Tatiana Maslany and Orphan Black:

Sarah as Alison
Alison as Sarah
Sarah as Cosima
Sarah as Beth
Helena as Sarah as Beth
Sarah as Katya
Sarah as Alison as Donnie
Sarah as Rachel
Rachel as Sarah

Still no awards —> “logic”


A punky monkey video I made based off of this lovely prompted mini fic written by the talented lifeorbeth

I discovered it last night and it ruined my life. The song broke me and it fit so well I had to vid it!

I also want to dedicate this to who I consider my new friend

cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus because I think she’s really awesome and I have a feeling she really LOVES punkymonkey. So I really hope she likes it!

And I hope clone club will like it too!

(P.S Thank you to all my followers! I just hit 600 of you! I love u guys!!)

I’ve come to realize that the carmilla, orphan black, orange is the new black, legend of Korra, faking it, ahs, etc. fandoms are all the same people. So I’ve come up with a new name for us…

The “came for the queer characters and stayed because we became obsessed with the actresses” fandom.