Thoughts about the "leaked" celebrity nudes

So by now everyone and their cousin has heard about it, which I think is part of the problem. So I lay blame, fault, and shame on a few people.

First- I place no blame on any of the people who had their PRIVATE pictures stolen. They took the pictures for their own personal purposes and stored them somewhere that they were told was a secure and confidential place.

So who to blame for this mess? I this order, biggest offenders first.

1) The asshats who stole and released the pictures. I think this one can go without explanation.

2) The media who has reported this in great detail. The actual event has no excuse to be reported as it has been. If there were reports for the matter of journalistic integrity and reporting (hahaha, widespread journalistic integrity) then the reports could have been left as reporting a large security breach with many people having personal information and data stolen until it was confirmed where and how it was stolen, then reporting that fact simply as iCould accounts were found to have a vunerability in the system that has been addressed, the story would have been covered completely, accurately, and not a speculative sensation.

I cannot imagine that there are not plenty of people who have downloaded/seen the pictures had the media not reported this as a story of “now is your chance to see Jennifer Lawrence breasts”. Would I absolutely enjoy seeing her nude? I don’t think there are many who wouldn’t at least appreciate it, as long as it was on her terms. Those who were going to know about and seek out the nudes would have been a much smaller number without the help of the media.

3) Assuming they were stolen from iCloud accounts as everything is being reported, Apple deserves to have at least some degree of accountability. Apple is the second most valuable company in the world. Their brand value for this year fell 20% to “only” $148 billion, roughly the same as the gross domestic product of Venezuela and only slightly less than that of Hong Kong. I find it hard to believe that with all of the resources that are available, not to mention they WROTE THE FREAKING PROGRAMS that couldn’t find a vunerabilty that a group of outside deviants did. And then to not take responsibility or even say that the reports are under investigation is deplorable.

Well, rant over I guess. I just had to get that off my chest.


See when you’re a student ( like myself ) , you must learn to compromise …

do I :

1- buy an expensive coffee outside and look like a normal person while I starve for the rest of the week .

Or :

2- carry a travel mug and look like a mature student who failed everywhere in his life and decided to go back to college ….

The answer is : Travel mug , you corprate animals ! 😜
It’s not worth starving 😜

So here is what happened:


I think I just quit.
I was accused of not doing my work. I am the only one who actually does my work. I was accused of gossiping and being a racist. I was only given a documentation of warning, but he cut my hours.
I walked out.
I am done with this place.
I feel so on edge I could scream.
And my own mother is such a fake. She pretends to care and she doesn’t. She kicks me while I am down. Apparently I should have just took it.

I went to get my check. I found out what was going on. Apparently, someone has been calling corprate and telling her friends to do the same, telling them all sorts of bs. And she is the one who claimed I was racist. Someone I trusted. Someone I thought was an friend. All because one day she got on my nerves and I told her to back off. This is the same person who always tried to one up me on everything, the one who was always in my business. This person works here. Now there is a rumor going around the I threatened to hit our UM which never happened. And A (the guy who sexually harrassed me) had the nerve to tell me to just apologize. The only thing I am apologizing for is yelling because that was wrong. I wanted to smack both of them for being idiots. I called the DIVM and he said I quit. Those words never left my mouth. I told him my side of the story. He is going to look into it. I told him I want to be transferred if I do still have my job. At least the other manager cared about his employees. Maybe you guys are right. Maybe I should just cut my losses and move on.

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