Zay’s kind of a slacker, so he doesn’t join the baseball team with Lucas, but he does come to all the games with Farkle and Riley and Maya because Lucas is his friend and baseball’s actually kind of fun when it doesn’t involve sweating

And the whole group cheers for everyone on the team but especially for Lucas and Billy

and Riley makes posters for both of them and hands one to Maya to hold (Maya pointedly gives the poster to Farkle, who cheerfully holds it up the whole game while Riley explains the sport to him)

and Maya and Zay head down by the field to heckle members of the opposing team which makes Billy laugh until Lucas yells at them

and later they meet up with Smackle at Topanga’s to celebrate the team’s win (because she might not like baseball, but she does like food and hanging out with her friends)

and for once there are no issues going on, and everything is perfect, the end~