Freelance has been keeping me busy AGAIN T_T hence the lack of posts for a while.  One of these days i’ll get back to the comic i was working on, but in the mean time here’s a quick little thingy. Been day dreaming about cool apartments in old building…this is how id set up my living room furniture if i had one :P


Hi everyone, if you are a fan of amazing art and superheros then you should check out the Jules Jammal Super Hero Art Auction!  All proceeds from the auction go funding the Jules Jammal scholarship, for future Animation/Illustration students at San Jose State University.  

Theres a wide variety of heroes in the auction, I did a piece featuring the one and only Quailman from Doug! So go check it out, maybe you’ll find something you like. 

Here is the link to the auction:

Just finished the basic layout for the first chapter of the comic book I’m working on.  The book is inspired by the time me and my close friends spent at art school. Each chapter is a different person’s story about a moment or event that they felt was important to them…for this one I’m trying to show mood shift by gradually introducing darker and darker values…hopefully its working.