I just want to set the record straight here.

I know that fandom/ship wars are a part of being in fandom and on the internet. I know that, I am not naive. but it’s completely wrong to blame a certain part of the fandom for being worse than others.

Just an FYI: there are bad seeds in the sterek fandom. There are bad seeds in the stalia fandom. There’s bad seeds in the stydia fandom, sciles, scisaac, scira, bascially any fandom you find. there’s always someone who will ruin the reputation of the others and there is nothing you can do about that.

but also remember this: there are really nice people in each of those fandoms too. people who may not agree with what you ship, but won’t send you hate for it or chastise you for it, they’ll probably just blacklist the ship from their dash.

so really, we shouln’t be blaming the ship factions as a whole for all the wank that goes on. it’s the people who send death threats and harass people who write fic and people who create hate posts and post them in the pro tags. 

There are always going to be these people, and you are just better off to ignore them (literally use the tumblr function). and celebrate the people in the fandom who don’t do these things.

maybe this is a bit naive but honestly tumblr’s a much better place if you can surround yourself with the good seeds and ignore the rest.

at least that’s what I do.