So basically the Supreme Court just said that a corporation not only has free speech, can contribute as much money as it wants to political causes, it also has the ability to impose its religious beliefs on its employees and tell you what you can and cannot do with your body.

But somehow when they actually have to take responsibility for things like poisoning water supplies and knowingly manufacturing goods that kill people they don’t go to jail or get shut down. 

God bless America, a country of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation. 

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While internet users in the US struggle with expensive and slow connections provided by cable corporations, Chattanooga, Tennessee’s fiber-optic network, “The Gig”, is a taxpayer-owned public utility that boasts internet speeds 50 times faster than the rest of the country.

SHARE this if the FCC should dump their plans to end net neutrality and classify the internet as a public utility.

"I still think that in order to expand on all other isms, sexism has to be blown wide open. Its almost impossible to de-program the incestually-established, male oppressor. Especially the ones who’ve been weaned on it through their families generations like die hard N.R.A freaks and inherited corporate power mongrels, the ones who were born into no choice but to keep the torch and only let sparks fall for the rest of us to gather at their feet. But there are thousands of green minds.

Young gullible 15 year old boys out there just starting to fall into the grain of what they’ve been told of what a man is supposed to be, and there are plenty of tools to use, the most effective tool is entertainment. The entertainment industry is just now starting to accept us. Mainly because of trendy falseness of environmentally, socially conscience hype.

We can pose as the enemy to infiltrate the mechanics at the system to start its rot from the inside. Sabotage the empire by pretending to play their game. Compromise just enough to call their bluff. And the hairy, sweaty, macho, sexist dickheads will soon drown in a pool of razor blades and semen.

Its like what Kathleen said about how in school there was this class that you went to and they were teaching the girls how to prepare themselves for rape and when you looked outside and saw the rapers outside playing football and you said, ‘they are the ones that should be in here being taught not to rape!’ How true. Suck em in with quality entertainment and hit em with reality. The revolution will be televised.” - Kurt Cobain.

Although a notorious recipient of “corporate welfare,” Walmart has now admitted that their massive profits also depend on the funding of food stamps and other public assistance programs.

In their annual report, filed with the Security and Exchange Commission last week, the retail giant lists factors that could potentially harm future profitability. Listed among items such as “economic conditions” and “consumer confidence,” the company writes that changes in taxpayer-funded public assistance programs are also a major threat to their bottom line.

The company writes:

Our business operations are subject to numerous risks, factors and uncertainties, domestically and internationally, which are outside our control … These factors include … changes in the amount of payments made under the Supplement[al] Nutrition Assistance Plan and other public assistance plans, changes in the eligibility requirements of public assistance plans …

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, is notorious for paying poverty wages and coaching employees to take advantage of social programs. In many states, Walmart employees are the largest group of Medicaid recipients.

However, this report is the first public acknowledgement of the chain’s reliance on the funding of these programs to sustain a profit.

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David Wong knows you don’t have to be a smoker, alcoholic, or party animal to be hooked on what somebody’s selling you.

7 Creepy Ways Corporations Are Turning You Into an Addict

#7. We’re Living in a World of Addicts

Tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine alone should cover most of the people reading this, and I haven’t even gotten into the weird gray areas of addiction we’re just beginning to understand (do you eat unhealthy food when stressed and then hate yourself afterward? Do you compulsively buy lottery tickets, or obsessively finish video game levels to the detriment of work/sleep/relationships? Do you shudder at the thought of going a month without your smartphone? Or just a day?).

Because most of us don’t suffer all that much from our addictions (let’s face it, your coffee habit isn’t ruining your life), we’re kind of ignoring something utterly fucking insane, which is that other people have discovered a neurological cheat code that make us do what they want. You see, there’s a secret arms race going on behind the scenes to find out who can master this first, and the implications for the future are almost too insane to comprehend.

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