corvus corone


'Nightshade' dress

Double layered outfit with a black rubber-look bodycon mini dress and a sheer maxi skirt with harness overlay. Soft, floaty and ideal for Summer!
The sheer harness dress can also be worn as beachwear!

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Carrion Crows (Corvus corone) are normally jet black, whereas this individual has what is called Leucism, which is caused by a lack in the development of the pigment Melanin. 

Leucistic animals differ greatly from each other, even if they are of the same species, as some can have a greater lack of pigment and be pure white, but still retain normal skin and eye colour, and so then are not Albino, or they could have a solitary patch of fur or a feather that is white.

This bird was photographed by me when I was on holiday in Sheffield, in north England in 2011.


'Gabrielle' and 'Hemlock' skirts

Choose either a timeless skater skirt or a flattering panelled pencil skirt.

Made with scuba jersey with a selection of velvet appliqué designs to choose from (or plain, if you’d prefer!)

Both styles have pockets! Yes, you heard correctly: women’s clothing with real pockets! Exciting stuff :3

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Our Etsy shop has been officially open for a little over 6 months now so we thought we’d share our top 10 most popular items with you!

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I think I’m going to do a tutorial about painting black  fur or feathers traditionally. In my opinion it is one of the hardest colours work on.

for quite a while I struggled with it, until I found out quite an easy solution to the problem.

But before I get to that, let me share the pics

Here have a Corvus corone - carrion crow.

Highgate Cemetery

Photo taken by my sister

Models (from left): Lize, Jade (tumblr user “jadeoo”) and myself!

I made my skirt and blouse and my corset is from What Katie Did 

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Sketches of a Falco peregrinus and a Corvus corone.

I’ve been a bit more silent cause been time consuming looking for jobs and projects to keep going.

Wanted to give a heads up, I am preparing a patreon page where patrons would have access to exclusive material like bigger tutorials, WIP’s, progress pictures and whatnot. Also I would respond to patrons questions regarding art.

Supporting my work would mean a lot, and it would help me do something I really love - helping others learn to draw and experiment with art!

Thank you so much for everything guys


The carcass of a Carrion Crow I have been defrosting today. I will be trying to learn how to skin birds using this beautiful creature. Corvids are my favourite animals and it’s an honour to be able to work with one.

Although I fear that I am not good enough to skin it for taxidermy, I will be learning the craft. I have three more crows in the freezer, hopefully at least one of which will be mounted. This bird will not be wasted though; I plan to decompose the carcass for bones as well as preserve the feet, wings and tail if all else fails.


'Lucifer' dress

This is a unique dress with many possible options! The only thing that is consistent is the main part of the bodice - scoop neckline at the front and backless with sigil of Lucifer detail (made from stretchy faux leather)

You can choose from the following: Peplum top, Skater dress, Bodycon dress, Maxi dress, or Fishtail dress

You then get to choose which fabric you want (velvet or scuba jersey), whether you want sleeves and whether you want a peplum (only available on the bodycon dress and fishtail dress)

Available in sizes 8-22 and custom sizing also available!

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Dresses, model, hair, and make-up by Heidi (haus-of-grotesque)

Photo by Nik (hart-heart)