A Night To Remember (From Disney’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

Guess now its official
Cant back out, cant back out (no)
Getting ready for the night of nights
The night of nights, alright
Dont Panic (Panic!)

Now do we have to dress up for the prom?
Dude I dont think we have the choice
Yeah its the night of all nights
Gotta look just right
Dressing to impress the boys

Do I want classic or vintage or plaid?
Wheres the mirror?
I think this tux is too baggy
Too tight, it makes me look weird.

Should I go movie star glamorous, sassy or sweet?
Dont know, but no one better wear the same dress as me
Its the night of our nightmares
Its the night of our dreams
Its too late to back out of it.
Hey, makeovers, massages.
Dont know what a corsage is.
Been waiting all our lives for this.

Its gonna be a night (cant wait)
To remember (aw man)
Come on now, big fun (alright)
Its gonna be the night (I guess)
To last forever (lucky us)
Well never ever ever forget

Gettin Ready, Get Gettin Ready
Gettin Ready, Get, Gettin Ready
(Hey you been in there an hour man)
So, what should I do with my hair?
Wheres my shaver?
Ooh, I love it.
I look like a waiter.
Should I fluff it?
Its get later already should be there.

Her mother opens the door, Im shakin inside
Hes here, its time, the hours arrived.
Dont know why, her fathers staring me down
Wheres my purse? Lip gloss? Now Im really freaking out.
Then something changes my world
The most beautiful girl right in front of my eyes

Its gonna be a night (Oh Yeah!)
To remember (Thats for sure)
Come on now, big fun (Alright!)
Its gonna be the night (Yeah tonight)
To last forever (forever more)
Well never ever ever forget.

Whos that girl? (Shes so fine)
Whos that guy? (I dont recognize)
Whos that girl? (She looks so good, yeah)
Youll never really notice, but you probably should

Big fun, on the night of nights (alright)
The night of nights, tonight
Lets dance
On the night of nights
You know were gonna do it right

Its gonna be a night to remember
Its gonna be the night to last forever
Its gonna be a night to remember
Its gonna be the night to last forever
(Last Forever)
Its gonna be our night (you know it)
To remember (all time)
Come on now, big fun (big fun)
Its gonna be the night (love it)
To last forever (the rest of our lives)
Well never ever ever forget

Its gonna be our night (oh yeah)
All together (say it loud)
Come on now, everyone (thats right)
Its gonna be a night (yeah tonight)
To remember (hear the crowd)
And never ever ever never ever ever never ever never ever ever forget! 


This outfit features three Moss Märchen accessories: Mary’s Key necklace, Rose Bow tulle cravat, and Floral Bouquet corsage (featuring new printed logo ribbon) ♥ If you’ll be at Katsucon this weekend, you can find all these accessories and more for sale at table G03 in the artist alley. Please stop by to say hello!

dress: Mary Magdalene
parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
blouse: vintage
rose bow cravat, necklace, floral bouquet corsage: Moss Märchen


"As they were now set free, Roland said: ’Now I will go to my father and arrange for the wedding.’ ’Then in the meantime I will stay here and wait for you,’ said the girl, ’and that no one may recognize me, I will change myself into a red stone landmark.’ 

Then Roland went away, and the girl stood like a red landmark in the field and waited for her beloved. But when Roland got home, he fell into the snares of another, who so fascinated him that he forgot the maiden. The poor girl remained there a long time, but at length, as he did not return at all, she was sad, and changed herself into a flower, and thought: ’Someone will surely come this way, and trample me down.’” 

— excerpt from “Sweetheart Roland” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Juliette et Justine
blouse, necklace: Alice and the Pirates
parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
rose corsage: Pink House
bag: decorated by me


How to recycle scrap material into pretty fabric flowers tutorial:
Okay, so I’m finding this ‘no buying any clothes challenge’ not a problem, but what about accessories????
Are accessories counted as (sort of) clothes? After all I do feel a bit naked if I go out without any earrings. This made me think that I should make some accessories so I can change the look of an outfit.
As a costume designer ive made several headdresses that ive made fabric flowers for and they are super dooper easy to make and use very little fabric so can be made from odd and ends. Recycle old clothes - a lot of lining fabrics work well for making flowers.
Here’s how: First find 4 or 5 different sized round objects to create your template. The largest will be the size that you want your flower to be.
Draw around these on paper, and add about 5 lines roughly spaced equally apart indicating where the petals are.
Cut these out (using paper scissors, not fabric scissors or it will blunt them).
The fabric you choose to make your flowers from needs to be a man made fabric. This is because it needs to melt when heated and not burn. If in doubt test a small piece by putting near a flame before you begin. The fabric I’ve chosen was one I had spare in my sewing cupboard. It has one side with a shiny satin finish and the other side has a faux raw silk finish. I like the silk side best.
Fold the fabric double and pin the circle templates on. Cut these out so there are two fabric circles of each size. Snip the petal lines too.
Now hold each petal of each circle close to a candle flame. You don’t want it to catch on fire, you just want the edges to curl up with the heat. This can take a little practise and obviously since you are working with a flame do be careful to not burn your fingers.
Once all the circles are done, stack one on top of another with the largest at the botton and the smallest at the top.
Secure these in place with a couple of hand stitches all the way through the layers.
I added an extra ribbon to the back with a few stitches just to make it a bit more interesting.
And then it’s finished. It can be worn as a hair accessory or pinned onto a top, a necklace etc. And sooooo perfect for festivals!