-KNOWINGLY poison water supplies

-KNOWINGLY manufacture weapons of mass destruction

-KNOWINGLY overthrow democracies

-KNOWINGLY misinform and manipulate the masses

-KNOWINGLY continue the institutions of racism, nationalism, sexism and homophobia, as a “divide and conquer” tactic

-KNOWINGLY engineer famine and disease

-KNOWINGLY control with fear tactics

-KNOWINGLY support paramilitaries and dictatorships, to secure resources and strategic global positioning

-KNOWINGLY violate domestic laws and international treaties

-KNOWINGLY utilize slavery (wage and physical) as a means of production and control

-KNOWINGLY kill innocent people of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, demographics, dogmas and skin color, in their relentless pursuit of power


Tell me again: how are corporations NOT terrorists?

I took it upon myself to screenshot and annotate this to share with all of you. As you can see, this is directly pulled from the Social Security Administration’s mobile website and it states some quick facts about retirement in America. I’m going to work under the notion that you actually read my annotations and I’ll go from there. The average–AVERAGE–life expectancy in America is 77 years old. SEVENTY-FUCKING-SEVEN. That means, if you want to receive your MAXIMUM retirement “benefit” from a system you PAID INTO every year that you worked, YOU’LL NEED TO KEEP WORKING UNTIL SEVEN YEARS BEFORE THE DAY YOU DIE–on average. I don’t know about you, but I started working when I was 16 and that means that, if I want to receive the MAXIMUM retirement “benefit”, I’ll need to work 54 of the 77 years that I’m alive. FIFTY-FUCKING-FOUR!!!!!! BUT WAIT! I haven’t accounted for those first 16 years–surely I was ENJOYING LIFE during that time…right? (teenagers, feel free to comment here and tell us just how EASY and ENJOYABLE your lives are) Well here’s my answer: NO! Those first 16 years of my life we’re SHIIIIIT!!! -school from 8 am to 3 pm, five days a week. -AT LEAST an hour of homework each night (NOT including semester work and special projects). -a requirement to follow all parental mandates (even though they worked between 8-10 hours each day and rarely even had the time to get to know me or what was going on in my life). And a requirement to follow/obey school faculty without question. (again, it’s been a while since I was in these shoes, so please feel free to add any grievances I may have missed) So, no: those first 16 years sucked ass too, and they were JUST AS MUCH FULL-TIME WORK as what was waiting for me after graduation. And what WAS waiting for me, you might ask? I’ll tell you. -wage slavery -petty distraction (sex, drugs, smartphones and gaming consoles) -war (for the purposes of corporate imperialism, but hidden under the guise of humanitarian effort) -engineered disease (to make money for insurance and pharmaceutical corporations) -a totalitarian government (pretending to be a democracy and controlling its civilians through media brainwashing, orchestrated racial tensions, the continuity of sexism, homophobia, partisanship, nationalism, and other forms of hate-mongering, designed to embolden “OTHER” and scapegoat blame away from the regime) -boredom -purposelessness -depression (because you can’t be happy, when you’re a slave, living in a system that makes money off of keeping you sick and sad and makes it taboo to talk about disparity within the system) -isolation (because you can’t have a community when you work 8-12 hours a day and don’t even have time to eat or shower) -fear (because state terrorism, through corporate media fear-mongering and police brutality, is the REALITY of the American Dream) -hunger (because healthy food is PURPOSELY made too expensive for the poor, and cheap food is DESIGNED to quickly pass through the gut and be empty of all nutritional value as a way to make you sick and give you diseases so you’ll have to buy medical insurance and prescription medication) -DEPENDENCE (because NOTHING is more threatening to a system of oppression than an ALTERNATE way of life. These alternates [gardening; basic home construction; basic electrical wiring; resource management; water recycling; basic mechanical principals; knife skills; fire building; and many other “primitive” forms of knowledge], have been SYSTEMICALLY ERADICATED from what we are taught and have been PURPOSELY made to seem dangerous, complicated, or silly, so that we would not pursue them and would remain chained to the system. Without this knowledge, we can’t even IMAGINE another way of life; without time for vacation, we don’t care about the wilderness, its destruction, or ways of recreation. And, once again, the corporate media plays its part in telling is to fear nature and love society; FEAR other countries and LOVE America; FEAR your neighbors and LOVE the isolation and confinement of your tiny apartment. FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! until you have no other option and no other thoughts but what you are TOLD are your options and what you’re TOLD are YOUR thoughts) And finally, after 70 years of Hell–if I make it; if I don’t blow my fucking head off or get killed in a car accident on my way to another slave shift–I can ENJOY 7 years of sitting down in my diaper, in front of a tv I can’t hear, because I can’t afford hearing aids, while I slurp canned, cafeteria applesauce through a straw, and forget my own name as I wait for long-dead relatives and overworked offspring to show up and see me during visiting hours that always close before anyone has the time or thought to check in and see if I’m still alive. BUT! At least I’ll get that Social Security check…after taxes… …hopefully they’ll account for inflation.

Starbucks Gothic
  • You make a caramel frappucino and call it out.  The next sticker in queue is a caramel frappucino.  Every order is a caramel frappucino.  You do not remember ever making any other drinks.
  • Your shift leader asks you to change the water in the sanitizer buckets.  You protest that the robotic voice from the headset just reminded you to do this 10 minutes ago, and you completed the task promptly.
  • You reach for a fresh towel and something grabs your hand and pulls it further into the sanitizer bucket.
  • The coffee is black.  Blacker than you remember.  You become lost in the void as the man at the counter waits for his coffee.
  • The line at the counter snakes around the cafe and to the door.  The faces seem more like masks.  The customers are not human, you realize in quiet desperation.
  • A small voice requests a drink from the Secret Menu.  You smile politely and offer to make the drink only if the child can recite the entire recipe.
  • The milk needs to be restocked.  The milk always needs to be restocked.
  • The counter has accumulated a small pool.  You turn to fetch a towel to clean it.  When you turn back, it is overflowing.
  • A coworker bumps into you, causing you to spill hot water on your hand. She apologizes profusely, but you brush it off and say you no longer feel it.
  • You no longer feel anything.
  • You were presented with a Black Apron.  You are a Coffee Master, a Keeper of the Sacred Knowledge.
  • The robotic voice constantly reminds you to keep your work area clean, stock needed items, and keep certain items up to health code.  The robotic voice knows, the robotic voice sees all from her perch atop the order screen.
  • Your veins do not circulate blood.  Your fuel is caffeine.  You are nothing more than corporate machinery, as much a part of the building as the espresso bar.
  • Your store manager is off the floor to give an interview.  Your store manager is always interviewing.  Your store manager comments that she likes the candidates.  You never see the candidates.
  • The new hire is slow.  The new hire makes consistent mistakes.  He has not yet completed his Coffee Passport, he has not yet been assimilated.
  • The customer needs more cream in his iced coffee.  You keep pouring cream into the cup.  He still needs more cream.
  • The oven beeps, but no one is able to reach it quickly.  The beeping grows steadily angrier.  Your shift leader appears from thin air to rescue the sandwich from being sacrificed.

The United States is one of the highest TV viewing nations. According to a Nielsen report, the average American over the age of two “spends more than thirty-four hours a week watching live television … plus another three to six hours watching taped programs.” Can you see - that’s almost a full work-week! And don’t be seduced by internet! =)


Capitalism and free market strikes your brain since the very childhood, so you got to pay attention to distinguish what are your real needs and which needs are thwacked into your brain by cynical corporations.

Hello lovers! A few small businesses and i have started a page that will give shoutouts to artists, jewelry makers, clothing makers, photographers, and so on & so forth of all sorts. #onlyshopsmall is essentially our movement for economical anarchy… Jk but its time to spend our money helping out PEOPLE instead of CORPORATIONS. This is important to a lot of people, and i would love if you all joined the movement. Once you follow, you can tag your businesses best photo or logo as #onlyshopsmall, or dm the account, with a description of your business. Feel free to shout us out and tell your friends! ;) get your name out there!