Lunch and dinner.
@ A long day is wrapping up. I am trying to not let my frustration come home with me. I’m doing the job of two people, frankly my team is wonderful but not very helpful, i have a work a holic boss who says yes to every request (which means a Joe to do), and I’m not seeing growth potential, just more and more work. After 12 hours today, no lunch, I finally said I’m done, I’ll finish this in the morning, to which I got a sigh and ok I guess.
Frankly changes are needed.


Future Noir: HP Corporate Video Surveillance Analytics Advertorial

State of 2014. Big corporate/stack AI-brothers are watching every urban step, because it’s “easy, convenient and useful”… Welcome to the New Normal.

Without question, advanced surveillance capabilities have become increasingly important in corporate, national, and global organizations. One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s security teams is how to understand, analyze, and interpret the significance of information gathered in day-to-day operations. Organizations must deal with growing volumes and types of data—and this challenge demands a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all surveillance data and the ability to integrate it with operational data. HP Surveillance takes an automated and intelligent approach to monitoring all electronic communications across your organization.

A letter to the young


Dear Kids,

Minecraft becomes Minesoft, George Lucas sells his soul, Pixar caves in to Disney, the web becomes three speed and non neutral, the cities and rivers are polluted, your favourite food is GMO…oh and the Miley Cyrus self-wedgy has now been monetised, brand protected and made into a social studies GCSE, that your parents will now have to pay extra tuition for.


Best Regards

The Grown Ups.

Any Black Man that is aware about racism and white supremacy, the hardest thing for them to do is work in Corporate America. The reason being its a tough pill to swallow knowing you’re one of the few black people that work at that job. Secondly, the company you work for is mostly likely owned by white people, and your job is to insure that the owners stay wealthy! Your supervisor (if you’re not one) would demean you, insult your intelligence, and he/she (if white) would often try to show how superior they are to you! Finally, there’s a high chance that the black people that work might be House niggas.
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If you do not speak out, your children will grow up in a world of corporate ecocide.

- Delete Chemtrails

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

- Friedrich Nietzsche


Anonymous ART of Revolution