A jury has convicted two former Vanderbilt University football players of raping a female student inside a dorm room.

The jury deliberated for about three hours before finding Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey guilty. Each was charged with five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. They face decades in prison.

The fact that I’m so surprised they were convicted means we still have a long way to go to support rape victims, but WOW THERE IS SOME JUSTICE LEFT IN THE WORLD!


"To play those scenes with Ben, they’re just so layered and textured and rich. He’s just an amazing guy to work with. Those I would have to say are my favourite, along with my scenes with Jada."

"You will see in an upcoming episode, the first meeting of Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot… they’re both such oddballs, and what Cory Michael Smith brings to the role and what I’m bringing to Cobblepot…their strangeness is so different, that dynamic is so loaded."

eyes, eyelashes, cheekbones and porcelain skin

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Annoyed As Hell

I am getting seriously so mad and annoyed when I go to the Lucaya tag and I see Rucas shippers hating on the idea of Lucaya and saying that it is unnecessary because they so firmly believe that Lucaya will never happen because the writers have stated that Rucas will be endgame, that Rucas is the new corpanga. Can you haters please shut the hell up (I don’t give a single rats ass that I’m being rude right now because you guys started it by placing your hateful commentary about Lucaya under the Lucaya tag) because the writers have not said that Rucas is endgame, they have tweeted plenty of times about Maya and Lucas and you guys must be blatantly ignoring it because you so firmly believe in Rucas but you know what? ITS FREAKING OKAY FOR LUCAS TO END UP WITH WHOMEVER! I believe that Maya will never do anything to hurt Riley, but what about Maya? Just because this is Riley’s world does not mean that you can call her best friend a crush-stealing ho! Maya would never intentionally hurt Riley, she is the most loyal friend ever, examples include promising to kill anyone who makes Riley feel that she wasn’t worth it from Girl Meets Master Plan, when Maya was the one that told Riley she needed to apologize and make it up to Auggie when she neglected him in Girl Meets Brother, when she campaigned Riley as a Princess in Girl Meets Friendship, etc. Maya has always been loyal to Riley and would never hurt her! If she does have feelings for Lucas she would bury them and ignore them because of Riley or she would be honest with Riley and apologize and feel absolutely horrible and would understand if she didn’t want them to be best friends anymore. Maya is the selfless kind of person and you guys hate on her for no damn good reason. Maya is an amazing person and she deserves happiness as much as anyone else. Sometimes Riley takes everything she has for granted - like her family and the affection she constantly receives. One thing about Riley is that she meddles where she shouldn’t even though she means well. She does not listen and goes against everything Maya says because in the end it hurts Maya more when Riley can’t fix it. Basically, stop hating on Maya and stop having such a biased view of Riley. I adore both of the girls and they both deserve happiness no matter who it’s with. And then you guys talk about Joshaya like that’s endgame because you don’t want Lucaya as endgame and want Rucas instead but can you guys just keep your hateful commentary to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say and put under the Lucaya tag then don’t put anything at all because I am so damn annoyed with you guys for trying to ruin one of my favorite ships! Us Luacya shippers can ship Lucaya and you Rucas shippers can ship Rucas but I am done with the hateful commentary about who we ship and what will be endgame in the show! I would write more but I’m just done with having to tell you Rucas shippers to back the fuck off and stop being so damn blind.

(PS. I Am Not Even Remotely Sorry For Being Rude Here. Y’all Asked For It)

- A Lucaya/Riarkle Shipper and GMW fan who merely wants happiness for ALL of the characters


The top picture is an evil Snow Queen OC (kinda) inteneded to exist in the “Frozen” universe. Not “Evil Elsa” but her design is very much based on the official “Evil Elsa” concept art.The gown is a design I did a few years ago for the Snow Queen before any “Frozen” concept art had been released. The rest of the images are a compilation of original concepts I did in 2012 for the Snow Queen when she was intended to be the villain. Most of these were done before she was even given a name in Disney’s “Frozen” but the costume design sketches were made after “Elsa” was her official name. It’s interesting to see how much changed from the original story to the final film. I think that is interesting that both Disney and myself had a similar design for Elsa’s (The Snow Queen’s) hair at one point. Anyway, I thought this might be fun to post! Hope you enjoy! :)