Sooo---I'm back

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve returned from my archaeological dig in Peru. And I can’t wait to go back because this Louisiana humidity is killing me right now. Oh well. I can honestly say that the dig was 99% fun. That 1% is due to the lack of constant running water. Which makes showering/drinking/cooking a bit difficult when you don’t have it. So when I come back to the states and I see people doing the ice bucket challenge, it makes me cringe a little. All that water. I could’ve used for a decent wash up in the mountains…
Anyhoo. School semester has started, and the homework load has begun. It’s not too bad yet, and it’s all fairly reasonable right now. But at the same time…I’m moving out! So I need to pack my stuff and move out while at the same time get my school stuff done. Buuuutttttttttt….my car is messed up right now. Apparently while I was gone, no one checked up on my car to make sure it was okay. Headlights are out of battery. Needs gas. Tires were flat. Soooo—-Yeah. Can’ really use it right now, but it’s in the car shop right now….so hopefully I can get things done.
Also…my bank account is almost nil due to this trip. But I’m not too worried since I have lots of resources and I still can find a tutoring job fairly easily…as well as the occasional X-treme Talent gig. Eventually, I’ll probably start working as a bartender when I have my schedule more set. But we’ll see. Currently I just need to hurry up and pack my shit and get my textbooks for school. 
It’s been a busy week so far…and I just got back.

Glad to be back though.