Lewis Black Tears ‘Black Friday’ A New One On The Daily Show (VIDEO)

Lewis Black Tears ‘Black Friday’ A New One On The Daily Show (VIDEO)

Lewis Black rips apart Black Friday in Wednesday night’s installment of “Back in Black” on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Black opens with a good summary of the insane consumerfest known as Black Friday,

“Next week is my favorite day of the year, Black Friday. Trample a guy on a Tuesday afternoon, you get charged with assault, but do it at a Walmart on Black Friday, you get a PS4!”

He then…

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Corporate world paradox. Sexuality exposed through patriarchal conformity. While she may be able to wear a “White Collared” shirt- the female entity can still appear. Her heels represent power and struggle. She is able to accomplish things any man can do while wearing heels- but her struggle is still evident; Her heels also represent her oppression through sexual exploitation. In essence- she feels she has to exploit her sex in order to complete her own agenda and promote her ideas. 

"Veteran’s Day sale." November 11th, 2014. Self-published #60. #161 overall.

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Please fire me. Our regional loss prevention associate came in yesterday and educated me on how to better secure my department because it contains the highest value merchandise. After her pleasant and enlightening visit, my supervisor told me that the security of the department was entirely my responsibility every single day from now on, “since you feel that you are so important that you spoke to the l.p. manager without permission.” I only work 2 days a week and all the other employees in the department are temps who didn’t go through criminal background checks.


Future Noir: HP Corporate Video Surveillance Analytics Advertorial

State of 2014. Big corporate/stack AI-brothers are watching every urban step, because it’s “easy, convenient and useful”… Welcome to the New Normal.

Without question, advanced surveillance capabilities have become increasingly important in corporate, national, and global organizations. One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s security teams is how to understand, analyze, and interpret the significance of information gathered in day-to-day operations. Organizations must deal with growing volumes and types of data—and this challenge demands a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all surveillance data and the ability to integrate it with operational data. HP Surveillance takes an automated and intelligent approach to monitoring all electronic communications across your organization.


Thousands of New Zealanders turned up across the country today to protest against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). The so-called “trade agreement” extends far and wide and will subordinate the public interest to the narrow profit-driven interests of foreign corporations. This Trojan Horse threatens our country’s sovereignty and undermines our Parliament’s ability to legislate in the public good. 

Any Black Man that is aware about racism and white supremacy, the hardest thing for them to do is work in Corporate America. The reason being its a tough pill to swallow knowing you’re one of the few black people that work at that job. Secondly, the company you work for is mostly likely owned by white people, and your job is to insure that the owners stay wealthy! Your supervisor (if you’re not one) would demean you, insult your intelligence, and he/she (if white) would often try to show how superior they are to you! Finally, there’s a high chance that the black people that work might be House niggas.
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