post pictures! :D