Mirror Mirror

Glenn’s Lake is a long, thin lake in one of the many U-shaped, glacially carved valleys within Glacier National Park. This shot captures that lake reflecting the bedded rocks on Cosley Ridge, to the Southeast of the lake.


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Igor Bobkov not thinking about Russia

In this translated interview originally appearing on the popular Russian site, Igor Bobkov talked about his experience in the ECHL, remembered the 2011 WJC gold medal, and confirmed that he isn’t thinking about getting back to Russia. (Igor Bobkov. Photo: Andrew Cosley, …


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If you care about animals at all you wouldn't support "owning" "dairy" cows. The only reason Linus (the cow being hugged from the photo you reblogged) is alive is because he was SAVED from the dairy industry, that would have killed him otherwise. If you care about cows at all, go vegan.

Hahahahahaha. Ahhhh, hahaha.

The dairy cow I was talking about was rescued by the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton. It took me reading this like three times to even figure out what the fuck was going on. Jesus, take a pill.