It blows my mind that it’s been over two years of us being together. There hasn’t been one day where I haven’t talked to you since we started and since we first hung out till now there probably been 12 days tops that I didn’t see you. We’ve gone through these two years without ever mentioning breaking up let alone coming anywhere near doing so. I’m so glad to have you by my side forever to wake up next to, laugh with, go to concerts with, sing in the car with and just share all the moments of my life with. I love you so much.

  • Dear future girlfriend
  • I want to travel the world with you
  • And get lost in your eyes even in the most beautiful of cities.
  • I want to swim in every ocean with you
  • And kiss every inch of your body.
  • I want to go for runs early in the morning and make you breakfast to make up for waking you up.
  • I want to watch sunsets with you
  • And cuddle you until I see the sunrise.
  • But most of all I just want you. I just want to wake up every morning beside you and to make you happy because as long as I have you nothing else matter.