So…yeah. i got a bit bored and wanted to try if i can do…well nothing new, but nicer.

I forgot to put my name on it, again…and since i had go to great lengths of pain to do this not in flash, which wouldn’t be able to save it in so smooth way..i am not repeating the process again jsut for a name.



I’ve had this idea on the shelf for a year, pretty much since my first days in the fandom. But animating the whole scene properly was always too gargantuan a labor for me to tackle. So instead I made just a few scenes. Your imaginations can hopefully do the rest of the work for me. ;D

Merry Dishonorable Holidays, you beautiful fandom, you! I love you, guys!

This is it, this is the Dishonored Christmas Special! And Dishonored it sure is. Christmas, not so much. XD

P.S. Forgive me, Whaler fans, for I can’t draw their gas masks. XD They look like paper cups. XD


Did you do it for love of the Empress or Emily?
Or was it the primal desire to rise above other men?