I'm fucking sick of this country

This trend of murdering young black teens needs to fucking stop.

It’s not okay to kill people. I don’t care who they are, IT’S NOT OKAY TO KILL PEOPLE.

At this point, it’s not self-defense. This. Is. Murder.

Not all cops are like this, we shouldn’t demonize all of them.. But at the same time, it’s hard to trust people who are SUPPOSED to defend us when they’re murdering people who have done nothing to deserve it..

I’ve had about enough of this. Can America finally give people the equal treatment it promised? Can it stop with all this violence, hate, and racism? Can we end this prejudice?

I stopped saying the pledge of allegiance a long time ago, and there’s no reason for me to pledge loyalty to a country that stabs its citizens in the back, in every fucking way.


We as citizens need to end this corruption once and for all, not just for ourselves, but for our descendants, so that they can finally have the peace that we’ve been seeking.

//this is all I will say on this matter//

Firing of V.A. Clinic Chief Is Upheld Over Gifts, Not Wait Lists

A federal administrative judge has upheld the dismissal of the director of the Veterans Affairs health care system in Phoenix for accepting more than $13,000 in airline tickets and other gifts from a consultant for the health care industry.The former director, Sharon Helman, had also been implicated in the falsification of the hospital’s waiting lists for care, a problem at Phoenix and other veterans’ hospitals that roiled the Department of Veterans Affairs this year. The US like all countries was always a bit corrupt.Maybe it has not many corrupt policemen, but without a doubt has as much or even more corrupt congresspeople, judges and regulators; they just don’t think of themselves as being dishonest.If we continue on the path we are on now we will likely be the first country to fall because of loser leadership and corrupt authorities who are only looking out for there own good.


My heart is with everybody in Ferguson. But please, please, for what you love the most, please, don’t let us alone with what’s happening in Mexico. 43 students are missing and during the search they found hundreds of bodies. In Mexico we’re killed because we’re students, we’re killed cause they don’t want us educated. The story is repeating.

An educated country is a threat to the government.

OK so..

Let me talk to you for a second about a skin condition called Rosacea.. here is the definition:


NOW, Rosacea really doesn’t go away, you can take medication for it but it will disappear and then come back in cycles. Here are some photos to help give examples of what Rosacea looks like on white people’s skin:





Crazy huh? Now it comes in mild and severe forms, and you can see that each photo is different. It reacts differently on everyones skin. But funny thing is, doesn’t that kind of look familiar? Doesn’t it kind of look like someone maybe hit them? Now here is the thing, white people with fair colored hair and light complexions usually tend to be at higher risk for developing Rosacea. Wait a second, Isn’t Darren Wilson light haired and light skin complexion?


well what do you know! Yes he is. Wow those cheeks are looking a little red huh? Lets take a look at the photos of the side of his cheek taken right after the August 9th murder:


Well, that looks familiar too huh? See Here is what I am trying to get at. I do not think Darren Wilson was ever in ANY physical danger. I do not think he sustained physical injuries that were life threatening. I do not think that he was in fear for his life at any point. I do think he is a racist white piece of garbage with Rosacea and is using any excuse, even his skin condition, to make it look like he was physically attacked by Michael Brown. 

Is this a reach? Maybe. But if a state government can systematically pull off organizing and executing a thrown indictment case all to save a white man’s freedom, what lengths would they stop at to make sure they got away with it?


Map shows the most (and least) corrupt countries on Earth

Corruption — or even the perception of corruption — can do a lot to hurt a country’s ability to compete on the global stage. People need to trust a government in order for it to work.

According to the new Corruption Perceptions Index, an annual measure released by Transparency International, nobody’s perfect. But some countries are better than others.  

Somalia tops the most corrupt

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As of July 2011, 87 percent of Native American children who had been removed from their homes resided in non-native foster care. Meanwhile, 13-28 licensed Lakota foster homes sat empty. This is only one of many occurrences wherein South Dakota’s social service
agencies failed to preferentially place Indian children with family or tribe.

Pursuant to the mandates of ICWA, South Dakota’s first legal responsibility is to place any Indian child taken from her or his parents with that child’s “closest Indian family relative.” Only after every available active effort to place an Indian child with an Indian family member, fellow tribal member or other Indian tribal family with no success is it lawfully allowed to begin an effort to place the an Indian child with a non-Native foster family or in a state-contracted social care facility. However, various financial incentives operate to directly disincentivize compliance with the inherent duty of the state to uphold ICWA and to preserve American-Indian families.

The only permanent solution to this illegal taking of Lakota children from their families and communities is to create a foster care run by Lakota, for Lakota. Please help us realize our goals by becoming a member: lakotalaw.org/donate-new


Harvard study reveals the most corrupt states in America 

With Congress stuck in the least productive rut in American history, the bulk of important legislative action is taking place in state legislatures. But according to one study, all that power might not be in the best hands.

Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics published a study last week looking at state-level corruption throughout the U.S. But instead of relying on public corruption conviction data, researchers surveyed some 280 regional reporters and asked them to rate their states’ executive, legislative and judicial corruption. 

Overall, Arizona came out on top for most perceived corruption, although other states didn’t have a great record either.