I know the show has only started but the Gotham fandom needs to be bigger. We need more things

First look at Anthony Carrigan as Victor Zsasz in Gotham's seventh episode, Penguin’s Umbrella.

Fox describes the character as the psychopathic button-man for crime lord Carmine Falcone. Lithe-limbed, hairless, and always dressed to kill, Victor Zsasz is usually accompanied by his cohorts of female assassins

I think the writers had a very solid idea for how they wanted the show to end. Lots of details would have been set in stone, as a pathway to their desired ending. When Cory died (or, his lack of professionalism), that disrupted everything, and contributed to the decline in quality. IMO, in the long run, they would have been better to recast Finn. It would have upset fans, and seemed disrespectful, but it would have been the best executive decision for the story.