Don’t just settle for anyone.

Wait for the person who knows your favourite chocolate and buys it for you whenever you need cheering up. Wait for the person who makes your sides hurt from laughing too much. Wait for the person who holds your hand and gives you hugs and all the physical attention you could ever need, and makes you feel wanted. Someone who kisses you like they never want to stop. Wait for the person who makes you forget all of your insecurities. Someone who makes you feel beautiful. Wait for the person who you can talk to about anything and you know that you won’t be judged. Wait for someone who stays with you through the bad times, the arguments, the shaking hands and breathless panic, and helps you remember how to breathe again. Wait for someone who looks at you like you’re magic. Wait for someone who surprises you. 

Yeah, wait for that. And don’t settle for anything less.

—  (15/02/15, 12:56)
One time, this boy told me I wasn’t girlfriend material.
The next day I went to the bookstore looking for poetry to drain away my tears.
Only to have a cute boy in a blue jacket come up to me telling me he has seen me at the bookstore before and I am one of the prettiest girls he as ever seen.
We talked over coffee about books and the seasons.
I never told the first boy who said I wasn’t girlfriend material about this confrontation.
But I kept going back to the bookstore.
—  mpc